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  1. He's retiring.....Saints stuck with Winston and Hill at QB..This is why you need a young replacement sooner than later...Hill looked like Joe Montana vs us though...lol..Maybe he's their guy..Who knows..
  2. Nothing like seeing Brees and Payton upset..lol
  3. Well things could go south with Matt too you know..........At least he'd have a young guy to turn to..To save his own ***. lol....We could always trade Matt at some point of it doesn't work out...We're gonna have to pay him regardless...........
  4. Not the same situation for Arthur Smith either..Tennesee played tough..Falcons are soft as sugar..lol
  5. Well if he's the #4 pick, and learning from Matt for a couple of years, wouldn't he be the backup QB with Schaub gone? He could also come in and throw hail mary's for Matt..lol.
  6. So does drafting a pass rusher, safety, or whatever..I mean, do we even have a backup QB right now?
  7. Dan Quinn had one of the best defenses ever in Seattle...How did he do with our defense? Just sayin...lol
  8. There is no Chase Young in this draft...Just sayin..
  9. Same thing happened to AJ Terrell last year..smh
  10. Fields was playing injured. How'd he look vs Clemson? Agree with the rest.
  11. AB said the coach in Arizona was a no name when they hired him....He wasnt..He also said he's doing a great job..He missed the Playoffs..lol. Please stay out of football operations stuff AB..Let the new GM hire the coach..And why is McKay still hanging around? smh. He's been here the entire choking era..
  12. I kinda agree. But its time to move on from Matt.Rookie QB's arent sitting anymore...Matt usually struggles in the 1st year with a new OC anyway, so it could be a lost year regardless(or maybe not. I dont think the Falcons are as bad as their record). Might as well start the Rook(Fields, Lance, etc)
  13. Rookie QB's dont sit anymore....TIme to move on from Ryan..Id rather go 4-12 with a rookie..lol. But seriously, You build winning teams with cheap QB on rookie contract..We're gonna have to pay Ryan regardless..Might as well take the hit now..
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