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  1. I got into with somebody over #44 and how trash he was. I really wanna go look that poster up. Cuzzzzz a failed physical?? That ain't font nothing to do with being put outta position or being held or wrong scheme. This dude just garbage all the way around
  2. Lattimore with our dline would turn him to another penalty monster like Alford was. So it's gotta be Cam Jordan, just off addition by subtraction
  3. I rocked with Hooper, Alf too even with his penalties. But those comments kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Especially hoop. But both are opps now so fawk em
  4. Pass *rushers no catchers..
  5. I've got Matt just about every year I've done fantasy, and no sooner than the 7th round at that. The first year I didn't I stacked Tony Romo and Demarco Murray and it won me the chip. I rarely get the chance to stack julio but I did trade for him our sb run season right before he started his TD steak after going like 8 weeks without one
  6. Maybeeee Phillip rivers. It was always Brady Ben and Peyton. Now he's in indy where the lady two qba were supposed qb gods lol. But id still take Ryan over the colts in the sb any day
  7. Dhhaamnnnm I'm only on playstation, shoulda known you were a xbox user lmaoo
  8. I still enjoy it, that's why I pay for it every year. Doesn't mean I can't point out its deficiencies. Obviously it's ticking but most if not all those plays, on both sides, could of been snapped. If you wanna have a little school girl attitude and lil childish response bro go beef with another child. If you wanna talk madden or play madden and get yo sheet handed to you, ps4 Dirtybird0937, puss boi
  9. But it use to be called, and you actually had the ability to challenge plays and get them overturned. But no matter the play when you go to the menu it says there's nothing to challenge. And defensive pi, is even worse this year because the defender gets into better position and gets the pic. I understood it was a video game when I played it on Sega with John on the cover, What's your point? I can't even get the basics in a game, I'm not asking them too much
  10. This fakeeeeee Lmao challenges don't exist in madden anymore lol neither does defensive pi
  11. Cap space and a late draft pic that cna be traded vs a comp pick. What we waiting on?? The question is where do we put the money. A vet cb? Cover LB like debo? And when
  12. I wish people wouldn't couple the two together, lol. But to answer, probly not. Beyond system fit or not. Atleast Schaub has been in the league breaking down evolving defenses. Plus even when in the league I was never sold on his qb ability read option sure. But as a passer never, his velocity covered kinda for his lack of anticipation, he just got it there fast enough.
  13. Off top we not losing to the broncos, panthers or cowboys. I don't see a loss to the Seahawks or green Bay either. But dq against the afc.. Ehhh. From the outside looking in I can see their assumptions. But if we play to our potential 11-5 ain't unattainable by any means Edit: I forgot the vikings either.
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