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  1. Line of scrimmage. Average or league worst during his years. it was always one good enough person on the Dline and no help to be dominant. Abe had no help Babs had no help Beasley didn’t have any help outside an aging Osi Grady still doesn’t have help. it’s almost like they say “ hey we got one good guy, let’s roll”. sad.
  2. Haha. No beef with Grady. That lineup has to be too 5 bottom as far as depth as a whole in the league. Did the Falcons not learn anything when they Wasted a abs career by not giving him any help?
  3. But they do go out and trade/draft edge rushers by any means necessary. Just don’t Pay them the big bucks.
  4. Don’t know why people don’t understand this concept and still look at our line and say “but we have Grady”. in some ways I don’t blame them. The past TWO head coaches NEVER had collective D-Lines that struck fear in anyone. We would always have one stand out on the line at a time. Closet we got was Beasley/Grady 2016 but other than that very meh. Like I said before we have the worst Dline collectively in the NFC South. (Years stunning if you ask me). So some of our fans think having just Grady is fine. i will give Terry a pass this first year because we are strapped for cash b
  5. Good to know that going into next years draft. So all you mock drafters should take that into account when you do your 2022 drafts. VERSATILITY.
  6. OLB is suspect af. I suspect it to be a higher priority in FA and draft next year.
  7. I think we go hard after Dline and front seven in general next offseason. Think it will be a lot of scoring games this year. Just can’t wait till the day so can say the front seven of the Falcons is scary. Haven’t been able to say that in 20 plus years.
  8. ****. He’s going to be crazy with them
  9. As it stands out d line is still the worse in the division. Wow
  10. Tonga in the 6th for a NT back up and we’re set.
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