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  1. If you only look at outcomes (sacks, points given up, Super Bowls won) you are looking at an aggregation of all kinds of things, including luck. This is potentially a very useful stat. I only say potentially because I don't really know how valid it is at measuring the thing it claims to measure - the rate at which the d-lineman beats the o-lineman - if accurate, it is really useful. AUTiger has the right of it, to my way of thinking, and winning the pass rush battle is only part of what determines the outcome (sacks, QB pressures, etc.). To my way of thinking, the better analogy is a pitcher with a high strikeout rate, but a high ERA due to play in front of a shoddy defense.
  2. For what it's worth, Ryan and Brees have almost exactly the same overall rating for playoff games. Brees had a really good playoff rating the year the Saints won the Super Bowl, but it wasn't nearly good as Ryan's from two years ago. Their career ratings for regular season games are pretty close, also.
  3. The way you get job security is by winning. That is the ONLY way to get job security. If he doesn't win, another head coach will be found, and that coach will bring in assistant coaches etc. Creating an incompetent staff never helped anyone's job security in the NFL.
  4. All it takes for aggravated assault is the victim requires medical treatment, at least in Florida. (I do not know if that applies to Carolina.) I was assaulted in a parking lot, by I guess, a crazy person. I didn't know him, he just came up and started accusing me of something or another, and I told him to go away. He threw 2 or 3 punches, none of them landed, and on the last one I grabbed his arm and threw him on the ground, and kind of held his arm so he couldn't get up. He asked me to let him go, and I did, because I had twisted his arm a bit, and I was pretty sure he wouldn't feel like hitting for a little while. Anyway, someone called the police, and they came. By that time the guy had taken off, and the woman who called the police and I talked to the officer. He kept asking me if I thought I would need medical attention, and finally it was like he was trying to talk me into it; "at least get it checked out". But, I wasn't hurt, at all. It turned out this same guy (the assailant) had been causing trouble and the cop wanted to be able to charge him with aggravated assault.
  5. According to Vaughn McClure Falcons worked out five defensive ends today: Sterling Bailey (Georgia), Pat O'Connor (Eastern Michigan), Devin Taylor (South Carolina), Nicholas Williams (Samford), and Jonathan Woodard (Central Arkansas). Also worked out former LSU linebacker Lavar Edwards. From ESPN.
  6. Here is the original image. Look at the one with the flag. There is no way that Carroll would be a part of that or allow that to happen. It's ridiculous. Why would the other players be in that pose as the flag burns? Why would he be holding a burning flag with one hand so close to his body?
  7. I wasn't going to say anything, but I heard something this morning that has me too upset to just walk on by. Several African-American cadets had racial epithets written on their doors at the Air Force Academy. If you've ever served in the military under anything like adverse conditions, you know that unit cohesion is essential. I was equally upset with the Tailhook scandal. These are fellow soldiers. When you undermine our ability to fight, you are a traitor. We have to have each other's backs; if we don't, we're easy meat. Our enemies would love to divide us. We cannot ignore the concerns of a segment of our society that has fought and bled to protect us, whose members have in many, many cases devoted their lives to making life better for all of us. It is absurd to tell an American to "go find another country if you don't like it". The consensus seems to be that football players can kneel in protest if they want. That's America. Should the people who are upset about the protesting NFLers be told to find another country? Of course not. We have to hang together.
  8. Well, I guess that means there could be some regression to the mean, or possibly that the Falcons are just getting started - maybe they will prove to be an absolute juggernaut with an offense like nothing seen in the last 17 years. Wouldn't that be cool?
  9. You and I have the same question; why do we care where he came from? Are you saying that because he is from Pakistan we can automatically know the content of his character?
  10. White supremacy is incompatible with the concept of America, and what we have become. When we started out, we accepted slavery, and we paid for that with the blood of hundreds of thousands in the Civil War. We originally gave full participation to only white males, but we have grown inclusive of others. We were always about freedom and equality, it just took us a while to see what that truly meant, and we're still working on it. When people protest an injustice, they are helping us work on it.
  11. I have to say, I really have a problem with this statement. Mr. Khan is an immigrant, but he is just as much a US citizen, and just as much an American, as I am. I had an ancestor that fought in the American Revolution (on the British side, but still...he did become a US citizen after the war ended, and was given a land grant in North Carolina), I had multiple ancestors that fought in the Civil War, my dad and multiple uncles fought in World War II (and two died). My dad was wounded in Korea, a bunch of us were in Vietnam, and my cousin died there. I'm proud of my family's history in America, but as soon as we say one American is somehow less American than another, we are started down a very dark road.
  12. You're right about the first part, but I don't think you are about the second. Of course, commercial media companies are always going to suck up to big markets, but I don't think they really have an anti-Atlanta bias or anti-south bias. Some people do, of course, but not in aggregate. I just think that respect by the media is a lagging indicator, they are praising you for what you did last year and the year before that. If Atlanta continues on the current trajectory and wins a Superbowl (or two or three) I feel confident the narrative will change.
  13. Actually, I quite enjoy all that stuff. It is SO easy to laugh at the silly things being said when the team you support is absolutely kicking butt. I went to school with Collinsworth, and our freshman year we had a humanities class together. It was one of these classes where the professor held the class at his home, and he lived way out on Paynes Prairie. So, Cris, of course, had his own car, and he used to give me a ride out there and back every week. He was actually a nice enough guy back then, but I think it's kind of difficult to stay normal when people are ALWAYS making a big deal out of you.
