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  1. Do you see the Miami organization? Teams don't show loyalty to players, why should they do the same for crap organizations who do what they do for the betterment of the team. Players have limited years, hes not obligated to waste em on Miami lol
  2. I'm sayin, why does Duke get to 'get his lumps' but not senat? Atleast there are still two levels of support behind senat plus Grady beside him, vs Duke being por off position giving up way more ground.
  3. That's my question, 11 compared to 42 for Oliver
  4. Schedule a league meeting for the rule change, immediately. He should be release-able per the cba once he gets flagged
  5. Not sure, I don't remember looking at the inactives. Would just prefer Kazee speed and shifty Ness to hang with djax
  6. That ish really stood out, the same play we ran we couldn't defend to Dave our lives smh
  7. It looked like *Smith got more reps after frees fumble. But I don't get how as a defensive coach, we got killed with the same outside toss runs that we ran to death last year with sark.. By dalvin Cook and his back up. They aren't trash, but I woulda been heated seeing cook flex his shoulders and shizz after every run
  8. I don't think we've ever had some one shadow, rather Kazee cover him anyway
  9. Bucs beat the 49ers? With a healthy Jimmy and a healthy Winston lol
  10. Atleast Carolina lost and wouldn't be surprised if after the smoke clears we as a division all lost today.. Lot of time to get corrected but atleast it's a road game against a quality opponent. Especially when our mistakes were caused by ourselves
  11. Gordon for Freeman, how can it happen?
  12. Finally get to try this cheap dome food folks rave about!!
  13. Who's corners are better tho
  14. Got my ticket