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  1. Falcons vs Bears 2008
  2. I would refuse to watch that game
  3. There is not enough film on Garrapolo yet. He won't be as good next season because teams will have a whole off-season to analyze him
  4. He is just speaking the truth
  5. UGA is gonna get crushed
  6. Saints 35 Falcons 30 Coleman fumbles the ball on the goal line with under 2 minutes remaining
  7. No
  8. Minnesota doesn't play the Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, or Jets this year. So that's at least minus 4 games by my count
  9. The defense isn't that good. The only reason they don't give up as many yards is because they allow opponents to have 7 minute long drives.
  10. Lol, Hardy just got a TD
  11. Still the first half
  12. Since when do the Falcons play college teams?
  13. It is simple, we score more points than the Cowboys.