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  1. UGA is gonna get crushed
  2. Saints 35 Falcons 30 Coleman fumbles the ball on the goal line with under 2 minutes remaining
  3. No
  4. Minnesota doesn't play the Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, or Jets this year. So that's at least minus 4 games by my count
  5. The defense isn't that good. The only reason they don't give up as many yards is because they allow opponents to have 7 minute long drives.
  6. Lol, Hardy just got a TD
  7. Still the first half
  8. Since when do the Falcons play college teams?
  9. It is simple, we score more points than the Cowboys.
  10. I don't know how but somehow it is always Ryan's fault
  11. Actually it's a sample size of 2 and I have plenty of strength in my joint considering I have 100% range of motion and can still run a 17:30, 5k less than a year after surgery.
  12. Source: Experience
  13. I disagree with that. As someone who has tore an acl twice, most recently last year, I could feel my tibia sliding out the front of the leg just walking around in everyday life. So imo you can't function normally without it.