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  1. I still think that they'll suck but the receivers will give them a chance to get 6 wins
  2. I forgot that they had Evans and Jackson so I could see where the offence is decent but I don't trust Winston at quarterback
  3. Thought we could score but then I remembered our hitting ability
  4. keep up the good work Freeman
  5. Time for the batters to go to work
  6. and there goes the no hitter
  7. What are the odds we will score another run today
  8. Good first 2 innings by Julio
  9. The strike outs would have at least increased the number of pitches
  10. I hoped he could have done better
  11. At least we can't be shutout
  12. The only way I hope we are picking that high in awhile again is if we somehow acquired a first from another team
  13. I would be extremely upset if either was traded also. Maybe they should also trade Teheran because he was part of the old regime
  14. The silver lining is that BJ Upton is finally off of the team
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