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  1. Hey If the kid has that kind of potential get him here. I know some here think we need a new qb but if we can make a seamless transition from franchise qb to franchise qb we gotta go for it.
  2. There are still a lot of good football players on the board. Watts, Hamilton, Allen, Griffen, coutee just to name a few
  3. We have hit pretty good on our first 3 picks. We have a DT now which slows my heart rate a good bit. Where do you guys see us going now? Maybe tight end? Lb depth? Who are your choices now for the real depth part of it?
  4. However they did restructure his contract might be something to it...
  5. Our special teams, which was a disadvantage most of the season, turned into an advantage with 3 men (Kazee, Coleman, and Reynolds) Nick Williams was also constantly around the ball.
  6. That's exactly right. And the tackling was amazing last night, which coach Quinn said would take 3 years for most of the guys to get. But I think this year's team just knows what to expect and how to prepare now, which is amazing.
  7. I've been thinking, at different points this year it seems as though our Falcons have been just trying to get into the playoffs and then turn it up a notch once we are in. Get through the season as healthy as possible and be on our game come playoff time. Seems Sark and Manuel hbave come into their own and really figured out the personnel. And I know every team in the NFL is doing the same thing but the difference in the playcalling and the way the defense has stepped up the last 6 games (16.3 ppg) against 5 playoff teams is amazing. Last night seemed to look like that's exactly what we were doing. Thoughts??
  8. Another question is at some point we will have to make some cuts ourselves and who are we looking at as potential veteran cuts
  9. Would love to make this move g-dawg then the bpa at 136. I think that this would be considered a successful draft if we did that. Who do you think fits our schemes on the defensive side of the ball of the guys that are left?
  10. It would be a very smart signing. I would love to have him on the squad. Speed kills and we can never have enough. I wanted him coming out of North Carolina and then when he decided to leave Tennessee
  11. Dontari Poe NT Austin Pasztor G/T Luke Willson TE
  12. I sure hope not. I would love to have him here
  13. Do you think there is any he would restructure to come and play for us and a chance at a Super Bowl?
  14. Just curious what you guys would think about trading our 5th for a guy with his talents and if you think there's anyone who could produce at that level in the 5th round. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2017/03/eagles-want-fifth-round-pick-for-lb-mychal-kendricks
  15. Yeah I'm trying to find the 10 yard split numbers for everyone especially the dline guys
  16. I've heard a LOT about him and real interested to watch some tape on him and see if the tape backs up the workouts
  17. We all know coach Quinn loves explosive dlinemen and I know where to find the jumps, the shuttles and such as that, but where can I find the 10 yard splits?
  18. Didn't wanna start a whole thread just to throw a name out there. Thought I'd just check out the interests lol.
  19. I know this thread is about Terrell McClain but what do you guys think of his running mate David Irving?
  20. He, as they say about Keanu Neal, arrives with bad intentions! I like this kid a lot!!
  21. Ok so we are worried about what he's going to do with a legit, franchise quarterback?
  22. Wasn't Sark the head coach when Jake Locker went high in the draft?
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