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  1. It's like they think their job is on the line..................................
  2. Yeah I remember him being in a few Falcons mocks for the 2nd rd back then, but he was gone, and we took Hageman. lol
  3. I like it.......Its win or else for Quinn/TD....
  4. Schedules mean nothing right now..Teams that are supposed to be good, or usually not that good, and teams that are supposed to be bad, end up being alot better than they were supposed to be......lol.
  5. His receiver friendly offense will also get a receiver killed, with all of those wr screens. lol
  6. TD doesnt care about future picks right now. He might not even be here if we stink it up this season.. lol
  7. Matt usually goes off in his 2nd year of an offense...I know Koetter has been here before. Just sayin..Our entire offensive unit besides Gurley is the same as last season..So you have to feel better about the offense at least...Defense is tbd..
  8. I hope hes another 2nd rd steal for the Dline like Babineaux in 05.....
  9. The Donald Trump of sports TV..And Im just talking about how he just babbles on and on in front of the camera..Nothing political...........................
  10. Could you name a few of the games you've seen him in? Id like to watch.....IM bored..He looked good in the Bama game last year........Btw, He actually played well in the 1st half of the LSU game if you go back and watch. And then he played most of the 2nd half with a head injury..
  11. WE dont have a 6th, so we might as well take him in the 4th. lol
  12. TD does this all the time. Dont act shocked. At least hes not from South Dakota or somewhere off the map.... lol
  13. Nope but positive vibes over here bruh. lol
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