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  1. Why is that? We already have Quinn, Young, Simpson and Urlich
  2. I doubt Poole will be competing with Allen. I see more 3-safety looks like the few times Poole did @ UF with Neal and Maye.
  3. Yes Quinn does like his players to have versatility but with that being said versatility is what's going to drive Ethan value up to an earlier round like the 2nd. Teams like the Vikings, Broncos etc will be looking to improve their offensive line.
  4. Desmond Trufant has agreed to massive 5-year contract extension w/the #Falcons. Deal is worth $69M w/nearly $42M guaranteed. I'm happy for Tru.
  5. NFL.com analyst Daniel Jeremiah views Alabama senior S Eddie Jackson (leg) as a "true high safety" prospect with special teams value. Jackson would be a good fit for us. He can return kicks, punts, and interceptions. Somebody we can grab in the 3rd and allow him to sit and learn behind Allen this season while being a ST ace for Keith Armstrong. He can cover to as he use to be a corner.
  6. The Patriots doesn't have any good picks to offer. They traded their 1st and 2nd to the Saints and Panthers
  7. What is it with LSU field. Jones came back last year and improved his time tremendously as well.
  8. Dimitroff will listen to all offers. “Some of the teams with double picks or teams that have picks where they might want to move back, they are going to look at 31 and that potentially gives us an opportunity to be aggressive,” Dimitroff said. “We have never been short of aggressiveness in our approach with the Falcons, so we are always open to talk about that.” The Titans have two picks in the first. Pick 18 might be in play
  9. Exactly. Beasley actually played at Reddick current weight his rookie season even though he weighed in at 246 during the draft process .Robert Mathis final playing weight after 14 seasons was 245. Cameron Wake started of as a OLB 6'2 237 and now he's up to 258 after many season.
  10. Bill Polian shares his moment when drafting Robert Mathis http://prod.www.colts.clubs.nfl.com/videos/videos/Polian-on-Mathis-Where-Would-We-Put-Him/8e83b960-1f13-4949-a385-5cb9dd29e127
  11. Right, right, of course you would say that after witnessing Mathis put up a HOF career. Same thing was said about Mathis when he came in the league, but he went out and proved himself. It no difference with Reddick. Bottom line, it's just silly to say somebody can't do something because of their size. Quinn would get the most out of him believe that.
  12. What does size have to do with it? When Robert Mathis came out in 2003 he played DE opposite Dwight Freeney at 6'2 235 and he wrecked shop. The taller you are the easier it is for an OL to place his hands. Mathis won most of his battle with speed and leverage. #temple tuff Looking at it from a OL point of view. Do you really want to contain someone that by the time ball is snapped is on you or level with you by the time you get a chance to get in a good stance?
  13. Key components. Chester and Tamme wasn't key components. As of April 3rd we (the Falcons) have not shown any public interest in any of those players with the exception of Rivers.
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