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  1. How does everyone feel about Charles Omenihu from Texas?
  2. Please make this happen T.D.!!!! I want opposing quarterbacks (brees, scam, and Winston mainly) running for their life and trying not to die against our defense.
  3. Well it won’t be hard to sell me on just about any DT right we need some besides Grady. I like the omenihu kid from Texas. Just something about him. Also like the Joseph kid from Florida. I think those are going to be two really good pro players. I also think there’s a few who will be better pros than they were college players. Gary, Lawrence, Omenihu just three off the top of my head
  4. I agree. I’m wondering how much DQ likes Lawrence. And while I love Oliver I think he may be too light to play DT in the nfl. I know most will argue with Donald but Donald is a rare breed that just makes things happen. I haven’t researched Wilkins yet but I’m going to look in to him because so many people are raving about him I want to see for myself. I do wonder if DQ sees Oliver as a possible DE in our scheme. I seen someone ask that somewhere and it makes a lot of sense
  5. Who’s your top draft target for us at 14?
  6. I agree 100%. The funny thing is this year no matter how the draft falls we will be able to get an impact player at 14 at an area of need.
  7. If he’s there in the 3rd I would definitely run to the podium, in hopes that he can possibly contribute next year. Or if there was some trade where we end up with another second rounder I might would consider that I just think there’s too much talent and too many needs to take someone who may or may not be able to contribute this year. We are getting close to the twilight of the offense being great with Matt and Julio both getting a little older.
  8. I don’t see DQ really wanting a guy he can stash, even though he’s a great player, the birds are in win now mode and need impact day 1 starters at a couple positions
  9. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Simmons hurt right now? I haven’t seen or heard any updates.
  10. Don’t get to watch much Boise state. What type of offense are they running now? He throws a great ball and has the arm to make all the throws. I wouldn’t mind him or McSorley.