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  1. But a first rounder in his first year gets more leeway than a later round pic would
  2. Takk is a first rounder Duke is not. Who's better than takk that isn't starting? Duke isn't better than ish at this point.. Next question?
  3. So whatttt! If you not ready you aren't ready. Just cuz he's a rookie doesn't mean you can miss tackles like you've haven't been doing this your whole life. Tackling is tackling, not lining up right or not covering the right hole on a play I get it. But getting to a ball carrier and not getting him to the ground rookie or not is an issue that should not be when ish is more than capable of starting. Duke really should harness that speed and tackling on ST. I we have more than enough talent with debo and camp to where we don't need to rush in another lb
  4. Gronk gone have 4 catches watch.. It's tru sticking with hogan that's gonna be the death of us
  5. Freeney or shede?
  6. I was following it on ESPN, then after the game saw 130 - ___-.. I fear going back to look at the 3rd%
  7. How I Really feel? Tbh.. Quinn is starting to lose me. I love Quinn and what he's done to this team don't get it twisted but I'm starting to see a pattern that he does t seem to see hisself. Yes we are the uneducated fan and we don't get paid millions to do this. But hear me out. Dq was yards away seeing how playcalling and execution took a super bowl out of his grasp. At that point as a coach or coordinator to me I would make sure that didn't happen again. Then you get your own team and in two years are a few plays from getting your own ring and yet you allow the coordinator to take control and literally throw your sb away.. Now the following year, looking to avenge the last and he still hasn't figured it out. I don't like Sark tbh from the 5 games + preseason but I can't put it all on him, he's a rookie plain and simple. But Quinn doesn't have the gall to take control and put his foot down twice this year AT HOME!! walk on the field and hand the ball off yourself if need be. But the glimmer of the gold is starting to fade off a little. I really hope we get it together but I can't lie and say dq isn't starting to show chinks in his armor to me
  8. I think it's disrespectful that it states he lashed out, more like put a 'fan' in his place
  9. I agree it's sloppy none the less but I can say atleast 3 possibly 4 of those should have been completed passes
  10. Thank gah cuz grace and trip are weakkkk lol
  11. I just saw that Bryant wants out of Pittsburgh lol it wouldn't happen but him and Julio would beast
  12. We don't score 31+ next week he has to go. You've had two weeks to think about running to finish out a game and you still can't get it done
  13. But winning ONE regular season game isn't going to give us admission to the super bowl. If we lost these games by 10+ points I'd be ok honestly. But losing how we lost and how we should be 5-0 going into this tough stretch is hard to swallow. So after NE, win or lose it scares me that this team feels they can pick and choose when to play. I don't think the seals teaches them to take a day off here and there smh. This makes me really understand the severity of losing the sb last year and how nothing is guaranteed..