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  1. Seems like they drafted Peat and the 32nd pick not needing them right away but due to injuries they came in handy. Makes me wonder about if we should draft an o line guy maybe tackle or center in the first 3 rounds next year
  2. They will be ok with Peat kicking out to LT if need be.
  3. Which means he will be a top 10-20 draft pick. Out of our trade up range but you never know with TD and Co.
  4. Just to think I complain how hot the sand is. Man that's awesome training.
  5. Is is me or all this heat front seven talk is premature. We were 27th last year on defense. There should be actual eveience before proclaiming that statement. Time will tell if we can be up there with Seattle, NE, Baltimore, Carolina, and KC etc.
  6. He looks like Top 20 good. The man can get down the line, high motor, and tough. Pretty sure his CT score will be off the charts. We may have to trade up again haha. I like Payne. Needs more pass rush opportunities this season
  7. I see your Payne and raise you with Mack Both would be good replacements for either Poe or Hageman
  8. Haha. Darn autocorrect.
  9. I like KC's defense even with the departure of Poe. Ravens, Steelers, Patriots(based off stats), and Seattle I think are ahead of us as far a slime talent. We are top 10 though.
  10. I hope for the best for him this year. I really think he ends up on a 3-4 defense in the AFC next year. Someone will take a flyer on him at 3-4 DE if he's not signed. Most of those 3-4 teams already have 1t's. I like his dynamic on goal line too. Still worried about our goal line defense.
  11. As I said in the first sentence of my post!
  12. I think we finally get a healthy GB team since we play them week 2. Playoff will be a different story. I like their additions to the secondary too.
  13. Ok, every game is a must win however these 3 games will be pivotal in the playoff race. If we win these 3 games then I think a playoff berth would be about 80%.(just my math in my head). If we end up 10-6, 11-5, 12-4 then those teams can not be in our loss column for a greater chance at home field advantage. Good thing is that we have 2 of those games at home. Should be a good season for us. Take care of the division and beat those 3 teams and we should be sitting pretty good. Thoughts?
  14. My opinion brotha.
  15. I wouldn't say loaded but they do have talent there.