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  1. And that's my point its gonna happen as unfortunate as it is. I don't see football lasting through my generation regardless of how much money it generates. It's already getting to the point where we don't wanna watch this flag football like we use to. I remember seeing tb on the schedule and fearing those games knowing on offense and defense you were gonna get snacked around and beat up.. That kinda play doesn't exist anymore
  2. Didn't Andy still get concussed with the special helmet he has? Not saying it didn't help but..
  3. .. Sooo he still needs to get signed to the team. Yes he served the suspension but he was released
  4. Shede gotta join the team first..
  5. But they already don't know what to do with the 3 they have?
  6. That's what scares me with Seattle, it's unlikely the holes will be very big. And he is plagued with ankle tackles already smh.. Wes needs to get it together
  7. Roger Goodell is asking for a $50M salary, private plane and health insurance for life, per report Ummm... By James Dator on November 12, 2017 12:17 pm TWEET SHARE PIN Roger Goodell wants to get paid... a lot. The NFL’s Compensation Committee is set to hold a conference call Monday to discuss Goodell’s latest counter offer on a contract extension, which is a $50 million salary, as well as lifetime use of a private let and a lifetime health insurance for Goodell and his family — according to a report by ESPN. Goodell reportedly makes around $30 million a year now, according to league sources and some are privately balking at the figure Goodell has responded with. "That number for Roger just seems too much," the owner said. "It's offensive. It's unseemly." If Goodell gets the $50 million salary he would be making more than Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers combined, which is beyond the pale for some owners who believe the league commissioner shouldn’t make any more money than the league’s highest paid player. It’s also mentioned in the report that Goodell’s desired salary is more than some team owners make in a year, outside appreciation of their investment. It’s not just the big figure Goodell is asking for, it’s the use of a private plane for life and health insurance forever that are perks nobody else in the league gets — but it’s Goodell’s prerogative to push for them. This is the latest step in an unusually public battle over the future of the commissioner in the NFL. Goodell isn’t planning to step down, according to the report and owners are arguing about his future and Jerry Jones is making things public. Going to be an interesting week. NEXT UP IN #Lookit Sixers helped 'Raise the Cat' all the way to Catmissioner of Sports This French biathlete’s 25 BPM resting heart rate is so low it’s scary What football will look like in the future Back to top ↑
  8. A little more legitimate.. Goodell tryna get 50 million a year lifetime insurance for his family and a lifetime private jet lmaoo gtfohhhhh my guy haha
  9. Because people don't like watching games on mute when the announcers are trash
  10. He's had his moments also a couple called back cuz of flags
  11. I heard Dez might be sitting?
  12. Depending what's going on with Alf this could be a blessing in disguise as far as timing goes. Dependant on his level of play compared to last year's stint
  13. Does mcadoo know how to call plays?
  14. He tryna retire not get resigned fellas come on now lol
  15. I meant statistically with the eagles being 8-1 their best hope is wild card as unrealistic as it sounds we still have a shot for the division and wc. But in reality any win from here is drops our draft slot. Just sweep the ain't and I'm good haha