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  1. What's you guys thoughts on apke from Penn state and deshon elliot from Texas? Both safeties and I think either could help
  2. Hey If the kid has that kind of potential get him here. I know some here think we need a new qb but if we can make a seamless transition from franchise qb to franchise qb we gotta go for it.
  3. There are still a lot of good football players on the board. Watts, Hamilton, Allen, Griffen, coutee just to name a few
  4. We have hit pretty good on our first 3 picks. We have a DT now which slows my heart rate a good bit. Where do you guys see us going now? Maybe tight end? Lb depth? Who are your choices now for the real depth part of it?
  5. However they did restructure his contract might be something to it...