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  1. Just curious, what were your realistic expectations? Is this not what you expected coming into this year? Or you thought playoffs was a possibility
  2. He's had a few pics if he was just one mote step ahead. Breakups are cool but if you can get your hand on the ball like that they need to turn to pics
  3. Come on man, you know saquon is gonna have his welcome back game. Danny dimes running around like the Vick experience
  4. I mean why else would that score be next to a Tampa logo if not to troll 🤷🏿🤷🏿
  5. Lol you got me, but by the numbers(lol) no one leads the NFL in yards per game than julio. Just sayin. But you're right 👏🏿👏🏿
  6. Yet we couldn't get the chip having the best receiver in NFL history..
  7. Some decent pass protection from the starters would be nice to see once they are out there
  8. I think a better quest3woukd be, is Arthur Smith gonna improve our record against the afc?? That's what I wanna see lol
  9. I got a league with a few spots still open. It's $40 buy in. $25 goes towards the cash pot, $15 is going towards a league trophy/belt. Feel free to join fellas. Join my NFL Fantasy league, D-league. League ID: 7565599 Password: trophyseason Click to sign up: https://fantasy.nfl.com/registration/privateleaguejoincreateteam?leagueId=7565599&leaguePassword=trophyseason&campaign=Fantasy_App_Custom_I https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3990735 Pay league fees
  10. Which I've said before, status on the this message board don't mean sheet. People feel cuz they got 50k likes or reactions that they are closer to the Falcons some how. I agree, some folks post just to be ***** while some folks just wanna chat amongst other fans. Not everybody has an analytical take on everything. Maybe we just feel vic Beasley was a fraud, regardless of the fluke year 🤷🏿😅
  11. I think the difference is fans/posters respond whether fairly or unfairly to players or opinions. It's posters who are stuuupid condescending directly to people. And that's the difference. Say what you want about the opinion itself but people do feel like they are above others because of their football knowledge and try and make sure you know that just because you made a comment based on an emotional play or half hearted reply
  12. I opened the NFL network app on my firestick and it's the game being played/aired NFL network. No need for game pass. I'm sure based on your zip code you're streaming from
  13. Few spots still open. $40 buy in. 25 towards cash pot, 15 towards a league belt or trophy
  14. Atleast 4 5 spots open gents. There is currently a poll up in the league, doesn't show up on the NFL app only through the website website, to determine the buy in or keep it free. So try and vote as soon as you can. Join my NFL Fantasy league, D-league. League ID: 7565599 Password: trophyseason Click to sign up: https://fantasy.nfl.com/registration/privateleaguejoincreateteam?leagueId=7565599&leaguePassword=trophyseason&campaign=Fantasy_App_Custom_Invite
  15. Can I post my fantasy league with open spots, or this for strictly AFMB leagues?
  16. Just lmk the cheapest way. Just curious if I'm close enough could I pick them up? I'm in Douglasville/Lithia Springs
  17. Most definitely, I hope he does Matt's my guy. I just know how Matt can be with those bone head throws where he locks in to a route before he snaps the ball 😅😅 the unicorn can really be a bigger more scheme-able julio with the right work
  18. I'll take em!! Idk how you wanted to ship but I know the usps flat rate envelopes cost 8 bucks and should fit all if not a good bit.
  19. Let's hope him and rid working. From the vids I'm seeing it's alot of 3 5 step slants and toss it high enough. I can see matt hitting the playaction, turning his back to the defense and pinpointing that slant for a pic 6 eventually lol but he's gone be a problemmm lining up against anyone
  20. Just curious what exactly do you look at? To me he just emphasizes the stop more dramatically like julio does. Serious question 🤔🤔
  21. I wasnt big on Mike Davis before this video. Albeit I never really watched him, but he's alright lol. He ain't Bean talk but he's good vibes lol
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