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  1. lol im just effin with you bro haha. If i had my choice bryant from the steelers has been the name ive thrown in the hat. Maybe a little cheaper with the history and a **** of alot more upside. But we have way bigger concerns on defense
  2. speculation lol.. Or you got connects in the building
  3. We aren't going to have Matt and Julio and two backs forever. We have a window right now that needs to be utilized.. And still the longer into fa the less there is in the talent pool. So again replacing what we're starters with lesser talent is still a drop off. We're adding rookies into the rotation while Bennet and ngata are coming is a rotational guys on other teams, which would you have
  4. Lol.. Because of his talent.. You dont start people based on salary. He was aid that because his talent was that of a starter. Breh you sound dumb as **** tryna argue that.. So you're saying just because Poe made more than the Seattle DT is why he started over him not because Poe was better? Why am I going back and forth about this still.. You view the off season however you want dawg stop quoting me because I'm making a point that we need to start looking at replacements for our missing staters and not with rookies picked in the latter picks of each round.. Or window is closing on the offensive side and plug and playing rookies is dangerous.. Have a good one breh breh see you during the season
  5. Yet he was the starter, so the same coach your telling us to belive in and trust his process is the same one who felt he was the more talented to start. But ok breh whatever point you're tryna make you got it..
  6. I'm saying that physically when some one leaves, someone has to replace them. Now Grady gets doubled and game planned for, who's eating up those others? Just from a talent level there is a downgrade at some point when two starters leave. How are you guys arguing that? All I've said is teams are adding pieces and depth and we have not, some as that.
  7. That's what boggles my mind is the backlash lol
  8. But with Poe gone and Grady getting double team that own falls on someone lesser. Regardless of how you break it down and next man up we have yet to see, from a roster stand point, replacements yet..
  9. Anywhere in my post did I say our defense sucks? We lost a kog in the middle and our leading sacker from last year and you think our defense is improving? Yall can be as optimistic as yall want, I don't get on yall for that. But me hoping and wishing doesn't do much for me. Teams that were stronger are getting stronger, while we to this point have not done much to get better let alone make up for our defencincies.. Besides a possible starting guard from the 9ers
  10. I don't see it as crying when your the least bit active yet your pieces are getting plucked away by teams you're trying to beat.. Our offense ain't gone mean sheet if the defense can't stop anyone.. You were here for the sb right?
  11. And that's the problem. We already had holes and teams around us already that were stronger than us are getting stronger.. And what makes it worse is the teams we need to beat are getting stronger and making us weaker.. Poe and clay to pats and NC, Poe for a mil fawking more than what we just paid him. Come on man you can't really be sitting up here saying you don't have reservations about how thin this defense is getting or how this depth chart is looking.. You don't approach the draft starving for immediate role players, that's dangerous brodie
  12. Takk and beez and a whole lotta CBS chasing receivers for 5 6 seconds smh. Not starting this off season too hot
  13. How is that if they haven't finalized said extension - ___-? And because the more top tier players that get signed means the less talent available.. Those kinda go hand in hand
  14. I didn't say that we have. I said getting that done will let us know exactly what we have to work with in cap money
  15. you guys are banking your argument on 1 player, which they are paying still and im willing to bet bell will sign a long term deal eventually. The point is being good for two years has sheet to do with why dont have cap or making moves.Seattle bro? really? Was jimmy not a fa signing? resign maxwell, mike davis dion jordan dwight freeny even. So stop coming at me with these weak responses. Again teams being in the hunt is not an outlier as to why a team does not have cap or making moves. We had holes last year, even more with departing players and so far we have not done much. I dont see why yall sitting here getting in ya feelings becuase I said we need to get matts extension done and filling these holes