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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to falcons007 in Congrats Matt   
    But Matt still can’t rush the passer or block well on passing plays.
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    FIERCE FALCON got a reaction from FalconsFan36 in Only the Falcons!!!   
    Yeah 1st int was Ryan's fault but that 2nd one was plain luck! Good teams usually get good bounces and thats what happened and we are so weak on defense! Our oline does good then bad too inconsistent.  Just so ridiculous bc we still had a xhance
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    FIERCE FALCON got a reaction from TX Falcon in Ban me I dont care anymore   
    Leave it to Atlanta to let its fans down again! 3rd quarter looked great and then 4th fell apart! 
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    FIERCE FALCON got a reaction from campdirtybirdz in Matt Ryan is not the problem   
    Hahaha reality is since Matt has been here he has yet to have a good offensive line or running game or a defense that can stop someone. People like u want a scrambling QB lol with this line they would still get killed so it doesn't matter i will take Ryan over anyone now 
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    FIERCE FALCON got a reaction from HASHBROWN3 in Power Rankings / Bucs #28, Falcons #1 OH WAIT!!   
    Jags, Jets, lions, Giants, Titans got killed by the Cardinals?? So idk lol
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to Mister pudding in Matt Ryan is not the problem   
    If anyone claims MR2 was the problem yesterday, they did not watch the game. Maybe read the boxscore... if they can read
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to ROMERO in Matt Ryan is not the problem   
    Exactly. Fields behind this line wouldnt succeed either. 
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to MilleniumFalcon in Matt Ryan is not the problem   
    With this offensive line you need an athletic QB that can extend plays with the pocket collapsing so fast. Matt Ryan is excellent when he has time but this offensive line is not going to give it to him. Wouldn't be surprised if Ryan gets injured if the O-line continues to play so poorly.
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to octoslash in Terry Fontenot: Matt Ryan is The Right Leader of This Team.   
    Ryan is a huge asset; there are some people who just cant admit it.
    (But they know it)
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to Falcons_Frenzy in Terry Fontenot: Matt Ryan is The Right Leader of This Team.   
    TF loves him some noodle 😄
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to ROMERO in Terry Fontenot: Matt Ryan is The Right Leader of This Team.   
    I think he most likely will be. 
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in Terry Fontenot: Matt Ryan is The Right Leader of This Team.   
    Matt Ryan should be a Falcon for life
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to octoslash in Noodle on Ice   
    I've said it before:   A lot of people who trash him now are going to really miss him when he's gone.  
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to thanat0s in Noodle on Ice   
    Well, as someone who has been a fan since the mid 70s, I can attest to the fact that Matt Ryan is the absolute best player in this team’s history, and it’s not even close.
    Nobis, Humphrey, Bart, Andrews, Deion, Jam, Chuck, Vick, Dunn, Abe, the great OL guys we’ve had, etc. None of them produced in the win column the way Matt has. 
    If only he had been surrounded by better coaching and defense most of these years. 
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to ATLSlobberKnockers in Noodle on Ice   
    Criminally underrated by the league. If he's truly the reason Julio wanted to leave, Julio is about to be humbled. Ryan made him the #1 all time yards per game leader in NFL history. If Julio was concerned about the deep ball not being where he wanted it then he should have been working with Matt during the off-season instead of running with T.O., or growing weed with Roddy.
    Sorry IDW to turn this into a JJ thread but Ryan is the best QB this franchise has ever had and will likely be the best for a long time after he hangs them up. We aren't gonna replace him with a high draft pick and expect it to work out. Finding a QB like Matt has ALOT of luck involved. People that don't see that are just ignorant fans.
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to Falcons_Frenzy in Noodle on Ice   
    What do you get when you freeze a noodle? One heck of a great football player nicknamed Matty Ice.
    I've been a Falcons fan since 2001ish. So please don't hold years prior to that against me. When I think about the one player who has been the most important to this franchise Matt Ryan is the no brainer.
    The man is a warrior. Has any QB in his tenure been hurried, hit, and/or sacked as much as he has? Yet how many games has he missed? Three. In thirteen years. 
    He's a winner. 30 comebacks. 38 game winning drives. 4 time pro bowler. 1 first team all pro. One season MVP. Ten consecutive years of 4k yards or more. 347 TD's to 158 INT's. 
    He's a good example to everyone on and off the field. I remember the Vick days. It was a fun and exciting time to be a Falcons fan. No matter what I always felt like the Falcons had a chance because of him. I feel the same way about Ryan. You can't rebuild a team with Matty Ice on it because the expectation is already set. The team can contend. Instead of questioning what the team doesn't have let's all take a moment to relish in what it does have. The greatest QB the franchise has ever known. 
    Here's to contending this year. 
