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    I like watching mostly the nfl,sec(ncaa),atl hawks,atl braves.
    Boxing & action movies.I'm a long time Falcons fan way back to the Bartalski--big ben right days!

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  1. IF Robinsons gone,trade down and get arron donald--what a beast.
  2. I would be tickled too death getting Robinson in the 1st,but make sure we get a good safety next--then a pass rusher either in the draft or FA.
  3. I'm with you on this.We need 1 of those three.But the teams (besides ohio st) that mack played against does not compare to the SEC!! I'm not sold on mack period,but would take him. We'll make a try at clowny--but might not get him,because everybody's on to him.I'm thinking a dark horse guy --like QB--CARR -will be taken-or somebody like that,& push guys down.Every draft has a wierd pick --& we hope for that ---anything --that will push one of these 3 guys down to us.The problem with the TEXANS is manzeil--he's gonna be on ESPN freaking every sunday--look at this guy,making this great
  4. You have to give up something to get something--let's just hope it ain't tooooooooooooo much.It's all gonna workout,we may get one of theses cut players in FA ,Then we want have to trade up.I was more impressed with -Robinsons impact on the Auburn Tigers running game.I'd stay at 6 --get him,the GT lb in 2nd and a safety --in the late 2nd --after trading up.
  5. I saw the video clips of this guy ATTOCHOU.He is tough as nails.He would be a good 2nd rounder for sure.
  6. We had such a bad run stopping defence that we had to get some big guys in FA. We still got to get at least one more strong pass rusher.I think he's talking about AFTER the 1st round.I think if we don't get clowny or mack ,----What's the next best thing: I like ---FORD,EALY,& TRUITT.
  7. Osi is not a bad player--he's the closest thing we got that is a true pass rusher.The line was bad --thus you have only 7.5 sacks.He's sure to get more sacks this yr ,because the line is better.I hope we get a lockdown safety.Then they'er qbs will have to hold the ball longer.--Let's gel!! defence!!
  8. Draft a ggod running back at about 3--4th round? Then will have 4 backs ---let them battle for number 1 job on down. I think Blount --that played for new eng last yr is a awesome back.Remember win he burned us in th Tampa bay game.
  9. This Smith guy is blazing speed a real speedster.I saw him in a pre season game and he runs like a deer.He lit up threw the hole and was gone -for about 60 yards.I thought wow--this guy reminds me of Tony Dorsett from Dallas.I was saying --why isn't this guy being used more.With our blocking getting better each day --this guys gonna pop some holes.
  10. That's what I heard --23#--I hope he burns the saints this yr.
  11. I bet he would fix our secondary for sure.I hope this is true ,because that would slam the backdoor shut on our defence.
  12. We'll Franks & Harry Douglas sure couldn't get it done,but this guys a speedster.Now when you kick off an it goes into the inzone it ain't gonna be downed like quizz was doing.This guy is pure speed & moves.I hope the s-aints see this guy buzz past them every kick or punt.Go Falcons!!
  13. He was little & not a big hitter.Blank said he wanted to get mean,tuff,hard hitting--so now we have a chance.I saw the guy Pryor from louisville--looked like moore--just an inch shorter.--awesome!!
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