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  1. All is well right now. Currently living at home with mom who will be 84 tomorrow and is as big a fan of football if not bigger. She's always yelling at the TV. One day a neighborhood boy was walking through the yard while she was watching a game and she yelled get him knock head off, I don't think kids stopped running yet.
  2. I've been here just as long. I've just always been a lurker I enjoy reading all the posts. I always wanted to go to Flowery branch for training camp or to catch a live game but I put it off to long and now I'm pretty much homebound in my Wheelchair. I was diagnosed in 1993 with a rare type of Muscular dystrophy.
  3. The best pair of running backs we had at one time was William Andrews and Lynn Cain. It was so much fun watching them run . I was a freshman in high school in 1980. Watching them 2 feed off of each other made them both better. They had great chemistry.
  4. Matt Ryan will have a great season with a HC that will build an offense around what he does best. Then these so called dedicated fans will say I knew he could do it all along. Fire away kids I'm too slow to try to run away <my chair doesn't roll that fast >. I've believed in MR since we drafted him and I still Believe .
  5. LOL Maybe they're letting this leak out so we get so worked up then they say what if we just do Rick Smith and Raheem Morris.
  6. I asked this same question a few weeks ago if he was drafted in the 2nd or 3d round and learned behind Ryan for a year or 2.
  7. I have a question would Desmond Ridder be worth drafting as a back up and maybe potential starter after learning from Ryan for a year or two??
  8. lol just tried my first attempt at ever making a mock draft. Don't know if is was from lack of sleep or pain meds kicking in ,but my trades went berserk ended up with 12 picks and this draft 30.Zach Wilson QB, BYU 36.Jayson Oweh EDGE, Penn State 43.Najee Harris RB, Alabama 49.Marvin Wilson IDL, Florida State 56.Cameron McGroneLB, Michigan 68.Hamsah NasirildeenS, Florida State 93.Jaelan PhillipsEDGE, Miami 105.Caden Sterns S, Texas 112.Tre' McKitty TE, Georgia 113.Merlin Robertson LB, Arizona State 118.Seth Williams WR, Auburn
  9. Well didn't we give Dan Reeves Heart trouble on the way to the Super Bowl in 98?
  10. LOL I'd LOVE it if we shocked the WORLD and went undefeated won the Super Bowl and made the Dolphins Shove their bottle of Champagne where the sun don't shine.
  11. I plan on taping 2 channels and watching the 3rd just to see if the Falcons get more than 2 mins of air time.
  12. lol we're gonna draft Riley Ridley in the 2nd so we have both Ridley's on the team..../Purple
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