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  1. I guess when they measure in for their pro days it could sway me a little but I’m not sold on Sermon. Do you know why he decided to transfer from OU to OSU?
  2. I’m perfectly fine with giving Ollison the bulk of the carries...I really liked him coming out of Pitt and I really hope that AS gives him a legit shot. But if we draft someone I hope it’s Javante Williams.
  3. The issue is, for me and just my opinion, I’m tired of 5’8-5’9 guys that weigh 198-208. I want a guy that’s 5’10-6’ and 215-230. I’ve watched a little bit of a few other guys. I like Gainwell, but to me he’s more of a gadget player. Move him around to create mismatches. I don’t mind that kind of player at all just not as our bell cow back.
  4. So do you think we are letting Keanu walk this off season? Or is maye not really that good in coverage?
  5. Does anyone think, if we can some how resign Keanu, that it makes more sense to bring in Maye since they have a great deal of familiarity with one another from their time at UF together?
  6. This is the truth here. The Facebook groups and bleacher report bunch are 🤦🏼‍♂️ Bad to say the least
  7. The thing I keep hearing on Twyman is he’s a Grady clone. He has amazing hands and leverage. He shoots the gaps quick and is always around the ball. Nixon is gonna be really good too. It’s his love of the game and drive that make him so special. Whoever drafts him is going to get a great player
  8. That has a lot to do with the innovation. If he can play to the players strengths then it should allow them to play better. Also, if the offensive line coach is a teacher And can get the line playing as one unit as the video showed in another thread I think he will get them playing at a higher level.
  9. I kinda think a guy like Rousseau is a guy that could be in play at 4 (do I like it? No) do I think it could be the pick thinking about the fact that they think they can coach him up very possible. I also can see us going offensive side of the ball for a jamar chase type if the defensive guys think they can coach up what we already have. So none of the draft picks will surprise me as long as we are picking some crazy pick like kicker in the 3rd.
  10. I agree 100%. I think having the guy who can bring in new offensive innovations can help score more while the defensive guys can have the unit moving in unison to become an elite unit. We need coaches who can coach up these young defensive players. If they don’t have a pass rush plan the grizzled defensive coaches can help them learn one or make adjustments in the middle of the game.
  11. I’ve made a couple of remarks to others and it looks as if we are hiring guys that are fundamentalists and guys that teach being sound technique wise. Which is awesome since football is a team sport. Every guy doing his job to the best of his abilities and in his correct position
  12. Thank the Good Lord above. Been praying and watching the thread for updates. Glad he’s ok! it’s amazing what prayer can do when so many people believe for the same thing
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