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  1. I have seen his name but haven’t gotten around to watching much film on him. What I have seen I liked though
  2. This video shows you the type of player and character he has. What type of defense to Iowa run?
  3. So parsons or any number of stand up linebackers could work? Are there any other good 3-4 rush linebackers that you’ve seen?
  4. I’m starting to come around to drafting Sewell and being able to actually run the ball at will would salt the clock away and make it where we could close out a game when we have a lead
  5. Anyone you think we should target and a particular scheme we should run?
  6. Who would be some of the guys you would be happy selecting in the first round and some sleepers you think we should draft
  7. I gotcha I just enjoy finding guys and rooting for them and being disappointed when we don’t draft them and they go on to be good/great players
  8. Are there any free safeties that interest you?
  9. I’m all for changing the defense. Or multiple fronts. But something has to give. Some names to look at is Jordan Davis, deontay Ingram and jaelen phillips
  10. So if we could get say parsons in the first and maybe a Jordan Davis in the 4th or 5th. That could help a lot I think and get us started moving in the right direction
  11. I think we can all agree we need defense. Can someone please tell me how far away from a good defense are we really? And how hard would a switch to a 3-4 be with the current personnel.
  12. So nobody want Nathaniel Hackett as head coach?? 🤣 I figured there’d be at least 100 threads calling for him to be the next head coach
  13. I keep seeing people compare him to Khalil Mack and if you can get a guy like that then you take him and make room for him regardless of who’s on the roster and under contract
  14. I keep seeing these names thrown around and I like the idea of the guys who have accomplished some things in the nfl as mentors and being able to have the respect of the younger guys
  15. I gotcha. My only other question I’ve been thinking about is with all this trade up talk does anyone feel like the smoke is just that and it’s td playing a game and wanting to truly move down? I know his mo is moving up, but trading down could net us some guys that could be upgrades and playmakers/starters possibly.
  16. Oh no doubt I’ve seen some of his games and highlights/breakdowns. Just thought he might could handle the duties of a nose tackle pretty effectively and allow us to run the 3-3-5 a little more. I like the idea if Keanu Neal is healthy and we play him at linebacker some, if we take a safety in the draft.
  17. Isn’t he like 320? You don’t think he could play nose tackle? I mean even if they continue to double Grady that could leave him singled and allow him to wreak havoc in the backfield
  18. If we are running more 3-3-5 this year we will need a Davon Hamilton type won’t we? I love all three of those guys (Hamilton, Arnette, and Harrison) would also like Delpit and Willekes. I would love a defense only draft that included most of these guys.
  19. Traded 16,47 and next years 2nd for the 18&26 picks in this one. 18. Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa 26. Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina 78. Kyle Dugger S Lenoir Rhyne 119. Kenny Willekes DE Michigan State 143. Kindle Vildor CB Georgia Southern 228. Jonathan Garvin OLB Miami
  20. Woah! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of acceleration. He hits top speed in like three steps
  21. I like Tanner Muse. I’ve watched a little bit of him. I think he fit in good I’ve seen a good bit of JR Reed. I’m a fan of several safeties in this draft.
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