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  1. I do want us to try, believe me I'm not tryna lose to the cowgirls. But after losing to Cleveland it won't hurt as much knowing it's helping our future success lol
  2. I mean why wouldn't we? He been practicing. Just because he was activated this week doesn't mean his injury just healed this week. He coulda been healed up. But good, now we definitely gonna lose and gain draft positioning
  3. I'd still take picking my future in the top 12 vs 18+ especially when it comes to teams trading up. Our team will look very different if not next the year after. So if rather call this season a wash and move up in the draft
  4. But if we lose, we might fall to the top 10 in the draft
  5. Julio would have 15k
  6. Just never got acquired to the taste. Buying a bottle key alone a good one would be a waste for me
  7. It makes more sense than criminalizing weed lol, how many deaths are attributed to alcohol vs Thc? Yet its in our face force-fed it 24/7. Even sponsored by it. That's crazy to me Lol we can still be friends.. Alcohol just ain't my thing. Special special occasions you might get me to baby sit something dark JD probly , but I can count the number of real drinks I've had. Not against alcohol just rather my poison not have side effects, not ones besides hungry happy and focused lol
  8. Sure up the defense, next year. What draft pic we slotted in right now?
  9. Shiii bring back shede too
  10. Come on now, you can't put needles and Thc in the same category. How bout we legalize the stuff that isn't a detriment to your body and maybe criminalize the stuff that kills, like alcohol. Idk, just my opionion
  11. Knowing the trade deadline been over I just wanted to see the stupidity lol
  12. Why'd I even click on this thread smh
  13. I saw it during the game. Didn't make an effort to come inside the numbers.
  14. Woulda been nice to be in the huddle for the 4th and goal play, which we ran out the shot gun
  15. Took a few scrolls but I just came to see Keith lol. Tbh Sark can stay tired of switching oc every two years, doesn't do Matt any good