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  1. At the grocery store the day after that choke job? Just can't see it.. Funny if it was true but stain on stain crime is getting pitta hand even they getting tired of each other
  2. it gets better and better lol
  3. I appreciate that, guess you can call it an early prediction. But even leading the league in sacks besides Denver I feel it didn't really sway our season or put games away. Especially in big moments that's all. But come contract time, unless there is an improvement in the next two years, I just see my self looking at the numbers and being part of the 'Ehh I would feel better if we gave him x amount less' conversation. If not I'll eat crow as we like to say around here, but I haven't been too impressed as a #6 pick thus far
  4. But if he has another 4 sack year or something next year I'm all for trading him before his 5th year lol
  5. I never said to cut him, I just said he isnt playing consistently enough to rightly say he earned the money the fo is gonna give him..
  6. 1 game in 3 seasons on a back uo rookie qb right? And Denver line was weakened if I'm not mistaken also. He got it done greatim not knocking that. But that's our premiere pass rusher and you can throw out one game in 3 years and 5 post season games? But he touched Goff down after slipping on a horrible field so it's all good. My opinion is not gonna change until he proves me wrong and wrecks game plans and not just a drive. I don't feel his play his gonna justify the pay a #1 rusher is gonna ask for, that's all I'm saying.. Agree with it or not, move on..
  7. Lol not really, but even if you get that one how many more? You got me on Ingram but he still fades likes dust 75% of the time. Do you think him or takk has more upside? Being takk plays the run
  8. You've yet to answer the question thought bro, regardless of position the last 3 years when or has Vic taken over a game? Or shown you he's worth double digit figures a year? I'm simply making the point that he has not performed consistently to garnish the payday he's gonna be asking for..
  9. Falling into sacks.. What sacks last year won us games. When had vic took over and changed the game, or even a drive
  10. How so?
  11. Exactly my point, he has not handled business, and him and bosa are edge rushers.. Ingram backer/rusher so regardless of position he does not take games over. Vic falls into sacks half the time ex. rams game