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  1. Looking around the league, I think we will be pretty good to decent yea. Panthers had some big bodies and a good front 7,dont let our performance take away from that. The biggest pressure for me was allowed by hoop tbh.
  2. Best example is the giants. On paper offensively and defensively they were touted as what the rams are now. But that line leads to no offensive movement which puts the defense on the field more and wears them down
  3. who said I wasn't lol. you just decided to defend them, or rico or whatever. All I said was OK as to why this is being made out to seem the league is targeting him for testing when it's done to other players and is a standard in the business..
  4. Nahh bro lol, that's on you for assuming the reply had anything to do with 'Falcons relevancy' clearly the topic is our starting safety rico. And not saying it shouldn't of been posted, but tbh it's a non article. they make it seem like he's being targeted by the league even though he's a 'stand up guy'. So what, it's in the cba players get tested, take your piss test and keep it pushin. not even a blood or follicle test.
  5. two for one special.. he should of cut back in to the numbers
  6. who cares about who's in the gif. this has nothing to do with the relevancy of it being Falcon related. the eye roll is because players are tested randomly, all the time. to say his performance is the cause is a helluvareach. now maybe if rico tipped the ball hisself and ran it back 109 yards then maybe lol. you got another random test, the league isn't singling you out, stop making it more than it is. you act like him being tested in unheard of lol.. go try and get defensive with some one else..
  7. We have a line backer who can't play linebacker, so I'll take him regardless lmao
  8. that was about the last time I had 'Thanksgiving'..
  9. not gonna lie, I thought cam was gonna shred us after that play. good to see us stay the course and put the game away at the end.
  10. lock the thread now lol.. and with that..
  11. first kid you think all the bells and whistles are necessary. every other child after that, you realize getting em to graduate is job well done lol.
  12. so remember we are talking about Cleveland qbs here..
  13. We didn't fear the run the drive before either and he was still out there. I think it could be telling he got pulled after being flat footed in his zone, then missing the very tackle that allowed that td to get the game closer.
  14. if we get competent refs that call Lattimores holding like yesterday then we will be good. Duke definitely gonna get attacked like no other.