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  1. I gotcha. My only other question I’ve been thinking about is with all this trade up talk does anyone feel like the smoke is just that and it’s td playing a game and wanting to truly move down? I know his mo is moving up, but trading down could net us some guys that could be upgrades and playmakers/starters possibly.
  2. Oh no doubt I’ve seen some of his games and highlights/breakdowns. Just thought he might could handle the duties of a nose tackle pretty effectively and allow us to run the 3-3-5 a little more. I like the idea if Keanu Neal is healthy and we play him at linebacker some, if we take a safety in the draft.
  3. Isn’t he like 320? You don’t think he could play nose tackle? I mean even if they continue to double Grady that could leave him singled and allow him to wreak havoc in the backfield
  4. If we are running more 3-3-5 this year we will need a Davon Hamilton type won’t we? I love all three of those guys (Hamilton, Arnette, and Harrison) would also like Delpit and Willekes. I would love a defense only draft that included most of these guys.
  5. Traded 16,47 and next years 2nd for the 18&26 picks in this one. 18. Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa 26. Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina 78. Kyle Dugger S Lenoir Rhyne 119. Kenny Willekes DE Michigan State 143. Kindle Vildor CB Georgia Southern 228. Jonathan Garvin OLB Miami
  6. Woah! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of acceleration. He hits top speed in like three steps
  7. I like Tanner Muse. I’ve watched a little bit of him. I think he fit in good I’ve seen a good bit of JR Reed. I’m a fan of several safeties in this draft.
  8. Wondering who you guys would like to see us draft in the later rounds?
  9. That’s kind of what I was wondering. And I’m thinking trading down is going to be our best option maybe pick up a couple extra picks
  10. What would you guys do if Andrew Thomas or Mekhi Becton we’re there at 16?
  11. Agim plays the game so violently! I like it!!
  12. Well I guess I’m in then. I guess I’m just really tired of the 5’7-5’10 200-210 types I wanna see that 225-235 running back move the chains in a short yardage situation
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