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  1. I’ve been saying this. Blank loves offense. He knows scoring a lot of touchdowns will put buts in seats. He knows he couldn’t field a Baltimore Ravens type of team because people in Atlanta like to be entertained with touchdowns etc. Saying things like Falcon for life hamstring even the terrible Dimitroff. he needs to tell whoever is running the team to finally stop playing with the defense and get some Stout guys on the defense.
  2. Look at the personnel on the Goal Line. So light in the pants. We ain’t stopping no bruising back and a dominant O line with that line on goal line anyway.
  3. Heck look what Greenbay did. For the first time in like forever they spent in FA on Dline. Preston Smith and Zadarius smith. Paying off from them. We need a Carolina and GB type of offseason.
  4. Quinn has to go. His belief in fast and physical is played out. We need bigger and physical. Line backer speed is there but our tranches on D need a re do sans Grady. If Quinn stays he’ll make the GM get the same type of guys in here. Light, quick, and manhandled in the run game. The philosophy has to change. It’s been 5 years. It ain’t working. Look at the other NFC Souths D line. Size and toughness all over the place.
  5. I like Hoop. Just wish he had more RAC ability. He is dead to rights after he catches the ball. He’s great a catching it though. Almost comical seeing him try to juke a defender.
  6. We are missing the defense to put us over the hump. Also there is NO one that wants to take That Alpha leadership for the defense on the field. Rico and Jones line up everyone but they don’t show that Alpha attitude. Unless you’re the Patriots you need more than just a Grady Jarrett that scares your opponent when you step on the field. The falcons got bigger on the O line but still lack the overall size and toughness on Defense. On the O: We need to adopt the philosophy of “Players not Plays” The reason Shanny was so successful here was that philosophy.
  7. The guy was an undersized D lineman from Salisbury State. What did y’all expect?
  8. All the hints hints talk about being quiet or silent which means it’s a silent that’s about to pop. The only recruit that lives where you can get jack pots the most is....
  9. You think it would be nice to have a big back active right now to wear down the D and close the game? The only answer is: YES
  10. Lolol. I can totally see that tonight.
  11. Called it.
  12. I’m done overreacting and decided to not spend money on this means of entertainment for my life. ill still watch and be a fan but not spending my money on the Falcons for a whole. I’ll start planning a December vacation now. Those who feel defeated i suggest doing the same.
  13. Well I wish I could see it today.
  14. Wonder how they feel now that it’s a blow out.
  15. All the talk of “we need a big back” from TD and Quinn just for them both to be inactive?
  16. Vic and Takk need to set strong edges or this will be a common theme.
  17. Hopefully we have some designed roll outs ready to offset that with some plays where the TE chips the DE or comes across the formation to chip the DE. Have running backs chip the DE on that side before going out on a route. Anything to help them out.
  18. I think adding Preston Smith and Zadarius Smith is the most underrated move of Free Agency. Game changer for them.
  19. I agree. We are going with size this year at edges. One injury and it’s scary.
  20. Welcome to the NFL Lindstrom. Week 1: Linval Joseph and Co. Week 2: Fletcher Cox and Co.
  21. There are four aspects of football that I wanted to get opinion on in regards to our preseason record. State your opinions. No one will be totally wrong or right. Just looking for more insight. Scouts: Is our scouting department to blame for not providing our roster with the necessary depth that the coaches need to be able to win in the preseason? How much of a factor is it if our scouting staff identifies better players (perceived) but FA’s/UDFA’s choose to go elsewhere. Will we ever know that answer? Coaching: Is it our coaches responsibility to be able to coach up the players that were provided to them via the front office/coaching staff and develop real depth that we can contribute to our roster? Are the coaches not calling the right plays to help our depth succeed in preseason games? If so are other teams able to coach and call plays better than us in preseason? Players: Does it ultimately fall on the players fault if they are indeed getting coached properly and the plays are called to the players strengths? Is it difficult because not much of game planning goes into preseason making it more on the players fault for whatever reason why they can’t succeed? Do other teams have better players/depth than us in general? Luck: Is this all a crapshoot and our preseason record is indicative of just very bad luck with the ball not necessarily going our way? Whether it be that final missed last tackle, the freak injury, that wrong route, or that forgotten play? What say you? Oh and before anyone says it.. preseason wins don’t matter.
  22. wow!
  23. Senat had a good inside rush. Good to see.