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  1. How much money comes off? And how much does that translate into singing dollars?
  2. We did draft the punter, with his power maybe he takes over kick offs and let's younghoe Reserve his for fg and xps.
  3. Which rookie was it that **** down cam Jordan?
  4. We suck against the afc, especially playing down to the teams were supposed to beat. We walked into Cleveland thinking we'd put it together and go an a streak last year and we got embarrasseddddd. So let us come out healthy and +1 in the points department and I'll take it
  5. I wouldn't be mad seeing key moved to line backer, kazee and Cardo on the back end behind young cbs, and a vet on the bigger run stuffer as depth
  6. Only because the refs never wanted to admit they were wrong all these years and hosing teams lol.. There were plenty calls that shoulda been called but wevre so accustomed to them not being called, I don't think they wanted to open that can of worms.
  7. Come on bro, this is a lose lose Lmao. We win, tb just hasn't put it together yet and haven't gelled with his new cast and coach. If we lose, our off season moves stocking 1st round pics and reaching for a cb will be talked about and how bradys greatness will be cemented winning an nfc South division. That's just the Atlanta narrative Lmao
  8. And even better than that, gets off blocks
  9. Our secondary coaches have never taught that, EVER!! Alford and others could of had so many pics or pass break ups if we turned our heads.
  10. Exactly, just get Everson. And a line backer
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