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    Chunkey9 reacted to jgentry162 in Super bowl loss   
    I still to this day believe the reason we lost to the Pats was because of TV ratings. We had such a lead that the NFL who didn't want people tuning out and the ratings going way down and losing future revenue. That they told the refs to make the game closer and they let it get too close. The only way they could make the game closer was to keep Brady and their offense on the field and it wore our defense down so much that when they got close they couldn't stop them.
    We had penalties that where very questionable especially in a game they usually let teams play and only call border line penalties when it effects the play. They ignored New England's penalties and called everything against the Falcons in the second half. The NFL owes us a Super Bowl and we should take it out on Brady and Tampa until we get it.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to k-train in I already hate myself for posting this.   
    O-line gets a pass on that, huh?
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    Chunkey9 reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Falcons' Allen says idea of practice is 'nerve-racking'   
    i work in a restaurant in a busy tourist town. Im in contact with peoples spit and whatever else all over dishes and whatnot. Should I be afraid of going to work? Cause I'm not.
    Edit: we're open for business. Should probably clarify
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    Chunkey9 reacted to octoslash in Falcons' Allen says idea of practice is 'nerve-racking'   
    At the same time, I'm pretty sure Ricardo is probably not sitting around worrying about how to feed his family.
    There is morality, and there is reality.   
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    Chunkey9 reacted to dapanch420 in The Angel Gabriel   
    You can put antonio brown opposite of jullio and koetter will still manage to make this offense predictable.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Faithful Falcon in RUMOR!! (no confirmation)   
    If they didn't sign Brady, this wouldn't have made MNF.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Falcons_Frenzy in Looked at TB current roster, and Im still not impressed.   
    Is Gronk on the IR or PUP list yet?
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    Chunkey9 reacted to WhenFalconsWin in My theory? TD gets deal done for Chase Young, and it costs us 2 drafts.   
    We do this and it sets our team back for years in imho. That's even believing CY is all world which no one can predict. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Jesus in Are you worried about having to deal with Gronk 2× a year?   
    Feels like that Dream Team Eagles team.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to AJisA-OK in Are you worried about having to deal with Gronk 2× a year?   
    I’m worried about dealing with Quinn and Dirk 16x a year
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    Chunkey9 reacted to 1989Fan in Biggest Falcon BUST of the 2000s   
    Why is reading so hard lol. biggest FALCONS bust OF THE 2000s!

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    Chunkey9 reacted to THEHEADCOACH in Biggest Falcon BUST of the 2000s   
    Jerry was a worse pick than JA98. We got nothing but a crippled Snorlax with Jerry. Dude had glass knees in college and the first time I heard him speak, I knew we had a dud. Who ever  interviewed that dude and thought drafting him was a good idea, should have been fired on the spot. The way that dude quit too... What a waste.
    At least JA98 played with us, stayed on the field, and gave max effort. He was a **** good run stopper. He was just not a good pass rusher. The king of almost got there. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to dirtybirds233 in My Falcons Confessions   
    I used to live and die on nearly every play in a Falcons game. Wore the same pants and shirt every Sunday, put a Rise Up flag on my mantle, and never sat for a second during game time. That last since 2004.
    After SB51, it's just another 3 hours on a Sunday for me. I still watch every single game, but my 'obsession' died and hasn't come back since. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Spts1 in My Falcons Confessions   
    I said "  they gonna blow this "  during the  3rd quarter of 28-3...
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    Chunkey9 reacted to quotemokc in Jay Glazer   
    Time to open the country back up
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    Chunkey9 reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Dr. Fauci Promotes Pro Sports Without Fans   
    Oh you're one of those who can't put context around Trump's words. No point in arguing with a brain dead msm sheep. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Wjcorner in NEW UNIFORMS OFFICiALLY RELEASED   
    Look like they designed that in Minecraft
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    Chunkey9 reacted to athell in NFC SOUTH IS ABOUT TO BE A BLOOD BATH   
    Go get tested for corona
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    Chunkey9 reacted to rudy in Ndamukong Suh? One more piece...   
    I'd do another 5M 1 year prove it deal.
    BTW where do we get the money for all these deals  LOL
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    Chunkey9 reacted to g-dawg in Gurlie to Atlantie!?   
    I just hope if he signs, it’s a football decision and not a Arthur Blank/Ticket Selling decision.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to 1989Fan in Dolphins and Falcons   
    As much as most will ignore it, this matters.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to BirdGangATL in Gurley Released ... Can we afford him?   
    2 years for 10 million With incentives 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to flrybranch in Put your sack predictions for Fowler in   
    Under-performing, injury history DE who had a contract year season playing beside the best DT in the league and DQ overpaid because he played at UF.
    Not a fan of the signing.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to AUTiger7222 in The Teddy Tommy BridgeBrady Atlanta Falcons thread of water   
    I'm actually glad we don't have to face Winston anymore. Dude is complete garbage against the entire NFL except the Falcons. He lights up the Falcons nearly as bad as Joe Montana did. Check out the numbers.
    9 Games - 190/288 (66.0%), 2499 YDS (8.7), 25 TD, 9 INT, 109.1 QB Rating It's embarrassing that Dan Quinn has allowed this scrub to shred the Falcons the way he has. He's got 11 TD passes against the Saints. Those are the only two teams he's got double-digit TD pass totals against.
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