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  1. Lamar Jackson is 24 yrs old..lol. Nobody wanted to get rid of Matt at 24...
  2. Im just sayin..EVERY olineman isnt going to be all world..lol. Matt needs everything to go right it seems....
  3. And you think the GM that picked Jalen Mayfield will fix it? lol
  4. Id much rather lose with a rookie qb..lol. We dont know what those guys will be..We already know what Matt is...
  5. We had an entire Oline of 1st rdrs last season, and it was the same ole story....
  6. Did Ryan really think Pitts would score from there? WTH man..Throw the ball to the endzone..
  7. Cant roll out..Cant throw deep..Cant QB sneak.. Ill ask again..What does he do well at this point?
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