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    Chunkey9 reacted to Geneaut in Sign cap. Evaluate Ryan.   
    Brah ... that was weak.
    You needed to mention Matt  ( select at least 2 from the following list ) :
    * being old
    * losing the SB
    * being not mobile
    * high salary cap hit
    * noodle arm
    * looks thin
    * has a plain looking wife
    * requires lots of offensive tools to perform
    * surrounded by HOFs
    Up your game. This is TATF ... we deserve better. I have confidence your next post will impress us.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to vel in Saw this and fell on 1 knee laughing   
    Falcons are going to end the season 9-7 with a 6-0 division record and no playoffs lol just wait
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    Chunkey9 reacted to falcons007 in Kamara rushed 4 times   
    Troll logic: 
    Falcons lost coz they suck.
    Falcons won coz it’s rigged or a WR dropped the pass. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Herr Beast in **** the Saints   
    I think the plan is to go for 3-13, beating the Saints twice and still get a Top5 pick.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to LaurentRobinsonDaGawd in Keep staff, and replace TD if anything.   
    Keep the whole staff, and prepare for another year with koetter and ulbrich as coordinators. I have always thought Ulbrich has what it takes. Finally nice to see him get a chance. If anything, give Ulrich the HC spot. If any moves are made, replace TD. I'd say keep them all, get healthy, and address the pass rush. Best chance at winning next year's keeping coaches players are familiar with. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to PeytonMannings Forehead in *** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***   
    Is it me or did I not actually see us jump into the neutral zone?
    Yep... refs actually agreed with me! 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ya_boi_j in Here is why I think we chose Steve Sarkisian and Dirk Koetter as our offensive coordinators.   
    Personally and I know I’m in a small group, I wish they had never fired Sark. He wasn’t as bad as the board made him seem and the players did a horrible job of executing. IMO he didn’t completely deserve to be fired
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in What if Mike McCarthy becomes our head coach in 2020?   
    Mike McCarthy is probably the most likely to be our head coach in 2020. He is an offensive minded head coach, He has a very impressive resume with a Lombardi trophy, 4 NFC championship games, plenty of division titles and one of the best win/loss records in the NFL. I also like the fact that he's had a year off to recharge his batteries. Mike McCarthy is probably scouting us right now knowing there is a good chance he will wind up here. 
    It would be interesting to see if Mike McCarthy would want to keep Thomas Dimitroff and Dirk Koetter or if he would want to move on from them. It would also be interesting to see how he would fit in with our culture. I think he would be able to give the discipline our team is lacking. He is not afraid to stand up to the media and he probably would work well with Matt Ryan and Julio. It would be interesting to see who he would bring in for our defensive coordinator. What do you guys think Mike McCarthy would bring to the table as a Falcons head coach both good and bad?
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ya_boi_j in Vick was a better QB than Ryan!   
    No he wasn’t 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to etherdome in Would you trade Julio?   
    "Julio Jones will be a Falcon for life."
                        A Blank
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Sipifalcon in Who is surprised they did not for for 2 to make it 28-3   
    I was actually thinking the Same thing... mcvay has class..  but had that been SEAN PAYTON... it would have definitely happened!!! And he would've made sure we known...
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ya_boi_j in LMAO a completed fake punt conversion   
    I’m just waiting on halftime so I can go back to playing Fortnite
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Ovie_Lover in How bout this.   
    Someone post the trade. Not watching a video.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Ergo Proxy in Beasley on trading block   
    Just LOL
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    Chunkey9 reacted to likeriver in Go ahead and tell me how Matt Ryan cost us the game today   
    Go on. Let's hear 'em. I need a good laugh. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to 1989Fan in **** you Matt Ryan!   
    30/36, 356 yds, 4 tds, 0 int
    great job leading the Falcons to another loss
    draft Fields, we need a scrambling QB, that was a Dawg (before leaving for greener pastures that is)
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    Chunkey9 reacted to 1989Fan in *** Official Falcons vs Cardinals In-Game Thread ***   
    There ya go...make sure you hit your anti-Ryan quota!
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ParanoidAndroid in I would draft Blankenship   
    This didn't age well. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to octoslash in I'm done   
    ps---I opened this thread thinking it was going to be about the Braves.   
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Sun Tzu 7 in Shannahan has that unit looking elite   
    As opposed to Quinn’s amazing defense that couldn’t stop the 25 point comeback.
    The Pats has to convert 2 different 2 point conversions.
    The defense just had to make one play.... one play.  
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Stray Dog THA GAWD in Shannahan has that unit looking elite   
    Lies!  You can't win a Superbowl unless you make your WR a [your team here]-for-life!
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Stray Dog THA GAWD in Head Coaching Candidates   
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    Chunkey9 reacted to JD dirtybird21 in POLL - Do You Wish the Falcons Had a New Owner?   
    Blank absolutely cares. But IMO he’s always been too involved. This works in a regular business, but not sports. Smart owners let their GM’s and HC’s run the show. It seems like Blank puts his stamp on a lot of stuff. You gotta wonder if TD and Quinn really wanted to give Julio that extension 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Gold4425 in Dan Quinn —in WAY OVER HIS HEAD   
    We continue to look past the fact that TD is the common reason. He survived us letting go of Smith when he was a big part of the team's demise. He tried but he cannot evaluate either side of the lines. He has spent all the money so we can't go get someone will and can help. He is like AB'S son so no one will call him out. I still like TD in an Administrative capacity. But he has to be taken off the draft and acquiring players. And he shouldn't be exempt when we criticize Our HC's.
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