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    Chunkey9 reacted to runshoot in Mark Bradley: Falcons had a losing season. Matt Ryan wasn't blameless   
    It's ignorant articles like this that hurt the fans the most. They will read it and think "oh yeah he's right".
    People don't understand that the impact of the poor rush offense, that the historically pathetic rushing attack Dirk fields, has on the offense as a whole. That the 4 verts offense that Dirk employs, uses longer developing routes and more shotgun usage. Instead of quick and timing passes with YAC from Sark/Kyle, Dirks offense went with longer patterns combined with more curls and hooks and resulting in holding the ball longer for the QB and less YAC.
    So with Sark, many who called a drunk and non-NFL ready OC, the WCO offense produced 35 tds and 7 ints behind an oline with 6 different guards 2 different RTs and no freeman. This while every team knew we were throwing because we were behind due to a defense that couldnt stop a soul.
    Don't blame Matt. Yah even Brady makes a bad throw now and then. Blame the owner/GM/Coach that brought in the Air Coryell offense that doesn't fit this team and doesn't fit Matt.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Rings in Why You Shouldn't Take a RB in Round 1   
    This is a hotly debated topic, but I wanted to give my reasoning behind why I would never take a running back in the first round of the draft.  Sorry for it being a long post, but I wanted to give you logic vs just it being a hot take.
    1)  It is one of the most replaceable / least valuable positions in football. 
    Analytics tell us this by measuring WAR (wins above replacement), that RB is the most replaceable.  The NFL tells us this by the contracts they are willing to pay them that it is the least valuable. 

    Let's say this year in free agency we wanted to sign a player top 10 at their position.  This is what the #10 salary is for each position this year. 
    QB     $27,000,000 
    EDGE     $16,500,000 
    WR     $15,100,000 
    OT     $13,000,000 
    CB     $12,500,000 
    IDL     $12,333,333 
    LB     $10,500,000 
    OG     $10,000,000 
    C     $9,400,000 
    S     $9,000,000 
    TE     $7,450,001 
    RB     $5,203,333 
    The league itself is telling us the RB is the least valuable position.

    2)  Because of this, you get the least return on your investment when drafting a RB in the first round.
    Because of the rookie wage scale we will pay our 16th overall pick roughly 13.6mil over four years, averaging 3.4mil per year.  With our cap issues, we need to get the biggest return on our investment possible.  In other words, we need to shop smart/cheap in free agency and get the most out of this draft that we can.  Go back to the signing a Top 10 Player at their position example.  If we draft a player at that position and they end up being a stud, below is the savings we would get vs paying for a Top 10 Player in Free Agency at the same position.
    QB    $23,600,000
    EDGE    $13,100,000
    WR    $11,700,000
    OT    $9,600,000
    CB    $9,100,000
    IDL    $8,933,333
    LB    $7,100,000
    OG    $6,600,000
    C    $6,000,000
    S    $5,600,000
    TE    $4,050,001
    RB    $1,803,333

    Obviously we aren't going to sign a QB to get that savings, but drafting a RB would be the worst use of that pick possible from a cap stand point, where if we landed a pass rusher or CB we would save a ton of money to be invested elsewhere. 
    Example One:  Sign a stud pass rusher for 16.5mil in free agency and draft a RB @ 16.  We spend roughly 20mil.

    Example Two: Draft edge @ 16 and sign a top 10 back in free agency.  We spend roughly 8.6mil.     We could sign a top 10 CB with that remaining money and still be spending less than example one. 
    Obviously, this is all "in theory", but you get the point...we need to be smart of what position we draft based off of value, not need.

    3)  The highest paid running backs do not equate to wins. 

    Of the top five highest paid players at their positions, here are how many of them are in the playoffs this year.
    QB    3
    S    3
    TE    3
    IDL    2
    WR    2
    C    2
    OT    1
    EDGE    1
    CB    1
    OG    1
    LB    1
    RB    0

    4)  Running backs taken top 25 overall in the draft do not equate to wins.

