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  1. Willy Mo..
  2. This...........................
  3. Everything Ive seen says arthritis in KNee. I guess thats the same as degenerative conditon. I was just saying it sounds worse...lol. It never heals of course, but You can mange that for a year or 3 with some steroids or something and shortening his workload. lol
  4. Degenerative knee? Link? I thought he just had a little arthritis from time to time? DEgenerative sounds worse. lol JUst shorten his workoad?
  5. Looks faster and more explosive than Freeman to me last season, even with his knee issue...We shall see...
  6. We all had some Cugas back in the day. I think I got mine from PIc and pay. or Payless.. lol
  7. Palmer could still get the ball downfield..
  8. And RYans "weapons" are overrated..He has JUlio(whos off the field alot) and who else? Ridley and Hooper were decent but nothing special imo..And FReeman was a shell of himself.
  9. TD/Quinn better have us ready to go. Or thats their *****. lol. We should be ok though with any type of pass rush.... THose guys are getting OLD...lol
  10. As long as we can get some pressure on him, IM not worried about Brady at all...Jameis usually killed us scrambling. lol
  11. Nah..NUk has played with waay worse QB's than Kyler Murray. and still put up BIG numbers.LOok up HOuston QB's before Watson. STart with Osweiller, Yates,etc....lol
  12. TD is tripping today but not like Bill O Brien..smh..Nuk!!!!!
  13. They finally listened to me about this dude. lol. Bye Felicia.....
  14. 3 people I dont feel sorry for right now Kyle Shanahan(everyone knows why) Richard Sherman(He gets on my nerves) John Lynch(Just because)