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  1. Bryan Cox is all talk just like his playing days in the NFL. He had better players with the Bucs and couldn't do anything with it. Good luck if you think he will develop your 2nd round pick, Ra'shede Hageman when he couldn't even do it with our 2nd round pick from a few seasons ago, Da'Quan Bowers. It don't matter what scheme you run. Developing a player is developing a player, especially those playing on the line.
  2. It's a long season but if we don't we can blame it on injuries. Wasn't that the Falcons excuse last season?
  3. I know you ain't trying to call somebody out. The Falcons suck and will alway suck.
  4. We won't we will be getting Clowney, but Mack will be a star in the NFL
  5. You have never lied. That guy is garbage but I love it!!!
  6. I'm very informative, but I see you don't even know your own team. Roddy salary is not 9M. Do your research homeboy. Like I said before why pay for a aging receiver when you already have a #1 in Julio and a 120M QB? I guess you are one of the few Dimitroff have brained wash
  7. Why in the world will they extend Roddy? If they was smart they would let him play out his contract and then let him walk. I guess Dimitroff didn't learn anything from his Patriots days.
  8. Well he's not lying, but again I don't think there are 10 elite QBs in the league right now.
  9. I do, but we are in need of a pass rusher. We let one get away in Michael Bennett.
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