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  1. Well if he is on my fantasy team then I do expect him to have 200+ yards every game but that is just wishful thinking
  2. You're right but I just don't like taking a running back in the first or second round of the draft no matter how good they are
  3. That guy was an anomaly so there is not really a comparison because 99% of the time if a player gets injured in their first year they will return to play the game
  4. I absolutely agree. I would also like 3 backs that way if one gets hurt it is not as big an issue. I would also not sign big name free agent back because you can draft normally draft a solid back in the draft to replace any back you may lose to free agency.
  5. I agree I would not take him any earlier than the third just because of injury concerns
  6. Not at 8 or even in the first round if we were to trade back. I would only take him if he somehow ended up in the third because imo taking an injury prone running back any higher is a bad idea.
  7. I would like to draft Scherff and would not be upset if we did take him but I would still prefer to take a pass rusher
  8. I was never a big fan of Hale therefore this trade did not bother me unlike the other trades the Braves have made during this off-season
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