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  1. Who are you bringing in to shore up the middle? McClain and Bennet won’t be here.
  2. We need upgrades around Grady and Senat next year.
  3. If you don’t think DT is worth a top ten then you pick DE there. We have to invest in the Dline. We have spent and Will spend so much on our off the ball players. The disparity is almost comical how putrid our D line looks.
  4. Any position besides DT/DE is a fail to me in the first round. How many years do we have to say maybe next year for a dominant line. You KNOW we don’t spend jack squat in FA unless it’s our own so our only hope is to get good upper echelon d lineman in the draft. There may not be a Donald or even a suh in this class but we have to try getting the next best thing. We have lost to both of the past super bowl champs with them running it down our throats at will in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Our linebackers can’t stay clean. White will get trucked just like our current LBs cause they have no protection.
  5. Dude they start but we need to be an elite team. Look at the jags line. Grady and Senat would be 3rd-5th on the D line depth chart. Look at the Rams interior. We don’t come come close look at philly D line Ngata, Cox and co. Not to mention the DE’s they have. We need to attempt to be on that level.
  6. Dude it’s time we start really drafting interior lineman early when we have the rare chance. White is a beast put the pressing need is more in the middle on both lines.
  7. No way is Brown the best prospect in the draft. Brown would be a good get at our draft pick or Raekwon Davis, Wilkins, or Ferrell.
  8. Cut McClain Grady Senat Logan Wilkins Stout In the run and pass rush potential
  9. I’d take this pick 10x on draft day.
  10. Thomas must be afraid of picking line of scrimmage players. I think the Edwards, Perry, and Hageman fails have scared him away.
  11. Atlanta's pass rush was propped up by Takkarist McKinley last week, but Roethlisberger simply wasn't bothered this week. The Falcons failed to sack him on 29 dropbacks and knocked down Big Ben only four times. Grady Jarrettdidn't play, but the interior pass-rusher has no sacks this season. Vic Beasley Jr., bothered by yet another injury, has one sack. After racking up 15.5 sacks during his Pro Bowl campaign in 2016, Beasley has just six over the ensuing 18 games. The front office needs to stop being cute in FA on the defensive side of the ball and get these guys some help. We let Poe and Clay go and replaced them with who?? We were supposed to think we would be ok with McClain and Senat? Dline don’t scare anyone. Get A DE and DT in FA and hit it again in the draft. Crazy thing is that both Grady and Vic are about to get paid which means the FO will be fooled they can do it all by themselves. This establishment has been a joke on the line of scrimmage for going on 10 years now. How is it that the fans see it but the organization doesn’t address it to make it Elite. Not just good but Elite. We have all the skilled players we need.
  12. To secure at top 5 pick we MUST lose to the Giants, Cardinals, and Browns. Going 1-1 or 0-2 against the Bucs will help too. *note* This is for tanker bandwagon.
  13. Say it a little louder for the fans that think our lines are up to par.
  14. Yeap. Meanwhile we will pay Julio what he wants, then D Jones, and Beasley and once again fail to be stout up the middle. Grady can’t do it by himself. Oh Keanu too To be honest I won’t ever be happy until we have a Dline like the Jags, Rams, Chiefs, or Eagles. All those teams can beat you inside and out.