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to ATLSlobberKnockers in Ok wth is this atlanta guy doing in espn, saying we drafted the wrong pick   
    Yeah I saw it live. The Fields fan boys are crying
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to AxManBigFan in After drafting Pitts..my prediction   
    We are going to be an interesting, and explosive offense. If Ryan don’t get a ring atleast we will get to see him get a gold jacket. Cuz he’s about to tear the league up for all the disrespect he’s been catchin.
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to MattM12 in A trade down is almost inevitable. Strap yourselves in. Fight me in the comments if you disagree.   
    It's funny to me that people sincerely think trading down would be a problem. Funny in the way that it's actually really maddening...
    I've read a lot over the past weeks that for a trade to happen, "we need a willing partner".

    Correct, 10 points to you, captain.
    Here is why the Falcons are the prettiest girl at the dance.
    Pick 1. TL is so clearly already a Jaguar that he is wearing spotted boxer shorts and driving a british sports car. Lock it in and move on to pick #2.
    Pick 2. Ahhh, the Jets. The Jets will pick their bust apparent, trade Darnold for a half-eaten Hoagie and set about ruining another QB's career. Probably Wilson. It is the Jets, though, watch them do something crazy like draft Lance at #2 (just kidding, but am I?)
    Pick 3. The X Factor. If the Phin's Staffers have their Oatmeal on draft day morning, they should really make sure the phones aren't on silent, and they should really listen to offers. I personally don't think Tua is the next great 'Bama QB to tear up the NFL (oh wait), so they could surprise everyone and draft one. They will likely convince themselves that Tua is in fact, a savage combination of Brodie Croyle and John Parker-Wilson and draft him Jamarr Chase to overthrow. If they were smart, they would trade back a few and take another one of 4-5 more than serviceable WRs/Pitts. But it's the Dolphins.
    So where does that leave us?
    Two Quarterbacks are almost guaranteed to be gone at #1 & #2. #3 Is also a big spot for a QB to go, but, *Dolphins*. 
    There are two clear outcomes: 
    1, a QB is picked at #3.
    2, The best player in the draft not throwing spirals is taken
    Both work for us, one better than the other, but it's negligble.
    If it's option 1, (Lawrence, Wilson, Fields 1-3) that doesn't mean a QB needy team goes 'Lance should probably go 8th, so we will wait'. Nope, the phones at the Branch explode.
    If it's option 2, whoever is sweet on Fields/Wilson does not risk another team leapfrogging. They just can't. Branch-based communication devices? Boom goes the dynamite.
    It won't be one team that calls, it will be 3 or 4.
    Watch it happen. 
    So who's going to call?
    Glad you asked, and I honestly couldn't tell you. This may shock you, but I don't have TF on speed dial, and he hasn't been suppin' truth serum for his nightcap. But looking at the league, you'd make strong cases for the following:
    Detroit @7(they won't, but they should) Carolina @8 (division trades are rare, but Teddy Bridgewater is Bridge by name, Bridge by nature) Denver @9  The Niners @12 The Patriots @15 The Football team @19 Da Bears @20 There will be surprises, somewhere. Wilson & Watson could still get moved, and the Steelers have to hate having Rudolph waiting to take over after Big Ben goes out like a bearded fart in the wind So in my mind, that is at least 5 teams that will call The Dolphins, end up confused and angry, then call the Falcons. Of the 7-8 teams that are in play, most of us here would like to hear an 'offer you couldn't refuse' that still netted us a 1st round pick in the top 12.
    Tell me you disagree that at least 3 good offers will come in for our pick. Genuinely, I'd like to hear your opinion.
    Sidenote: Belichick is on a butthurt war path and can't draft anyway, so maybe he trades a bunch of picks away to complete his brady-fuelled-breakdown and gives us #15 and the farm, the tractor, and his cutoff collection.
    The final thoughts
    I really think Trey Lance is going top 6 at the latest. Watch Mac Jones Dad-Bod his way into the top 12 If we did stay put, you have to look at Slater or Pitts If we can get into the teens, I'd have no issue with us drafting Harris, but think there some really strong players at LB, CB & on the OL that warrant a good look. Javonte Williams is also a stud if we go late 1st. Ryan Tannehill has a picture of Matt Ryan in his wallet. Don't worry about Matt, press the snooze button on that alarm clock for another 1-2 years, just like Smith and Fontenot have.  
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to JohnnyFranchise in A trade down is almost inevitable. Strap yourselves in. Fight me in the comments if you disagree.   
    I just noticed that too, sh*t's gonna get real around here 😂
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in Yet another NFL Draft Simulator Thread   
    Harris will be long gone 
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to atljbo in Restructured   
    This means Matt will be here for atleast the next 2 to 3 years
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Restructured   
    This should shut a lot of people up.....it should, but it wont.
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to Artys Arryn in Restructured   
    This is a clear sign from the FO that Matt will be the starting QB for at least the next 2 years. 
    This makes it far less likely that we target a QB at 4. 
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    FIERCE FALCON reacted to Someday soon in Restructured   
    Well we are finally under the cap
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