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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to vel in Hageman returns   
    Exactly. Shede has legit SDE potential. We all saw what he did in the 2016 playoffs. If he's anywhere close to that, let's roll. People acting like him being out of football for two years is some death sentence. Vic's been in the league those same two years and gotten progressively worse. Means nothing. 
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to PokerSteve in Hageman returns   
    Yep. Might as well walk in front of a train.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to ya_boi_j in Hageman returns   
    Don’t forget Clay in certain situations 
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to red falcon in Hageman returns   
    I would not want to be in his way bro.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to Goober Pyle in Hageman returns   
    Dan Quinn on bringing back DT Ra'Shede Hageman after releasing him in 2017 following domestic violence charges: ``Ra'Shede has taken responsibility for his actions and continues to show genuine remorse s well as an ongoing commitment to getting better.'' Falcons add depth at DT after adding Tyeler Davison.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to BoomGoesTheDynamite in Hageman returns   
    When you consider the personalities he had during the Legion of Boom years, it's not a big stretch to beileve that
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to Geneaut in Hageman returns   
    Making no predictions about him making the roster. Just glad as a person to see a young man given a second chance. 
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to egoprime II in Hageman returns   
    The upside is, Quinn specializes in coaching the defensive line.   Plus there is no denying that when Quinn is calling the defense, the D responds pretty well.
    We'll see....
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to PokerSteve in Hageman returns   
    Quinn's Day Care ~ We specialize in problem kids! No rehab project too tough to tame!
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to PokerSteve in Hageman returns   
    My guess is Shede is ready to play some serious football. I doubt Quinn and TD would've brought him back if they weren't convinced he's someone we can count on to be an impact player again. I'm happy for him and looking forward to watching him get after people.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to Osiruz in Hageman returns   
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to RazorWing in Hageman returns   
    Run defense fixed
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to Bunchy Carter in Football is Coming (Well freaking done Falcons media)   
    The Lamb/Aints/Ref thing is HILARIOUS
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to athell in Football is Coming (Well freaking done Falcons media)   
    Feel like it isn't often our media folks turn out quality stuff like this so I just had to share.  It's amazing.  Every second.  Especially the Ram running over the Saint in front of the ref.
    Well done...you have my admiration.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to TSprings in Mr. Wilson just got paid   
    Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson are very different. Would Ryan succeed in Seattle’s system, no. Would Wilson be as good as Ryan in our system no. 
    Wilson may have a higher floor with a terrible o-line, but Matt Ryan is still a better quarterback. And saying that you’d pay 35 for Wilson over 30 for Ryan is popostrous. 
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to runshoot in This Front Office Has Put In The Work   
    These guys should be better than the Harlows. Beatles and Richards from last year. Depth was a concern, we are at least trying to fix it.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to MD-FalconFan13 in This Front Office Has Put In The Work   
    I thought folks wanted depth? 
    Now when we sign guys for exactly that we're unhappy? Maybe some of these guys get a starting gig but the majority are to provide quality depth. Something we sorely lacked last year. I think it's a good thing.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to SoCalFalconFan in This Front Office Has Put In The Work   
    The Falcons Front Office is teetering dangerously close to really impressing me this off-season. With not a lot of cap space they re-signed key players (with maybe one exception – Schaub), and they have wisely and frugally gone out and addressed several positional needs in free agency.
    LB - Bruce Carter
    DE - Steven Means
    LT - Ty Sambrailo
    CB - Blidi Wreh-Wilson
    QB – Matt Schaub
    TE – Logan Paulsen
    WR – Justin Hardy
    LB – Kemal Ishmael
    ** DT – Grady Jarrett in contract extension negotiations
    ** WR – Julio Jones in contract extension negotiations
    ** LB – Deion Jones in contract extension negotiations
    New Acquisitions
    OG – Jamon Brown
    OG – James Carpenter
    TE/FB/HB – Luke Stocker
    RB/KR – Kenjon Barner
    OG – Adam Gettis
    DE – Adrian Clayborn
    S – Afolabi Laguda
    S – Chris Cooper
    DT – Tyeler Davison
    DE – Chris Odom
    OT – John Wetzel
    I still believe they get contract extensions on at least Julio and Deion, and I’m holding out hope for Grady. But I am impressed at what the Falcons have done and the effort they have put into this off-season. We are approaching the draft in much better shape than I thought we would be.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to Ezekiel 25:17 in Falcons not operating like they have 9 draft picks   
    It seems like these moves are opening up a lot of opportunities to go in several different directions and not have us locked into any one move.
    i like it!
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to gazoo in Falcons not operating like they have 9 draft picks   
    I started a post yesterday in this topic. Absolutely not room right now for 9 draft picks and we are still bringing players in for workouts.
    We have two players coming in tomorrow for workouts. Former Patriots swing OT John and a DE.
    I could see a situation where we still have a 1st rounder and also end up with three 2nd  round picks, trading away some of the 4th, 5th , 6th or 7th rounders to get less picks, but higher quality ones.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to PokerSteve in Falcons not operating like they have 9 draft picks   
    Agree. This is going to be the most interesting draft the Falcons will have had up until this point other than their very first.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to KCartledge85 in Falcons not operating like they have 9 draft picks   
    Falcons have been signing players like crazy lately with no players being released. The Falcons simply are not operating like they are about to add 9 rookies to the club.  
    It feels like two things could happen ...
    1 - Trade up from 14 to add one of the premier defensive lineman.
    2 - Trade back from 14 to add extra picks, then trade back into the first round to get two picks in the 20s.
    The draft could be fascinating.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to PokerSteve in Falcons sign Tyeler Davison   
    Indeed. For a team with supposedly little to no CAP wiggle room, Quinn and TD have been shucking and jiving big time. I think they've done an excellent job so far, but we'll know more as the weeks and months roll on.
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to NWFALCON in Falcons sign Tyeler Davison   
    I will say that the FO has been busy as **** this year. 
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    RedandBlack4ever reacted to Knight of God in Rumor of the day   
    I mentioned this a couple weeks ago. I think they are targeting Oliver TBH.
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