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  1. We have talent too tho, so gotta add coaching in there
  2. Still worth Duke not being here
  3. So is being crap on defense, when that's your calling card lol.
  4. Smart fans could see, especially if they watched the whole season and not just the playoff run, we were led by the 8th best offense of all time. Blank woulda had a better shot selling fans on 30 points a game vs banking on dq shaping this teams identity to a defensive juggernaut.. Easier in hindsight but it doesn't take a high football iq to see Shanny on offense runs circles around dq in defense
  5. I'm not saying it wouldn't of been unheard of, but again who got us to the sb? Our defense or offense outscoring everyone?
  6. If dq held up even half of his end of the bargain we wouldn't be here. Shanny did plenty
  7. I mean who really improved who and led us to that sb run?? Could you really say dq is better at defense than Shanny at offense? Personally we would be top 3 on offense with this receiving core if Shanny was here, and the defense would atleast fight knowing that atleast we put up points. As I've seen across the boards many say the team has quit atleast on the defensive side.
  8. Which means DQ can go too, be their DC
  9. But fr watch us treat the Texans like the Bucs on Thursday night and put up 50 smh
  10. I come back its tied, come back again down 4
  11. As fo, its like dammed if you do dammed if you don't. Some will say we gave up on him but we were being smart. Some will say we are wasting money keeping him. He's younger than Eric Berry when it happened so I'd get if they did which I hope they do
  12. Struggled? That man looked like first year Jalen Collins from what I saw lol
  13. I was gonna start it's own thread, but. Just curious, why is Senat even on the team? Not saying he's trash, but I can't even remember the last time I've seen him active or on the feild. Or heard a legit reason as to the reason for his lack of use