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  1. This my guy in the second. Add a NT in FA, Sign Grady, and let them eat. Grady at the 3tech, Shelton at NT, Tillery at 5t on obvious running downs should he stout. He has some pass rush to him too. Reminds me of Chris Jones from KC. Long and mobile.
  2. Anthony Johnson WR Buffalo
  3. I’m not getting emotional. I’m just stating that we have had nothing but defensive minded head coaches since DIMI has been here and the entire organization has failed at excelling in the basics of football which is the trenches. Especially on the defensive side of the Ball. People can point out the skilled position success and rightfully so. However they suck at developing the basics of football to get the Ultimate job done.
  4. I still don’t think there is any excuse to not field a top D line in 10 years. Then again it’s my expectation of DIMI and the organization as a whole. Everything that you say Is all fine and dandy but I’m tired of seeing teams develop a line in less time than 10 years. Just my opinion.
  5. Which should be the same given Dimis recent history. Good or Bad is a personal opinion. Intersting to see what happens. I’d like to see us trade a player, go after a stud in FA, or something different.
  6. You don’t normally but we have been doing the same thing for 10-11 years now and still are bottom league in sacks and get ran over in the run game against any Oline that’s worth a crap. Why not start something new. Or try it. Do something. Its been 10 years. Let any of us not perform on our job well or excell at one aspect but SEVERELY underperform at another crucial part of our job for over 10 years and see if we are still employed. We wouldn’t.
  7. I give him credit for that but the fact that it’s so lopsided has me having no sympathy when he finally gets canned. 10 years man. Think about everything that has happened in football, in the world etc. he still hasn’t figured out a way to field an elite defensive line.
  8. Here’s the thing. I’ve tried to be fair since 2008 to see him field a ELITE defensive line and he hasn’t. The coaches have come and gone but he is the constant factor that’s still here and we have YET to field an elite line via FA OR Draft. Hes made decisions to make multiple players on our O the highest paid at there position. Why should we give him a pass at not finding guys on the defensive line to be able to afford contracts to do that for. Grady is the outlier. In 10 years no defensive lineman drafted by Bargain Market DIMI has earned a decent contract until now. It’s now 2019.... That’s an Issue.
  9. Exactly. “Bargain Market DIMI” should be his new nickname.
  10. I really don’t think our defensive line/front seven will truly get the studs we need how the Rams did it this last year. We keep saying we will draft and sign our guys first but most of our front seven guys are not guys drafted anyways which leads to bargain hunting in FA. Shelby,Reed, Means, McClain, Crawford, Poe, Rubin, Upshaw, Clayborn, Irwin etc. WHEN WILL WE DRAFT OUR OWN STUDS BESIDES GRADY DIMI? Since the Beasely and Grady draft we have only added Senat and Takk to our defensive line Its time to change that.
  11. I’d say pick Ford at that point and get ready to maul some dudes in the spring.
  12. Could we? Yes Will we? Probably not. Mack was the last big bonfied stud FA we signed. On defense I can’t name one. I think Ray Edwards still haunts the hallways of Flowery Branch. Ever since then it’s been middle of the pack Defensive FA’s. Just to get us buy but not going to change the game.
  13. Would get ran all over up the middle with that interior DT group. Grady, Russell, Senat, and Crawford would NOT cut it.