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  1. What do you guys think about the air fryer craze? Which one would you recommend?
  2. I’m hearing this is not over. The guy that told me Coley OC and Raymond DC still says Raymond will be our DC
  3. Can someone fill me in with the whole #comehomecollier tweet from Kirby and others on twitter? I don’t have a clue who they are talking about.
  4. This sucks.
  5. The more I think about this the more I like it. 1 the guy can recruit. 2. He has experience working with dual threat QBs 3. He’s played the exact same competition we play 4. He’s called plays before and you don’t have to wonder if he can handle that. Also dealing w the media and the other things that come with the position 5. He’s succeeded with less talent than nearly everyone he plays. 6 Ky has developed less sought after players extremely well. Idk but maybe he can recruit and develop talent ? 7. Him switching rosters from Ky to UGA would be something like a soldier succeeding in war with a BB gun then getting an assault rifle.
  6. I'm sure Stoops will match it. The question is how far($) will Kirby go to get him.
  7. https://www.aseaofblue.com/2019/1/10/18177390/georgia-bulldogs-eddie-gran-oc-pay-raise-uk-football-coach-wildcats-dawgs
  8. I'd love for us to get Rob Chudzinski ***goes back to lurkin****
  9. He won’t...
  10. Guys please talk me off of the ledge right now. I’m hearing since Bama lost their oline coach that Nick is gonna go all out to try and snag Pittman.
  11. Happy New Years guys. Ive been hearing some people are saying Fields may stay bc he won’t be given a waiver to be eligible next year. My personal thought is he should have red-shirted this season. I’ve been hearing this from a couple of sources actually. I didn’t want to say anything because my sources are unverified. I do know for fact that Justin actually does not want to leave. It’s his father who is pushing it. Now before you guys go in on this guy, y’all would love him. He’s just looking out for what he thinks is the best interest of his son. He’s a veteran and a police officer in the Marietta area...
  12. Listen, I don't want to defend Fields today except to say that there has been some misconceptions about this young man's character put out there. Let's just leave that for a separate subject. In regards to recruiting. Fields was repeatedly shown to have more talent and to be frank, you can't say on one hand we are gonna play the best players, then not follow through with that when from the couple of people I do know down there (not trying to sound like an inside guy) Fields was markedly more talented than Fromm and it was very evident to coaches, staff and the other players. It will and has already be used as a negative recruiting tactic against us. (See Jimbo Fisher's comment from last night as an example)