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  1. It's week 5. New scheme and coaches, surely you didn't expect games like this wouldn't happen right? I think anyone that thinks of us as a bonafide contender needs to hold up a little bit. Quinn has said it many times now and you can see that its true. This team is no where close to being as good as it will be at the end of the season.
  2. Sacks are great, you need them but at the same time you look at Cousins pick 6, Stupar was in his face. Look at Bradford pick, We were right there in his face. Weedens pick, he was rolling out and Stupar was huntimg him down. We all know we want our sack numbers to be higher, but our pressure has been very good and we are making plays because of it.
  3. That was the perfect game to show what this team can do. Give Washington credit for making it tough but the majority of the game we were in our own way. Little things here and there killing drives and hen Washington from time to time would make the play needed. I think the play calling could have been better. I feel like the drive we went to Free over and over should have been something we did well before that point in the game. But you see where this team needs to improve, you see he little kinks that needs to be worked out, but this offense works, and it works for our players. Matt Bryant i
  4. The most inportsnt play of a comeback drive is the first play. We allowed the arch and run and that just builds the momentum for them. We get an incompletion right there and imo I doubt they get a chance at a field goal.
  5. I think it's fair to say Roddys route running had been poor. I understand at this age it won't be as sharp as it use to but it feels like we are getting to the point where the route combos need to help roddy get open and that's just not going to happen with Julio on the other side.
  6. Well the worrisome part about it is the fact that switching the ball to his right could have: A. Possibly avoided the injury because he wasn't able to put a stiff arm out there and kind of shield the hit off. Maybe a stiff arm would have just led to him being tripped up and not landing the way he did. And B. Maybe if he switched the ball to his right on that run, maybe a stiff arm allows him to get past that defender. It was a corner or safety and if he could have made his way past him he has some food grass in front of him. To me it's a concern. Can't always protect himself the way he needs
  7. No. There's no way we trade roddy. We would be losing a lot if we traded him.
  8. Don't play ifs. Free got the touches and he has produced. Tevin has the potential for sure but at this moment Free is the better Rb because he has actually produced. Coleman will be back soon and you can bet he is going to battle like crazy. It's a great situation to be in.
  9. Went to the game yesterday. Was wondering if anyone knew where I could rewatch the game. Thanks in advance.
  10. Texans can't handle Julio and won't be able to handle our quick game especially if Hester is involved. You better hope your offense doesn't stall a lot bevause Hester is still no joke. Look for a lot of bootlegs to get Matt off the spot as well. And don't be ridiculous about our D. They are still learning a new scheme and we are Jair waiting for them to put up 4 qts worth of what they did to Philly in the first half and what they did to Dallas in the second half. Falcons 24-13.
  11. We all know the potential a line that consists of Watt and Clowney has, and we know soentimes they are going to make plays. But with the west coast that kyle runs, I think we take this game 17 or 24-10. Lots of movement, lots of pulling tight ends, lots of quick throws, but you wil also see the deep ball. Kyle knows we need to take shots and imo the main recipient will be Hester. But now that Hester is back our quick throw game had some more deadly potential.
  12. Maybe I'm dead wrong but I don't remember to many times that Mike Smith ever conceded anything at the end of halfs. I know his ultra conservative approach the last two seasons is still fresh in folks minds, but if I remember correctly, Smith always went for points, people usually complained that it was only 3.
  13. Man that was fun to watch. It ended way to short.
  14. Yea the Texans are no joke. They've got some confidence building and that D is terrific. This Sunday will be a show down for sure imo. Falcons of old would have a slight let down in performance coming off a huge win. Let's see what this team will do vs the Texans.
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