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  1. It’s really going to be exciting for the next couple of drafts if you’re a trenches guy. A lot of the skilled players/off the line of scrimmage players getting paid (besides Grady/Matthews/Beasley). Allen, Tru, Alford, Julio, Ryan, Freeman, soon to be Neal and Jones have or are getting their renewed contracts. Which means less needs for starters in the draft at those positions We should be heavily drafting d-line with Shelby, McClain, Reed, Crawford leaving through 2019-20 as well O-Line as Mack getting older and the two guard spots.
  2. Man the Bucs D line on paper has potential to be nasty. But Mike Smith....
  3. I can’t wait to see some D lineman get on that list one day again. Beasely is the only one if memory serves me correct in 2016. Guys rag on the list but it’s recognized (at least we think) by the players themselves. Does it really mean we don’t have any elite lineman on the team?
  4. and i fully expect them to fill their replacements in the 2019 draft because that’s just what we do now. Draft well, develop, Plug and play.
  5. Can you imagine if we just found our own version of Brandon Williams from The Ravens?
  6. I agree. Although i love our draft I still can’t help think the impact Lorenzo Carter May have had on our D. He could have played the role Beasely did last year while making Beasely a pure pass rusher. He excelled at that hybrid role at UGA.
  7. I can get on the Wise Train. Nasty 3 tech with a little bit more size. Man plays with anger.
  8. Somewhere almost making tackle in the backfield I kid....
  9. I still think our run D will be a little suspect. Especially goal line D. We already don’t have the best size when compared to the Ravens or Eagles of the world so I hope everyone stays healthy. Grady going down could mean 30+ plus rushing attempts a game against our D. I see interior on both sides of the ball being a focal point next year. Would love to see a first rounder spent on a Gaird or DT I’d the value was there.
  10. If we are picking 20th or up next year then I don’t think we sniff either one of them. Similar to Vea and Payne that went 10th and 13th. Not getting my hopes up. I did that with Vea and Payne.
  11. Yeap him too. Going to be really interesting how we go about the next few years. Good to know that we drafted potentially 3 starters on rookie contracts this year. Ridley (starting slot receiver). Oliver (starting nickle) Senat Starting Base NT.
  12. No shiny Free Agents the next couple of years folks. Resign our Own and through the draft. Ryan 30 Jones? Beasley? Grady? Takk? Campbell? Good thing we have a front office that can draft with the best of them now.
  13. I also don’t see us bringing in any big names. We have to sign our own. I’d say expect more names like Fusco if anything in FA over the next 2 years. Jones Grady, Beasley are all getting close if not more than 10mil a year. Of course you can restructure how you’d like the contracts to make it cap friendly as possible but then you got Takk Right after them. Not to mention trying to find a way to keep Campbell too. Thats why I See going Oline and D line heavy in next years draft. Thinking Levitre, Reed and Shelby are going to get replaced via draft next year. Mack’s replacement maybe as well. Going to be a fun next couple of drafts if you like the big uglies over skill positions.
  14. Defensive Tackles are even deeper and maybe even more talented than this past one. I think we draft another one next year too!
  15. How Do you pass on Ridley if you’re Carolina? Moore is a good player but A RPO play faking it to McCaffry with Olsen underneath and Ridley taking the top off would be insanely hard to defend. So do you bite on the run? Does Cam keep it? Is Olsen wide open? Then Ridley sprinting down the sideline for 30+ yards. They dropped the ball on that one. Glad he’s a Falcon!