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  1. That’s been my issue lately. We have had guys in the 240-250 lbs. range trying to play 4-3 end. But the guys who have a lot of success at the 4-3 end spots are more 250+ lbs they don’t get pushed around as easy and they’re able to put pressure on the web. It’s why the 40 for dlinemen doesn’t matter as much but the 10 yard split does
  2. I love that. I also like Davyion Nixon and Carlos Basham jr so I think that would be a great way to rebuild and maybe Ben Cleveland in the 4th or 5th
  3. I’ll have to look in to Washington twyman, Williams and Perkins would change the look of this team over night I think. I also like Nasrilideen out of fsu and Holland from Oregon.
  4. What do you think of ojulari out of Uga?? Or let’s say we move to a 3-4 do you like ojulari as an olb/rush backer, or who would you prefer in that role?
  5. Would you be for trading down and gaining as many day 2 picks as possible? I think 2nd and 3rd rounders are where we need to be right now. And how do you feel about us running a 3-4 instead of a 4-3 under or whatever?
  6. @GATXBOI what’s your opinion on patrick Jones and Twyman from Pitt and javonte Williams from NC, and Ojulari from Ga?
  7. A-Town what’s your opinion on patrick Jones, twyman from Pitt and javonte Williams from NC?
  8. I’m not sure yet, but him and javonte Williams run with that punishing attitude. They remind me of Jamal Anderson, the running back 😂
  9. Holland, Moehrig, and Nasrilideen would be my picks.
  10. Knight are you more keen to us trading back and picking up extra picks? Or what would be the worst case scenario that you would like to see?
  11. Doesn’t this prove how good a strong run game can be?
  12. I like Keaontay Ingram out of Texas. He a thick built back at 6’ 220-230 and moves pretty good. Interested to see what he runs at the combine.
  13. I think they may have talked with possible gm candidates and had the list of preferred head coaches and cross referenced to see which names showed up the most on each possible gms list. That would be an easy way to bring in the best possible group of HC/OC/DC I would think
  14. I like Davyion Nixon, and Jordan Davis in the draft. To help with the pass rush. Anyone you see to be that olb pass rusher in the draft?
  15. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Sewell outperforms the edge rushers. He may have a few hiccups along the way during his rookie season (most rookies I’m pretty sure do) but if he’s a generational talent he’ll figure it out quickly and later in the year be one of the better olineman on the team and could be one of the better in the league
  16. Trask and Ellinger are my two mid round guys. Although I was pretty impressed with Iowa St.s Purdy what little bit I got to watch him tonight
  17. Which of the mid round qbs would you like to see us target?
  18. Yeah I gotcha. I am trying to pin point who we might be taking with our 1st pick and I think without thinking about a trade down it comes down to parsons and Sewell. parsons could be that rush backer opposite of Fowler since he has a defensive end background Sewell because they’re saying he’s one of the top rated tackles to come out over the last 10+ years and that’s a generational talent. And I’ve said before that I’m of the belief if you can get that type of player then you take them and insert them in the lineup regardless of who’s under contract.
  19. And that’s my biggest problem. We fresh perspective and some fresh energy. Something to excite the fan base
  20. I think we just need to clean house coaching wise
  21. I think ulbrich has done good but I think we need a fresh start all together unfortunately
  22. I agree I think we need a couple of pieces and a defensive coordinator that can scheme pressure as well as help us get some stops and turnovers
  23. Anybody the piques your interest?
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