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  1. I'm not sure why the announcers were so sure that the call was going to be reversed. The ball didn't move much at all.
  2. The WR pass to Brady would have been a big play if caught (which it should have been), nothing wrong with that call. The final play before half was probably an option between a screen or Hail Mary depending on whether or not the Eagles blitzed (they did).
  3. We were in field goal range until the penalty on Jake Matthews, which was the same play Sanu was tackled by his facemask. If the refs call offsetting penalties there, we would have still been in field goal range.
  4. Are you watching the game? They got away with two PIs in the 4th quarter alone.
  5. I'm not typically a conspiracist but, the Falcons losing this week means that the Dallas/Seattle game actually means something, and that the week 17 wildcard race will be "exciting"
  6. Haha, this was pretty much an Impractical Jokers challenge.
  7. If Wisconsin wins, Wisconsin is in. If Ohio State wins, then it comes down to Bama and OSU, and in that case Alabama probably makes it.
  8. He was throwing an out route, it's clear as day. He literally threw the ball immediately after receiving the handoff, and he was not under any pressure at that point. The announcers even alluded to the fact that Cousins was expecting the receiver to run an out route, but they did a slant instead.
  9. That was the WR's fault, they ran the wrong route.
  10. What is wrong with you guys? Matt is 6/8, his INT should have been a 1st down catch, and you guys are blaming him because he overthrows one pass? We have no run game, and almost every pass we've thrown is heavily contested, and he's put the ball in great spots where only our receivers could catch the ball.
  11. Refs are so bad every single game...
  12. How did they call that uncatchable, but on the Jets first drive they call Rico for PI when the ball was thrown about 20 yards too deep.
  13. Not fair to say? i don't think it's fair to try and get rid of LAST YEARS MVP, because the team as a whole isn't playing well. Our problems as an offense and as a team run much, much deeper than Matt Ryan.
  14. We have the worst fans...