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  1. **** yea they should! They tried to play it off on the whistle man, that's clearly a whistle. If we get fined for fake crowd noise, real intentional whistling should cost even more.
  2. Been injured since he got here and still better than #44
  3. Told my pats friend if he did get the 6th hopefully he retires and the era ends atleast.. But gah forbid drew got one in our house
  4. Idk her off the top of my head, but I'm hoping that's the song from those adopt a pet commercials lmaooo
  5. Nominate this for an Oscar or Emmy, whatever it is. This is a masterpiece
  6. Sounds like someone the Browns have drafted before.
  7. Breh.. What? Are you a doctor or physician? Yall talkin about this man like he defected or something. Yall don't even know what happened beyond just the headline.
  8. Possession my nuts!!!
  9. ... But.. Had the wr core really been great beyond typical Julio? Wrong routes and dropped balls and poor blocking execution killed alot of potential drives. That's his duty right? I mean short of going out there hisself of course. (Sanu did have a career year hisself)
  10. Shiiiii, can we take that away from us?
  11. Can we back out like McDaniels orrrrrrr