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  1. Georgia football teams. We can just lose a game. We make you thInk we are going to win just to rip your heart out
  2. After watching the Dallas/Skins game I see Demarcus Lawrence potential in Takk’s game. I’d take that I’m a heart beat minus off the field stuff.
  3. Sanu TD? Ryan: Hold My Beer!
  4. 117, 138, 162 up the middle! Smh
  5. I agree. How do we not field a dominate defense ever since Ryan got here. Since 2008. Next year it will be 10 years. How does that happen? We need to go all out. Look at the Vikings. They are winning games with who at QB? It's because of the defense. Even with TB, Bradford, and cooks out.
  6. Yes I remember that. You would have thought you stated you wanted to punch an old lady in the face the way the came at you. He's been average to below average. Rarely hear his name called on Sundays. Very disappointing signing.
  7. They are simply not getting it done. I watched that Carolina and Chi game and the pressure from the inside was Insane. Like I don't know what that looks like as a Falcons fan. Like I seriously don't. It needs fixed.
  8. We need another athletic is pass rush, interior pass rusher, and another run stopper. Baffles me Rubin was inactive. He better play next week.
  9. Not good enough.
  10. I agree. You go all out to get back to the SB. Falcons didn't.
  11. We still hoping brooks reed, Upshaw, and Clayborn can get it done while getting essentially no names like Shelby and Crawford. Will be interesting to see what they do in the offseason with Hags gone, Poe, Clayborn, Reed, and Upshaw FAs. In my opinion none of them deserved to be resigned due to production or age (some both). That's replacing a tone of guys but it needs to be done. We need to get more physical and bigger on Defense line. Quicker and younger with our pass rushers. Takk and Beasely can't do it alone.
  12. I so agree man. You get Poe and ask him to slim down when he was getting all those sacks clearly at 340. Now he barely looks 310 and starts to get pushed around too. I'm sick of it. We were undersized all though out Smittys years too. What's with it and this organization? I've been saying that since 2008. We get pushed around to much. Imo you can't have small fast LBs if you don't protect them well with the DTs
  13. I don't know what it is but to have no sacks in week 6 from your DTs is not ok.
  14. Heck Garland gave us better play last season then what I'm seeing at times now.