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  1. 8-8 is probably what is going to happen but honestly from what I have seen from this team the last few weeks they could go 6-10
  2. Yeah it wasn't an interception but we need to get over it because the fact is they ruled it was an int
  3. Yeah I felt that they played with no urgency at the end of the game
  4. I don't care how many pick 6's other players have thrown. Matt made a terrible decision and it cost us the game
  5. I don't think Shanahan causes the players to fumble, drop passes and throw interceptions
  6. I am disappointed just because we started 5-0 With a Rookie head coach I expected to see this team struggle I mean look at the Jets they were 4-1 and now they are 5-5
  7. Joe Flacco would have won that game for us today
  8. Yeah Ryan lost this game with that **** pick 6. The receivers did not do him any favors with several dropped passes
  9. Time to see another back up Quarterback look like a Hall of Famer against us
  10. I never want to hear that again because both teams DID NOT make it to the championship so let's just get over it
  11. Still no pass rush which allowed Gabbert to play well and even when we did get pressure he was able to easily escape it
  12. Yeah the roster still lacks talent but did we really expect a super talented team after 1 offseason
  13. Yeah he has looked bad hopefully he comes out strong this half
  14. Didn't know that, everything I have heard makes it sound like he is better than Tom Brady
  15. I don't think we will be mauled but we could still easily lose. I see another close game
  16. The offensive line cannot pass protect that long I would rather run the ball efficiently than go deep and risk an interception
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