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  1. We should've hired Rex Ryan when we had the chance.
  2. That was in the 1st half. The defense got no break in the 3rd quarter. The offense had 1 drive in the 3rd quarter and they went 3 and out on that drive therefore giving the defense no break. However the defense should have never given up an 8 minute drive to start the 2nd half but the offense should have done their job by holding onto the ball for more than 3 plays.
  3. The offense didn't really give the defense a break that it needed. The offense went 3 and out in the 3rd quarter just after the Dolphins took over half the quarter in that first drive of the 2nd half. I blame the offense more than the defense in this situation but the defense still shouldn't of allowed that long of a drive.
  4. We got a takeaway. Deion Jones got an interception.
  5. Remember when Jameis Winston was considered a MVP candidate after 1 game last year.
  6. The Packers should be ranked 2nd because the only reason we beat them is because they have a lot of injuries.
  7. The game winning pass to Sanu when we played Green Bay was the best.
  8. The fact that Julio missed some games during that time frame makes that even more impressive.
  9. This is worse than the Warriors blowing the 3-1 lead in the finals last year
  10. Take a Deep breath, count to 3 and everything will be alright
  11. It was clearly deliberate and there was absolutely no reason to do that
  12. Fire Lewis ASAP he obviously can't control his players
  13. Lewis needed to bench his *** before it came to that
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