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    Chunkey9 reacted to OilFuturesTrader19 in The Teddy Tommy BridgeBrady Atlanta Falcons thread of water   
    42 year old QB without Belichick. I'm not afraid.....too many people not thinking....just he's the GOAT...whatever...
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Brewcrew in The Teddy Tommy BridgeBrady Atlanta Falcons thread of water   
    This would make 4 MVP QBs in the division!  ...Oh wait, only 3.  Brees has never won MVP 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Hooper to Browns   
    ******* LOL.
    Not even if he was playing with Mahomes, much less Mayfield. He will be forgotten in a season or two. That's what happens to every Browns player.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to papachaz in NBA Suspending Season - Is The NFL Next?   
    according to the CDC, 29 Million people in the US have had the flu with 250,000 hospitalized. 16000 deaths.
    as of googling just now, according to CBS there are 1000 cases of covid-19, 38 have died in the US. Worldwide, there have been 93000 cases of it, over 50000 have recovered from it, and there have been 3200 deaths WORLD WIDE....
    this is dated the 4th, but updated the 8th.
    over sensationalized fear mongering. where's the worry about the flu? it's far more dangerous and widespread
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    Chunkey9 reacted to JD dirtybird21 in Hooper's Market is Shaping Up   
    Teams fall for free agency attractions all the time. Hooper is definitely going to get overpaid. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to THEHEADCOACH in Ryan vs Brady - Contracts   
    Kraft has been paying him under the table forever.  I bet he has made alot more than that. I guarantee you, Brady has pocketed four times that.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to JD dirtybird21 in Pass Happy Shanny   
    Here's a fun fact: 
    QB1 SB stats: 17/23, 284 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 144.1 QB rating
    QB2 SB stats: 26/42, 286 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 78.1 QB rating
    QB1 lost the SB. QB2 won. Man, QB1 must suck....
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Ergo Proxy in Pass Happy Shanny   
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Ergo Proxy in Pass Happy Shanny   
    From comments:

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    Chunkey9 reacted to DonOfThemBirds in Official NFL Playoff Thread   
    With that, Andy Reid has cemented himself as one of the greatest HCs in history.
    Especially top 10.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to likeriver in Official NFL Playoff Thread   
    Falcons sb choke confirmed for Shanny's fault
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    Chunkey9 reacted to octoslash in Official NFL Playoff Thread   
    Too bad people don't realize it takes coal to charge the batteries on an electric car LOL.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Jesus in Official NFL Playoff Thread   
    Two score lead in the 4th Q of the super bowl?

    I’m on it
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    Chunkey9 reacted to DonOfThemBirds in Official NFL Playoff Thread   
    I don't think the clock stops going out of bounds until under 5 minutes left in the game.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ya_boi_j in TD dropping a hint   
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    Chunkey9 reacted to BCEagleATLFalcon in This sucks   
    At the risk of sounding overly dramatic (because at the end of the day, it IS just a game), I've come to kind of hate this time of year as a football fan*. I've made as much peace with Super Bowl 51 as any of us can, but it's hard not to think about it while we watch other teams compete for and head to the big game.
    And the thing is? If we'd just won that one, if we just had OUR ring, I wouldn't care. Yay San Fran! Go Shanahan, go Coleman, go Matt's cousin! But without OUR ring, it all just sucks and is a reminder of a playoff season that was perfect for 11 quarters. Sigh.
    *There is one notable exception: the Saints finding more and more exquisitely painful and creative ways to exit the playoffs each season. That's at least a balm on the wound.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Cole World in Joe Brady heading to the Panthers   
    It won’t be for long
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Ovie_Lover in Joe Burrow - would you trade up?   
    Just dont trust the one year wonders.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ryanviced in 6 foot 3, 248 pounds and still....   
    Falcon fans still want ito Smith or Freeman to start when bulls like Derrick henry exist
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Falcons_Frenzy in Keep Freeman for trolling purposes   
    Has he even been on the football field since he got that huge contract? I haven't seen him do anything.
    Oh, nice no block that got Ryan strip sacked in the 28-3 chokeathon. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Snafu in Tyler Biadasz   
    Checking in before:
    "We AlReAdY dRafTeD A WisCoNsIn CeNtEr, HoW'd tHaT TuRn oUt?"
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    Chunkey9 reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Sanu +Ryan > Sanu + Brady   
    Just sayin...Ryan makes his receivers better than they otherwise would be.
    A pet peeve of mine is how Ryan gets deducted a point for all his “weapons.”  Yes, Julio is elite, but that’s really his only dominant weapon.  Manning had better weapons throughout his career but nobody seems to care about that.
    Ryan makes his teammates better.  Period.  Guys like HD & Jenkins were run out of the NFL once they left Ryan.  Sanu’s production dropped by 40% with the GOAT.  
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Knight of God in I do hope Dan Quinn watched TEN-NE   
    The Disney crap doesn’t exist to me
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Drew4719 in Official NFL Playoff Thread   
    Now I just need a Vikings win tomorrow to complete a perfect weekend!
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    Chunkey9 reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in No Fuller, sacked 7 times, still carries his team   
    Likely because Ryans defense just gave up 50.
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