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  1. This needs its own thread so everyone can see how we have been duped.
  2. I said this last week. Our team physically looks way different than other teams on defense. I’m not sure if it’s our size, the lack of grit/toughness, or what but when I watch other games their defense just looks so much better than ours. i also noticed that the Falcons don’t have ONE person on defense that has that attitude of a Jamal Adams etc where they are cocky, good, and are mean. We have a bunch of choir boys out there.
  3. No defense but Quinn was supposed to be the defense guru from the Carrol coaching tree.
  4. It really doesn’t get anymore embarrassing than this if you’re a Falcons fan. How much more can we really take. Even the die hard fans. Like we just don’t lose we get embarrassed. at this point are the Falcons even entertaining anymore? Like are they worth three hours of your time on Sundays? Is it even enjoyable?
  5. Me. Especially when we settled for field goals instead of touchdowns on those turnovers. No killer mentality.
  6. Can we fire Dimitroff too. He picks the players on defense.
  7. Defense ain’t been worth a squat for a while.
  8. No. We just look different from teams playing. Like lack of physicality and size different. Guys with attitude different. I think we need a new message and mindset. i think the players like Quinn so much is because he’s not that I’ll cuss you out coach and get in your face guy. What grown man actually wants that. I think they take advantage of Quinn and play accordingly.
  9. Pack it up. That’s all she wrote folks. Tank for Justin Fields at this point. Don’t think we will be THAT BAD for Lawrence territory but who knows. It’s the Falcons after all.
  10. It’s the way the team is built. Dan Quinn can’t coach but the team is built not to be physical. To much emphasis on speed and not enough size and toughness.
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