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  1. Didn't we wait until preseason to give into Julio?
  2. Come on Jalen Ramsey!!
  3. Silver would do the NFL some good. Starting with making the pro bowl more competitive I bet. This rumor I could support lol
  4. You say we like you're a *jags fan?
  5. So it's calling people n****s
  6. Can we get a update on the cap or pin a thread for it?
  7. I keep getting on the message boards hoping to see 10 straight HOT Topics of #44 being released. Seemed like we were getting things rolling early and often. Reply pray besides post June 1 cuts that this isn't the only fat trimming we are doing
  8. Their first round picks are darn near second rounders though lol
  9. When our line becomes legit again I'll shrug away that extra speed. For now any extra elusivness is welcomed lol
  10. So after these first few cuts, who's getting designated post June 1st cut?
  11. But unfortunately we don't seem to get any decent defensive players, which is what'd you'd hope from the jags
  12. I was gonna say, a spoon reunion? Lmao
  13. Hes trash, he shows promise when you reduce his snaps. 12 mil is too much for a situational rusher who still gets pushed past the play doing the same speed rush.. Gimme that 12 any day
  14. I was about to say the same hahaha
  15. How much in cap will this free up?
  16. Not solely keeping vic no, but not getting the defense to what it has never consistently been. And not set in stone but some one will pay him if he doesn't take a pay cut to the fo liking.. If vic is here at 12 mil this year, dq should not be lol
  17. Whatever you say bro, Bryant won him his first playoff game, and other games. #44 still can get cut when it's your own job that's gonna be on the hot seat
  18. HOF kicker, pic 6 Alford, days after the seasons over. Anybody can get it, especially at the price tag he's at
  19. A quick 12 mil could be added lol
  20. #44 better be soon if Brooks is gone. Brooks earned his check. Unlike this 12 mil.
  21. So an ol in fa?
  22. The healthy part though..
  23. Brooks can stay, #44 can go
  24. Thats the decision maker right there. Georgie Gelato is proven enough for me to make the move. I love Matty b but we need cash and youth all the way around
  25. I would not want to hear the constant comparison of Matt and Aaron, I'm good