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  1. If he expects or feels he's getting anything above top 8 average salary for position here he crazy lol. Not saying he isn't gone get paid but top 3 at his position yea right, lewan different story
  2. Jake to me shouldn't be mention as a potential big deal. He's better than 'average' but I don't see him as a big number compared to others at his position.
  3. Is there something special that makes the fries yellow?
  4. I should be moved back home by then actually lol would love to get up to a practice, see Calvin's speed in person
  5. I might use this as a replacement for either DC or Cleveland. This sounds like kielbasa and cabbage in a Calzone lol thanks brotha!!
  6. Ridley catches our first td this season?
  7. Correct just the meal. Like the great Roddy said, NO smells like sheet, but the food is pretty good lol.
  8. I need to generate views and support from everywhere not just GA. The 8 home games will have a Dirtybird twist to the recipe. Allow for a contrast of different content
  9. Definitely swapping the shrimp and grits for the pulled pork. Another reason to bbq Any clue on a wood chip familiar to NC?
  10. Duke included when he mentioned best in the league?? I'll believe that when I see it
  11. Uh oh Calvin dropping passes already. Blame Sark blame Julio blame TO!!