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  1. Great another injury prone player. Bring you and your crutches to Flowery Branch and you'll fit right in.
  2. Teaching Kroy how to play football is like teaching a blind kid how to read. What the **** was everyone thinking? I bet his wife has more talent than he does. But don't forget we gotta sell them PSL's and the best way to do that is to sign an off the field reality TV housewife Bitchboy. This team has me laughing my guts out.
  3. Here's my theory: Dan Quinn came across the message board to see how us Falcons fan interact with one another, he then saw all the countless threads about Kroy Biermann, so he decided to have TD resign him just so he can cut him later. Nothing to worry about folks, at least I hope there's nothing worry about.
  4. man I just went from having optimism about this upcoming season to ******* face palming and driving up a wall. Lmao I'm ******* weak.
  5. Kroy to the Falcons is like herpes. It just won't go away.
  6. I say we give him a 1 year prove it deal and if he don't like it, than he can kick rocks. Linebackers like him aren't hard to find at all.