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  1. Oli is no Logan Ryan, but I hear you. But still, as a whole was Tennessee defense any good that last year? Folks act like he takes teams and turn em top 5
  2. To what extent? I mean I get he's better than the previous but how much do you really believe he can make us top half of the league with the peanuts we have?? Lol, like I get optimism but yall really out here downing the kool-aid double fisted
  3. If we can keep Middleton from goin off we got a chance, like last series let Giannis get his and keep the sidekicks in check.. Helps Giannis is trash at the line compared to Joel And ps.. Gallo for mvp lol boy bodied Simmons out the series 😂😂
  4. Exactly, easier to deal with in his own way.. JC gone spend alot of time on Middleton, he's a beast too but again a decent match up
  5. Now it's lanky *** Giannis. But he doesn't shoot as well from the ft and weight wise not as imposing. Not impossible, but if we get back to hitting shots we can make this a long series too
  6. While I do think gage is a good receiver, he's not pulling any coverage his way, sharpe either. Hopefully the unicorn lives up to the expectations but without 11, it'll be much easier to contain the passing game. But we shall see
  7. It's more less the position, I know it's not premium options atp of the off season, but we just lost our best offensive weapon, don't have a solid #2 corner, pass rush is relying on P working magic. Why another safety Sure lol, not impossible I could be too I just went to over the cap. But regardless the amount, I think it would be better used on a position not safety is my point here
  8. I wouldn't even put prime on here. That man flips and flops so much until we were in the sb. And I love prime on and off the feild
  9. 15 mil in cap and we looking at oft injured players? We need cbs and wrs, and I still think we need a rb. But go off TF
  10. I got this team logo tattooed on my ribs, doesn't mean I have to go into every season thinking we're going to play like some world beaters with subpar talent across the board.. We have pieces in areas, yes. But alot of pieces haven't played a down in the NFL, or for this team yet people assume they will play their best hof level football.. I'd be more surprised we went on a playoff run vs us matching our win total from last year. We should do better considering our schedule. But a playoff run, nahh
  11. If you have any kids or fsmily5in college I know directv had a option for students and certain individuals to get the standalone version of Sunday ticket for cheaper than normal. Without satellite or directv service
  12. Less explosive offense giving a young defense more feild time, and you say fun?? Nahhh lol Better pray Peas can turn Grady and fowler into donald and mack 🤷🏿😅
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