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  1. The man went to Salisbury State. What did y’all expect? Not surprised honestly. Couldn’t manage a cold probably.
  2. Throw the whole DT group away and start fresh. Obviously keep Senat on his rookie contract but the rest got to go. YES! Don’t Pay Grady! Gets abused so bad in the run game and has not helped our DE’s out this year by making QBs suffer when they step up in the pocket. Double dip in the draft. Double dip in FA. GET OUR DE’s some dang help. They literally have no help. Even pressures are basically non existent. TD has failed both Head coaching staffs. I Blame Quinn to for wanting smaller quicker guys.
  3. But think about if we had 5 new players + better coaching! BOOM i think an issue is that we think we are OK because we have bodies. I’m a firm believer in trying to make the lines ELITE. the problem the FO is thinking we can get by with 1-2 elite players.
  4. Quinn would die before that happened. He went to Salisbury State for Christ sake. Biggest guy they had there was probably 215 soaking wet. Bet that’s where he got that “it matters about your heart than the actual meat and potatoes” mentality.
  5. People will crucify you for this but I’ve been saying this the whole time.
  6. The interior line is nasty. Powers and Sumia will get called upon during next years draft.
  7. They (saints running backs) were literally not getting touched until the safeties and CBS majority of the time. Our Dlinemen were getting pushed around and not holding the point of attack. When ks the last time we saw a tackle for loss from a DT or DE on a running play ? Seems like it’s been years
  8. Stopped reading after that.
  9. I agree man. We have NO one that fears our opponents.
  10. I don’t have a problem with the size of Deon if you had some big guys to protect him.
  11. I’m starting to question the IQ of many on this board and the FO. Kamara knifes through our line like a river through a broken dam. When is the last time we have seen a D lineman make a tackle for a loss in the run game?
  12. Everyone is stuck on Defensive Ends on this board. Clearly the Ends are beating the tackles around the corner only to have Brees step up and deliver a strike. Double team Grady and let the other guy block McClain and failing co.
  13. Sit him. Draft some hogs next to Grady to protect him and let him really feast next year.
  14. If they make the playoffs, get knocked off Wildcard Weekend, and miss out on the elite Dline talent because we are picking in the 20’s then I’ll be finally done with the team for a while. This draft can really turn around a franchise if your needs are on the D and O lines. Just our luck this exact thing will happen because we are the Falcons.
  15. Negative.