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  1. Watching the julio catch just brought back all the memories and frustrations that we should have won that game right there.
  2. They've just had a better rush. I think talent wise besides Chris Harris and Talib they don't match up against our secondary
  3. Haha hahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  4. Im not referring to just you or saying 'blame the players' in a negative way. Just see a lot of comments whether good or bad towards the creators of the list and people forget its the players that vote this list. Not nfl.com or editors and analysts.
  5. I was cruising through the comments to see if anyone else said it before I did. Blame the players they play against lol THEY voted this list not the media this time lol
  6. Sanu should be a captain of this team. I feel after the first impression you have no choice but to ride or die for agent bean talk lol. Everybody just seems to gravitate towards his vibe and persona. Hes worth every pennyyy
  7. 8 years of racial divide? Lmaoooooo that's hilarious
  8. A super team complaining about getting beat by a super team.. Say whaaa lol. KD get that ring brodie!!
  9. Exactly its common sense, so it's gonna keep happening. The point being made is covering tes has never been a strong suit, period.
  10. Two games we lost were to teams that we couldn't handle te's, possibly 3. Kc, SD, and possibly the eagles gotta check the numbers. Kelce caused issues, we couldn't stop SD on 3rd and Jimmy and Olson have had days against us historically. Let's call a spade a spade opposing teams game plan to attack our seems, specifically with tes
  11. just cuz he weren't drafted earlier doesn't mean they weren't picked as replacements. free, teco, grady, camp, none 1st or second pics. Not saying hes penciled in to start but draft slot doesnt mean sheet if youre a better fit on the feild
  12. I would not give up shede for a teaching year.. Idk but I haven't given up on shede like others
  13. Ahhhh... gotchaaaa. I had seen that but didnt think ike could even get to 100 with his stupid azz
  14. Wait..what do you mean 40 pics in and no falcons? I clicked on the list yesterday and Keanu was 97 and Beez was called already too??
  15. tru woulda got flamed even worse the way he plays off lmao