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  1. Dumb question, are comps for this draft or the following seasons?
  2. Three things 1. It took me a second when it said steelers nation, then it hit me, this wasn't finna be good tape for Dre lmaooo 2. The song chosen solidified that. 3. Dre is the reason AB thinks he's better than julio. He's single handedly why the TD numbers aren't close
  3. That fawking game smh, we HAD to get revenge. Only way to top 2 points is zero lol
  4. Price is only gonna go down after the draft and teams fill needs and cap gets spent. So jokes on him and his advisors it seems
  5. Exactly, people come back so much sooner than the projected time frames from the past. They said AP would never be the same either. And I'd still give that man 25 carries a game
  6. I'd say no only because alot of dead money falls off plus raised cap with new cba. Next year we'll have more money to work with
  7. Clearly bias lol, even Hurst was a better signing, let alone fowler or gurley haha. Wilson honestly is bigger Lmao
  8. Can anyone translate or articulate the defense into madden terms lol
  9. That's dopeeeeee, does show first round ain't guaranteed hall of famers
  10. I love how he's ALWAYS laying on someone with his hands up staring directly at the ref, not giving any effort to actually get off the players. This is actually a comedy tape Lmao. Seeing that grown men get tossed like that
  11. Wait the draft is canceled or the physical draft? The draft can still happen, past the kids in the green room everybody is at home via cameras waiting for a call anyway
  12. Kazee still on the squad? We still need a vet forsure and draft one. Cb is the hardest position to transfer from college to pro. I just flew we get one early, no more second round projects lol
  13. Just curious what's gradys arm length and 3 cone
  14. Nah, we just finally went madden mode. Now let's trade all kinda of pics to get multiple firsts and bring it home Lmao
  15. I mean we gave Bean 7mil coming from cincy, and on paper sanders should be considered a better wr than Sanu, on paper.