    Great backs come from all throughout the draft, some really great ones have come early in the draft as well, there is no denying that.  The problem is that even in their best performances this year, their team's still lost.  Below are all the running backs taken in the top 25 picks for the last 10 years & their team’s 2019 record.
    2019 - Josh Jacobs: 24th pick,  7-9
    2018 - Saquon Barkley: 2nd pick,  4-12
    2017 - Leonard Fournette: 4th pick,  6-10
    2017 - Christian McCaffrey: 8th pick,  5-11
    2016 - Ezekiel Elliot: 4th pick,  8-8
    2015 - Todd Gurley: 10th pick,  9-7
    2015 - Melvin Gordon: 15th pick,  5-11
    2014 - None Taken
    2013 - None Taken
    2012 - Trent Richardson: 3rd pick, Retired
    2011 - None Taken
    2010 - C.J. Spiller:  9th,  Retired
    2010 - Ryan Mathews:  12th,  Retired

    Combined record of 44-68 (.390), one winning record, zero teams made the playoffs, and 2-3 coaches fired.  This is the only position this holds true in...and it isn't close.
    If we traded back towards pick 30 or so and we took a back, I could live with it...but ideally not until we get to New England's pick we have at the end of the 2nd.
    5)  The running back position has the shortest lifespan of any other position.

    Go back to the top 25 picks, 30% of those players already retired.  Below is the number of players over 30 years old in the league this year by position.

    OT    48
    QB    32
    EDGE    28
    IDL    28
    CB    23
    OG    22
    WR    21
    S    21
    TE    20
    LB    17
    C    12
    RB    11
    When you invest a first round pick, your goal isn't to have a player be on your team for 4-5 years, it's to be on your team for the next 10-15.  We have seen time and time again RBs not live up to their second contract...the position takes a beating and bodies just don't hold up long enough.  If a team spends a first round pick on a RB, they are going to justify that by over working that back and run them into the ground more often than not only making their lifespan shorter.  For the most part, none of those guys are RBBC, because teams want to get the most out of their investment.

