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  1. He played 1 full game and a couple of snaps in another at LG. He played RG the rest of the time
  2. Not sure bro. All pro Brian Water was the full time LG in 2010 Asamoah rookie year and Asamoah made one start in his absence. The very next year Asamoah started at RG and was a main stay there until Geoff Schwartz replaced him due to injury in 2013.
  3. Asamoah played 1 full game at LG and a few snaps in another his entire time in KC. He needs to stay at RG and Chester needs to switch to LG.
  4. Chester reunite with ex high school teammate Sam Baker. Good pickup for the Falcons
  5. If healthy I don't see why Baker couldn't play RT like the undersized Todd Weiner. Weiner was decent in the ZBS and I always thought Baker was better suited for this scheme.
  6. The title is misleading. Just because he is testing the market means he is gone. TD probably has a figure in mind and will let him see his worth in the open market and will match another team offer if reasonable. The best approach not to overpay for his services
  7. Dianna has pretty much been spot on this offseason with her reporting. I wouldn't mind signing him to a deal so long as the guarantee money isn't ridiculous. Can't be worse than Biermann and Umenyiora who was making over 8M dollars combined last year w/o anything to show for it.
  8. Mass didn't have the first step or the get off to make him dangerous. Never had to double team him and he, kroy, nor Osi could beat one on one's. Not mad at the move. Peace my brother
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