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  1. Well Brees only has 1 ring. Rodgers has 1 ring. Russell Wilson has 1 ring. If Matt ryan would have had those defenses when the falcons were in super bowl he would have had a ring. So my opinion Brees Wilson and Rodgers would have 0 rings if they had the defense Atlanta had! Ryan is as good as those i just mentioned
  2. Fields is trash! He had 1 game against clemson and played well 6 td. Alabama was the test and he has failed! Fields will drop out of top 15 in draft
  3. I say just give these so called Fans that hate Ryan their wish! I'm tired of seeing real falcons fans saying we need a new QB . Im exhausted from these so called people. Give them what they want and when we can't win and we stay at 4-12 or worse for next few years then let's screen shot all these so called experts comments to get rid of Rayn and when he goes and wins a super bowl I will be that Falcon Fan to laugh and say where are the haters now? SMH sad that fans really think he is the problem
  4. Again our defense can't stop anyone! I think the jets and jaguars would beat us! Defense defense defense all we need in off season! If we draft or get free agent QB or WR then it's same ole falcons! We need defense backs and linemen and offensive linemen that can run block. Need Najee Harris to pair with Gurley! Again Matt Ryan will be blamed by these horrible fans we have ! If we had Brady or Brees or Mahomes or Lamar Jackson we would still have the same record bc of our defense!! I hope new coach comes in and dismantles this horrible defense just keep Grady and Terrell and everyo
  5. You idiots on here that think that matt ryan is the problem are stupid football minded fans!! Matt had a great game! Again Our defense sucks that why we lost! Get us a defense and we win this game easily!
  6. Need pass protection! Saints are the #2 defense in the NFL behind the colts . You.people that hate Ryan never will know real QBs! When Ryan has time he destroys defenses so yeah get rid of a proven player .. #Get Out Of Here
  7. We are the worst defense in the league. Players not even trying to tackle. Its like they are scared!! This panthers game about tk be ugly
  8. bye bye Raheem! He's next!! Then horrible defense
  9. Have to be setting NFL records for blowing leads! Our defense has to be the worst defense in the NFL. I would take the Texans and Bengals and Jets over this horrible defense
  10. I love the sarcasm lolol Some stupid fans will blame him or Gurley for scoring! Whats funny is real fans will see that again the defense is horrible! BLOW UP THE HORRIBLE DEFENSE
  11. Whatever!! As usual the defense screws us again! I hope the New Head Coach blows up this horrible defense!!! Gurley tried to not score so if anyone blames him that is stupid! Need an overhaul of the defense!
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