    We can all poke holes in the data, give excuses as to why it isn't relevant or why there are reasons for any of it...fact of the matter is this debate has been going on for a long time, NFL teams are going more and more that way, fans seem to be the more reluctant ones in this debate (maybe it's skewed by Fantasy Football?).  
    tl;dr - Running back is the least valuable, most replaceable position in football, it's a bad use of your draft capital in round one and doesn't best utilize cap space because of the rookie wage scale, they do not equate to wins and they have the shortest life span of any position...which is why I would never draft a RB in the first round.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to RYNE in Falcons vs. Broncos in London??   
    Not a fan. If London wants a team they should purchase one. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to FalconFan1st in *** Official Falcons Vs Buccaneers In-Game Thread ***   
    Winston ever even play in a playoff game?
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    Chunkey9 reacted to kiwifalcon in Burrow passes Matt   
    School kids vs paid professionals give me our guy all day.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Stray Dog THA GAWD in Who Is The Most Underrated Coach In NFL History   
    Mike Smith
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    Chunkey9 reacted to D.B.N. in [CONFIRMED] Quinn and TD staying for 2020   
    BREAKING NEWS: we flop again next year 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Iron Saint in Ryan vs Rodgers = 2019 season   
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    Chunkey9 reacted to classic city falcon in QB Cap   
    Actually I’d be more in favor of something like the NBAs old Bird clause where you got favorable treatment for keeping your own players. That way if you drafted s guy they’d always count less against the cap.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Atlantafan21 in All Time QB Rank: Chris Simms WTF   
    Am I the only one that thinks Elway is being vastly overrated there? He was good obviously, but his completion % and INT numbers were pretty bad. Peyton is also getting a bit disrespected here, he should be no less than top 3. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Jesus in Senat: Anyone Seen A Milk Carton?   
    Senat will no longer be of any concern to us. I have just received word that Quinn has dissolved the tackle permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Romfal in So you fire everybody. then what ?????   
    theres 32 jobs in the nfl for HC and even less for GM. Lots of people will want this job
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    Chunkey9 reacted to B_Lo_Touchdowns in Compare 2007-2008 to 2019-2020   
    Smitty was fired 3 days before the game with the division on the line. Blank mishandled the Smitty situation and he's mishandling this DQ situation. Quinn should've been fired at the bye week. Potential HC do not care about the HC before them, these jobs only come around so often. You wouldn't turn down a job because the last guy was fired prematurely. Our next HC wouldn't turn down the job because Quinn was fired midseason. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ya_boi_j in Panties Fired Ron, so why can't we seem to fire Dairy Queen?   
    The bigger question is why fire Rivera when they are realistically still in the hunt for the #6 seed
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Geneaut in Would you be satisfied if next Falcons QB only wins 4 playoff games in 11 seasons   
    Poll: is Mike Vick Coming Back
    [  ] No
    [  ] H3ll No
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ya_boi_j in Our future QB   
    Not my situation but for many patience went away February 5, 2017 at around 9:52 PM. I understand why though. The downfall is the blame goes in the wrong direction all around but that's an entirely different conversation
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ChickenBiscuit in Serious Question About Our Future   
    And some fault of TD as well. Those loyalty contracts killed us. I really don’t like that “falcon for life” attitude, there’s no way you pay a star WR, a star RB and a franchise QB. That’s the Steelers model and they can’t beat New England to save their lives.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Falconsfan567 in Arthur Blank Is The Problem   
    Arthur Blank Is the problem. He's hired 4 head coaches and each one has had the same fatal flaw, all rah rah and no substance. They all talk a good game but none of them have the ability to go out there on the field during games and out scheme the other coach. They're playing checkers while other coaches coach circles around them playing chess. They're reactive instead of proactive.
    The other major issue with Blank lies in the fact that he is loyal to guys like Rich McKay and Thomas Dimitroff that simply don't deserve it. Who in the world thought that it's a good idea to have the current front office makeup that the Falcons have? TD and Dan Quinn report separately to Blank? Wait, what?
    That brings me to my last point, Blank Is a terrible owner because he has no idea what he's doing when it comes to the business side of football and yet he micromanages every aspect of the team. I get and understand that the man cares and wants to win but he's his own worst enemy. You would think that he would look at the Cowboys and Patriots and realize that there's a right way and a wrong way to do things. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are the wrong way to do things as shown by the fact the Cowboys haven't won squat since Jerry ran Jimmy Johnson out of town and all Jimmy's players retired. Jerry continues to micromanage everything the Cowboys do and so they continue to not win. Meanwhile in New England Robert Kraft just signs the paychecks and sits in his little owner's box during games and let's Bill Belichick and the football people do their jobs without interfering.
    Until Blank hires the right GM and gives said GM full reign to hire the coaches and pick the players without interfering the Falcons will never win squat. It's the cold hard truth of the situation. Many of you folks here are also Braves fans and so you're familiar with the Braves corporate ownership, but I say that the Braves are a much better well ran sports franchise because of that. They've got an absent minded ownership situation which means that the baseball people are actually allowed to do their jobs without interference. That is a much better plan for success than the current way the Falcons operate.
    Someone posed the question on here asking if the Falcons would ever win the Super Bowl in our lifetime and sadly I say the answer is no and Arthur Blank Is the reason why.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to jlrfalcon in *** The Official Thanksgiving BEAT THE STAINS Thread ***   
    If it was us, it would not be reversed but they will for Payton
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    Chunkey9 reacted to octoslash in Mike McCarthy is probably watching our games and evaluating us knowing he could be our head coach next year.   
    If you stopped watching them after 4 games what the f*** are you doing posting on this board today?
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Malachore in Mike McCarthy is probably watching our games and evaluating us knowing he could be our head coach next year.   
    If he's been watching then he's probably stopped by halftime each week.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to athell in Pro Football Focus: Is Matt Ryan Finally Declining?   
    lol is this a serious reply?  I hope not.
    Jemarcus Russell could throw it 70 from his knees, how much good did that do him?  Kyle Boller.  Jeff George.  The list goes on and on.  Almost like there is more to playing QB than arm strength...hrmmm...also when QB's start playing from their knees get back to me.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to athell in Pro Football Focus: Is Matt Ryan Finally Declining?   
    Not even gonna watch.  It's ridiculous.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to likeriver in Pro Football Focus: Is Matt Ryan Finally Declining?   
    EVERY year since 2013 some sports journal writes this article
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Rings in So, Kaeperdick cancels workout at Falcons facilities 20 mins. before it was to start....lol.   
    There were going to be cameras, but NFLs cameras and he wanted his team, not the NFLs.  The NFL agreed to send not only the clips of the workout to all 32 teams, but also the raw footage, which would make it transparent.  So both lines of logic there are false.  Kaep is a joke and doesn’t deserve to be in the league.  He wasn’t all that great in his prime, and being this far removed he had no room to do dumb stuff like this if he actually wants a chance, he doesn’t have the upper hand here.  Just feels like something Antonio Brown would do.
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