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  1. Jeeeeeez Louise, I totally forgot we have freakin Kelee Ringo! #UnfinishedBusiness
  2. Ok I’m not tryna start anything but Elias Ricks was excited when JT “announced his return” which I immediately thought was interesting...
  3. From NUHusker06 on rivals. Usually solid info. “Mystery corner” is Elias Ricks out of LSU: Today at 7:06 PM New Add bookmark #1 A little late to the party. Not Bob but wanted to share some thoughts. The transfer Portal will be a game changer this off-season. Kids who start for some big schools will transfer closer to home and some will come as a shock. (Rambo today at OU is only the beginning) Georgia will lose some, but I think the additions will outweigh the subtractions. Gonna get some big news on guys returning to school IMO this week. I do think Zeus a
  4. Welp.... looks like Dell might be headed to the barn.
  5. Man, remember when some in here was calling for us to replace Coach Scott? He has done remarkably well with the talent he's worked with.
  6. This kids just like the spotlight. I haven't heard anything specific though.
  7. Just realized the Mizzou game wasn’t rescheduled. Looks like Vandy is our last regular season game...
  8. From bulldog bob on the Vent - Most will view it as too little too late but one of the best weeks of practice for our offense. We have a QB.
  9. I did. I dont anymore but the guy I talk to, his brother is in the athletic dept. Trust me, I know this group does naaaaht tolerate bs info. I try to verify it before I say anything in here.
  10. Oh no. Bennett has a hand issue. Might not play.
  11. Regardless of what our offense does, I think the victory this week rests on the shoulders of our defensive line and our pass rush. We desperately need to get to Bo Nix. Auburn low key has one of the best receiving corps in the SEC and we can’t allow Nix time to throw. The performance by our defense at Jordan-Hare last year was superb but I think we only sacked Bo Nix twice in that game, one of which was Travon Walker’s game winner on 4th down. If we can consistently pressure Bo Nix and bring him down a handful of times, we’ll win this game.
  12. "The two gentleman that we flipped from LSU last cycle are going to be STUDS for us..... two bad dudes...."
  13. I’m seeing a lot of crystal balls for Jeudy to Texas A&M. I wonder if we secured someone better.
  14. Supposedly we had another good recruiting weekend for visits. Mims was there AGAIN for sure but supposedly at least 6 others (2021 and 2022) including one potential big time flip candidate. Anyone know who was there?
  15. Has anyone heard anything on Brian Thomas, Jr., Sage Ryan, Deion Colzie, Jeremiah Williams, or Shemar Turner? 247 has them all marked as at least “warm” toward Georgia except Sage. I spoke to Sage on Instagram, and he said they weren’t recruiting him as hard as they used to. I noted they are preparing for a hectic, thrown together season right now though.
  16. I was just fixing to say, I have been hear really good things about Mathis.....
  17. I shouldn't say this because it's speculative but maybe he just got beat out?
  18. I don't know guys. One thing I do know though, we should let it play out. There's bound to be more info coming out about what really happened eventually.
  19. Are we at all worried about the fact that Mims has moved his commitment date again to October?
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