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  1. Wondering who you guys would like to see us draft in the later rounds?
  2. That’s kind of what I was wondering. And I’m thinking trading down is going to be our best option maybe pick up a couple extra picks
  3. What would you guys do if Andrew Thomas or Mekhi Becton we’re there at 16?
  4. Well I guess I’m in then. I guess I’m just really tired of the 5’7-5’10 200-210 types I wanna see that 225-235 running back move the chains in a short yardage situation
  5. I just remember watching Dillon deliver some hits and move piles and then all of a sudden he comes out of a pile and is out running dbs.
  6. I’m not that big on Dobbins, maybe I just haven’t watched enough of him. I would rather have Akers, Moss or Dillon.
  7. I like Zach Moss also. And AJ Dillon is still the one guy even before last year I was telling my dad we gotta draft this guy, Dillon is an amazing player for his size
  8. The man was getting hit sometimes right as he was taking the hand-off and a lot of times still able to make something of nothing.
  9. I guess in consideration of what he’s being paid vs what the contracts are doing now it’s not the best bargain but it’s not the worst contract either
  10. I’ve heard Bryce Hall in the 3rd or a couple different names possibly in the first. Who do you think would be able to replace him?
  11. This is what I was looking for mostly. I would like to know what you think our best avenue would be to either replace him or does he bring that much to the table in your eyes?
  12. The more I think about it, I am a FSU fan, the more I think Akers has the chance to be the best of this class.
  13. This is my thought. I mean, I like Sheffield and Oliver outside, yes Oliver struggled some but showed promise, and I think we could cover Tru’s production without a problem.
  14. Well I mean Oliver and Sheffield both seemed to do well last year, in Tru’s absence, so finding a nickel corner or free safety shouldn’t be the hardest thing to do.
  15. Well everyone seems to think we will draft a corner and safety also. So I think we could manage to replace his production through the draft. But the 10 million in cap savings could be bice to have knowing you can maneuver through and around that once it kicks in.
  16. I took care of that. Never meant to ruffle any feathers. Just wanted some opinions.
  17. Well that’s why I’m asking ive heard it may be a possibility just wasn’t sure if it was realistic or if it was just something the media made up
  18. First off I know that realistically when Devonta will be cut. Does anyone know what Tru’s June 1st cap savings would be? Also, how many post June 1st cuts does each team get. Would Tru and Devonta be our best bets??
  19. How does everyone feel about Charles Omenihu from Texas?
  20. Please make this happen T.D.!!!! I want opposing quarterbacks (brees, scam, and Winston mainly) running for their life and trying not to die against our defense.
  21. Don’t get to watch much Boise state. What type of offense are they running now? He throws a great ball and has the arm to make all the throws. I wouldn’t mind him or McSorley.
  22. What's you guys thoughts on apke from Penn state and deshon elliot from Texas? Both safeties and I think either could help
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