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  1. 🤣 I didn’t think it had been that long ago but who is Malik McDowell?
  2. I agree wholeheartedly with the panthers passing fields because of darnald is insane. But hey I’m glad they did 🤣 also do we think they may have taken horn to try to get ahead of the curve for covering our offense now?? I think the panthers may have tried to get a jump on drafting to stop us 🤣
  3. I think with the whirlwind that leads up to the draft these guys need some time to reset, recalibrate if you will and REST some of these guys haven’t slept well in 2-3 days maybe even weeks I’m sure
  4. All good calls. Who is the Turner guy the saints took? I haven’t even heard of him I don’t think
  5. I’m curious as to when the last time that happened was. It seems like it wasn’t that far back but usually there’s at least one guy who’s impressive, athletic and has enough potential to get into the 1st round
  6. After seeing who each of our nfc south opponents drafted I honestly think we improved the most after the first round. Also read where it said that Kyle Pitts may end up being the kind of player that teams start drafting in order to stop him. That’s pretty high praise and I like it.
  7. 🤣 well I read an article that said it seems the raiders skip the pre draft process and the scouting process and just watch the last 4-6 games of the year.
  8. Who would you guys say is the biggest surprise pick or faller so far? Mine would be Alex Leatherwood at 17 as a surprise pick and my faller so far would be JOK. I still can’t believe he’s on the board. And with how coach Pees likes to disguise coverages he may end up being our best fit.
  9. I would have absolutely no problem taking Javonte Williams in the 2nd. He’s my favorite back in this class. I get a Warrick Dunn feel from Gainwell, which doesn’t bother me at all
  10. Are we so sure that no one is going to want a “generational” OT (Sewell), TE (Pitts), or WR (Chase) that they won’t trade up to take one of those ahead of Cincy, Miami or Detroit? I mean there are real possibilities for that to happen also I think.
  11. This is the exact same way I feel. You have to take advantage of the opportunities that are available To you regardless of what they are.
  12. The thing you have to go back and watch is where the defenders are when the receivers are catching those balls that they’re adjusting to. Trask made several throws that were wow throws simply because of placement in reference to the defensive players that were around
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