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  1. Zero percent chance that this is true. You don't spend months evaluating countless college players to say "this guy or bust"
  2. I don't mind tough schedules. The reality is that you must beat the best in order to be the best
  3. Let's hope the 15-1 Panthers exude mediocrity next week against the Seahawks
  4. Matty Ice lives for these moments, we're going out guns blazing and will have our first winning record since 2012
  5. Lets not forget that we were competitive in EVERY game this year, besides the first matchup with the Panthers. The reason we lost those games were because of our offense. It looks like Kyle is really letting Matt take the reigns and Matt is looking more and more comfortable--and that shows. Let's upgrade personnel in the offseason and watch what year 2 brings us
  6. Lmao it's the modern day "Get the f*ck off my field"
  7. You're not stupid. So many "experts" are saying different things. I believe we need to win out and Seattle and Minnesota need to lose out. BUT, I also heard that on top of that, we need 3 of the following 4 teams to win: San Fran, Denver, Carolina, Tennessee.
  8. He played his best game of the season against one of the top defenses in the league. Say what you want about him, but he toughed that game out. The stats don't even say how well he played. The guy was abused the entire game, hurting, and his receivers dropped five passes. Might be unpopular opinion, I say we keep Shanahan but upgrade our offensive line personnel. Mike Person is nothing short of awful, and even though Roddy had a nice game today, we need an upgrade at that position obviously. Let's let Shanahan get more of his personnel and see what Ryan does with a full season under his belt.
  9. Because the high draft picks we had over the past two seasons have really helped us out, right? For ****s sake, cheer for your team no matter what the circumstance
  10. I'd keep Shanahan so he can have a chance to get more personnel. Maybe Desean Jackson? Let's be honest. He isn't the one who cannot block nor is he the receivers who can't get open. I agree that his play calling is head scratching at times. But look at Panthers OC Shula. Panthers fans HATED him. Now he's a potential HC candidate. Give Shanahan another year, but keep him on a short leash if things go bad during next season. Dimitroff has had 8 years to get it together. No pass rush in 8 years and he can't draft offensive linemen to block. We have 0 players remaining from the 2012 draft class. The only reason TD is here is because Matt Ryan won all of those games. That's right, Matt Ryan, the man who everyone wants to get rid of. Give KS another year, get rid of TD.
  11. You're acting as if the high picks we've had over the last two seasons actually made a difference for the team
  12. If he blamed anyone other than himself, we'd have an interim OC right now
  13. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2015/12/14/10158050/report-atlanta-falcons-may-look-to-replace-gm-thomas-dimitroff-with The Atlanta Falcons are an imperfect football team right now. They've got a lot of problems that can't be remedied by a single solution. But there's a growing sentiment that one thing has to happen: current general manager Thomas Dimitroff must be fired. Firing Sir Spiky Hair is just step one. Step two is hiring his replacement. So where do the Falcons start? It's hard to fix a team that's only won 16 games since 2012. Per CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, the Falcons may look to steal away another Seattle Seahawks rising star. It always seemed like a reworking of player personnel was also coming a year ago, when longtime coach Mike Smith was let go, and the other shoe may be about to drop. If you are following the model of Quinn's former team, the Seahawks, then pair him with a personnel man who shares Quinn's vision. There were rumblings about Seattle exec Trent Kirchner possibly headed to Atlanta since before training camp. It would come as no surprise to me should he end up the Falcons' next GM. Kirchner played quarterback at St. John's before joining the Seahawks' front office in 2000 as a college scouting intern. He bounced around a bit, scouting for the Carolina Panthers for 8 years. He then re-joined the Seahawks' front office, garnering several interviews for various GM vacancies since. The issue with Kirchner is that he's primarily focused on player personnel. He's been in NFL front offices for 15 years though, so I'm sure he's plenty capable. Arthur Blank and company will need to think this decision through. The team needs to remedy its personnel issues. Fast.
  14. I wasn't able to catch the entire game but I know Tru and Alford went down (hopefully they are ok!) Would anyone be able to tell me how Collins played?
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