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  1. I present to you Troy Dye. Outstanding cover skills and high tackle numbers each year. Need him for Kamera and McCaffery.
  2. Davidson, Bailey, and Senat is weak. Wenagev the numbers at the position but who outside of Grady scares anyone? Yes they are “solid” but another game changer on the interior is needed. Don’t know if it comes this draft but DT is not “set” in my eyes.
  3. LB, CB, DT, and DE in that order.
  4. A true off the line of scrimmage LB. Look at Troye Dye or Malik Harrison film. That’s what we need in the middle in addition to Chassion. Chassion in the first one of them two in the second or third.
  5. Grady and Elliot. We need more big long bodies on the interior. chassion in the first with Elliot in second or third round. id like Hamilton from Ohio State too.
  6. Sir, as a healthcare professional who is dealing with this right now in the Bay Area I’ll have to disagree with you. It’s “not just a flu” stop spreading this information. Just tell everyone you now to self isolate.
  7. Thank you. If you’re not on the front lines dealing and experiencing this then don’t talk about PPE. Protective Equipment.
  8. It’s been here. I don’t see how the NFL season can start on time. The US is so unprepared. I know I’m in the healthcare field. They are asking us to preserve mask. Like are you kidding me. SOCIAL ISOLATE PEOPLE. please.
  9. As of today all of those mocks lacks a LB within the first 4 rounds. A guy like Troye Dye or Malik Harrison will be needed no doubt. We can’t and hopefully won’t go into the season with just Jones and Foye as our options to start. We need a coverage LB mostly.
  10. Take him with our second second round pick. More linebackers to cover Kamara and Christain McCaffery are needed. Not to mention the Kelce etc.
  11. We would barely get to 3rd and long because the interior d line sucks outside of Grady who at times can be pushed around. think about it. Grady gets hurt who do we have? No one else scares anyone on our defensive line. It’s quite sad actually
  12. Defensive Tackle. Grady can’t stop the run by himself. Say he gets hurt we have who?... DE, DT, and LB in that order for me.
  13. I answered NO when I replied to the “Do I Trust TD” thread last week and this is a big example why. Every year they go out of their way during the draft and FA periods to tell us through the media lies so that their precious draft doesn’t get ruined only for the majority of us to scratch our heads after the draft is over. Couple that it doesn’t even look like the GM and HC were on the same page with this Takk stuff just looks sloppy and unprepared. Bet Takk is looking like WOWWWW. Imagine hearing your supervisor and you supervisor’s boss being on two different pages initially about the job you use to ensure you put food in your mouth and a roof over your head. You wouldn’t trust them and probably couldn’t wait to leave that Job. One day this TD experiment will be over.