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  1. NFC West will probably have 2 WC spots..
  2. Yeah but 2 NFC losses to Dallas and Seattle could come back to haunt us if we were in the wildcard race. It's the division or nothing. lol
  3. Dang Raiders soft D..Looks familiar..
  4. Falcons should be tied for division lead with a Saints loss. smdh
  5. No. Because he's a defensive coach and his defense still stinks...
  6. Pats have a QB. For a gazillion less dollars..lol
  7. Hes good for a few of those every year..Nothing new..
  8. Good thing I expected it. It doesn't even hurt anymore., Its just sad...
  9. Dan Quinn has been a part of some of the worst losses in HISTORY.. With Seattle and Atlanta...GTFOOH
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