  14. I think it was Eric Wright who destroyed him.
  15. Well, the original question was, is Ryan closing the gap with Rodgers. I believe an objective answer would have to be yes. He was clearly the better quarterback last year by any objective measure. The colorful data charts posted by Schwarzenegger 321 above show that Ryan has had better numbers the last couple of years. Perceptions, especially by personalities on TV, are very much a lagging indicator, and trail reality by often a significant margin. It's like they say, generals are always fighting the last war, and people like Cowherd are talking about today based on what happened 2-5 years ago. Ryan has always been impressive, and he has most emphatically not always been surrounded by top talent. The Falcons seem to be much more talented now, but even that makes me shake my head a bit when people talk about all the weapons Ryan has to use. When Sanu was signed, people said he wasn't that good, and that it was an overpay. Gabriel was released by the Browns, for goodness sake. Sure, Julio is Julio, but Ryan showed how good he is at distributing the ball last year. Truly, it was a year for the ages. I'm not trying to take anything away from Rodgers, he's obviously a very good quarterback, but to compare Ryan with someone like Dalton is absurd, and to do so makes you sound like a fool. And, speaking of fools, I think Cowherd's analysis speaks for itself; he talks about closing his eyes and seeing highlight reels with Rodgers in them. Apparently he can't do that with Ryan. Seriously, that's your analysis? And, why can't he see the play to Julio that should have won the Superbowl when he closes his eyes? It is very hard to compare quarterbacks because it is a team sport and there are so many variables, but I would place Brees, Rodgers, Brady and Ryan at the top right now. At least two of those are almost certainly in decline, while I expect Ryan is either still ascending or at the beginning of a long plateau. As I said in a thread shortly after the Super Bowl, there isn't a quarterback in the NFL that I would want right now more than Ryan, and Rodgers is the only one that even comes close for me. Is he closing the gap? Of course he is.
  16. Well, you never know for sure how these things are going to turn out, because as Yogi Berra put it, "It's tough to predict things, especially about the future." Still, I do like it that we seem to have gotten inside Green Bay's decision loop. The previous time the Falcons played Green Bay in the play-offs (and got clobbered), the Falcons decided they needed to get "more explosive". This past time it was Green Bay that was going back to the drawing board, and they've decided they need to get faster. I'll guess we'll see if they've gotten fast enough.
  17. It reminds me of a kid that was on my son's high school lacrosse team. He was this huge, fast kid, and he was just a beast as a defender. People used to joke that the police would be waiting for him in the parking lot. I remember his mom taking offense at one such joke, and she said something like, "Now, Dave, most of those hits were legal."
  18. If you want to be great, you have to be willing to wear that bullseye.
  19. This is just how I feel, without any real justification for it. If it was about being owed a perfect season, surely it would be the Lions, or the Browns, or somebody.
  20. I feel like this game is a win-win. Either the Patriots start the season 0-2, or, the Saints lose a game. I'm happy with either outcome; I just wish there was a way for both to happen.
  21. Verisimilitude popped out at me when I read that, as well. It's almost like a particular term is being appropriated for a football context, almost as a kind of jargon. In this case, verisimilitude means that the Falcons are able to confuse the defense because the play-action really does look like a run as it opens. But I'm not sure the word really adds to comprehension. You can figure out what he means if you already understand what he is trying to say, but otherwise I'm guessing it's confusing. Personally, a better word to my way of thinking for effective play-action deception is maskarovka. It's a Russian term, and it's more than just camouflage or hiding. In the ideal use of maskarovka, you fool your enemy into thinking one thing is going to happen, but something else actually happens. That's exactly what play-action is. Apparently the Falcons are really good at it. I remember hearing an analyst last year saying fairly early in the season that the Falcons had absolutely the best play-action deception of anyone in the league. This is a link that explains a lot about play-action. http://smartfootball.com/passing/a-very-wise-coach-once-told-me-if-you-really-want-play-action-you-better-pull-a-guard#sthash.jV4gpi8q.dpbs
  22. His stats sound pretty good, but that works out to only a bit above 5 yards per attempt. That tends to get your completion % up, etc.. While no interceptions is always good, I think we all know those stats don't seem particularly relevant to the game on Sunday (unless the Falcons blow out the Bears early and Glennon puts up a whole lot of dink and dunk yards when it can't possibly do the Bears any good). I agree with the football is weird comment. You never really know what's going to happen; especially when you're just starting the season.
  23. I think the word you want to use is dominant. Dominant is an adjective that can modify a noun, just like the words "great" or "excellent" or "pathetic". So you can say, "The Falcons will be dominant.", or, "The Falcons will be a dominant football team." Dominate is a verb. So you can say, "The Falcons will dominate their opponents.", but you can't use the word dominate as an adjective, as in, a dominate football team. Sorry, about being a grammarian, and I am in no way trying to criticize or act superior, and I hope this isn't offensive. I just thought it might be useful to explain because people frequently use the word "dominate" when they should be using the word "dominant". And, if you don't care about the distinction, that's fine, too.
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