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  1. UGA NFL players are paid more than players from any other college https://twitter.com/AllanBell247/status/1053122535133454336?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1053122535133454336&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fugawire.usatoday.com%2F2018%2F10%2F20%2Fgeorgia-players-have-made-more-in-the-nfl-than-any-other-school%2F
  2. Quinn is usually terrible at clock management, but that timeout was the right call. It gave us time for another possession.
  3. It doesn't matter if his hand was coming forward if he was tucking the ball, which the movement of his left hand clearly indicated he was.
  4. Sorry, that last post wasn't aimed at you. Just letting people know where I got the "he goes down on first contact" too often quotes from. I definitely think he is an interesting prospect, it's just guys who put up meh numbers at RB in college scare me a little.
  5. Straight from his draft profile: WEAKNESSES Doesn't have the hips or feet to cut with sharpness after flowing hard to the edge. Runs too upright to squeeze through tight rush lanes. Plays with early indecisiveness. Takes too many skip steps in his approach downhill allowing defense time to fight past blocks. Field vision is severely lacking. Allows open run lanes to go unused. Feet can get confused when faced with unexpected traffic. Athletic, but not elusive. Not nearly as hard to tackle as expected. Play regressed somewhat from 2016. I was simply stating what other ASU f
  6. I never said Tevin has good balance or breaks a lot of tackles. All I'm saying is being a one cut runner != poor vision.
  7. I honestly don't think it's fair to say Coleman has poor vision. Is he a creative runner? Certainly not, especially when compared to Freeman, but he typically finds a hole if there is one. There's a reason that Tevin averaged 7.5 yards per carry and had over 2,000 yards his last year in college on a terrible team in a good conference, and it wasn't simply because he was very fast. Tevin's main weakness is that he lacks the shiftiness you want a speed back to have.
  8. His size, speed, and catching ability are certainly intriguing, but it is a bit concerning that he was vastly outplayed by his teammate Demario Richard as a senior, a guy who is likely to go undrafted. Looking around some ASU forums, their fans seem to think that he has poor vision and goes down on first contact too often.
  9. I'm not sure why the announcers were so sure that the call was going to be reversed. The ball didn't move much at all.
  10. The WR pass to Brady would have been a big play if caught (which it should have been), nothing wrong with that call. The final play before half was probably an option between a screen or Hail Mary depending on whether or not the Eagles blitzed (they did).
  11. We were in field goal range until the penalty on Jake Matthews, which was the same play Sanu was tackled by his facemask. If the refs call offsetting penalties there, we would have still been in field goal range.
  12. Are you watching the game? They got away with two PIs in the 4th quarter alone.
  13. I'm not typically a conspiracist but, the Falcons losing this week means that the Dallas/Seattle game actually means something, and that the week 17 wildcard race will be "exciting"
  14. Haha, this was pretty much an Impractical Jokers challenge.
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