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  1. Bad news. Tykee Smith is out for the season. Torn ACL.
  2. Take a gander of the list for Saturday…. Quite the recruiting weekend ahead 2022 The No. 1 overall prospect in the nation 5 star ATH Travis Hunter (FSU Commit) 5 star SDE Mykel Williams (OV) (USC Commit) 5 star WR Luther Burden (OV) 5 star CB Jaheim Singletary 4 star WDE Marvin Jones 4 star DT Christen Miller 4 star SDE Nyjalik Kelly 4 star CB Trequon Fegans WR Daveon Walker 2023 5 star DE Lebbeus Overton 4 star SDE James Smith 4 star CB A.J. Harris 4 star CB Tony Mitchell 4 star SDE Kelby Collins 4 star S Caleb Downs 4 star DE Zavion Hardy 4 star QB Dylan Lonergan 4 star OT Monroe Feeling 4 star OT Miles McVay 4 star OG Madden Sanker 4 star OC Bradyn Joiner 2024 4 star QB Dylan Raiola 4 star DT Hevin Brown-Shuler 4 star ATH Martavious Collins 4 star TE Landen Thomas 4 star ATH Joseph Stone 4 star RB Anthony Carrie WR Caleb Odom 2025 Tramell Jones Jr (QB out of Mandarin HS) WR Jaime French 2026 QB Julian Lewis Commits 5 star RB Branson Robinson 4 star TE Oscar Delp 4 star RB Jordan Bryant-James (OV) 4 star S Jacorey Thomas 4 star OT Jacob Hood 3 star OLB Carlton Madden 4 star DT Seven Cloud
  3. We are #1 playing maybe the #5 team in the country at home this week!
  4. Julian Humphries flip from UF could happen too 👀
  5. Radi just mentioned we are passing on Enai white. That it’s beneficial for both parties. Also hinted that a big flip is coming but not who we would expect but who UGA wants….. I got nothing here 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. From the man himself…. Bulldog Bob- Book your rooms in Indy ! And expect a huge flip 😊
  7. Stetson starting. JT Is killing his draft stock
  8. I have a friend of a friend whose a referee and just did the Bainbridge vs Cairo game last night. He basically was told that Deyon Bouie ain’t playing to Dawg standards, in fact, he ain’t so sure that it’s going to work out for him at Texas A&M either. Take that for what it’s worth I guess.
  9. Here’s the thing as far as what I decipher. The biggest thing, is they don’t want it to get worse and have him miss more games. Same time, this is obviously a huge contest. It’s a delicate balance. The lats basically cover up the obliques (internal/external). I'm assuming his oblique injury caused him to overcompensate leading to his lat injury His lat connects to his low back all the way to his shoulder. A grade 1 strain/sprain means a small amount of fibers have been over stretched or torn causing the pain. Depending on his pain threshold he can throw but his over the head arm action may be limited or he can "bear through the pain" and throw over the top but the pain may limit the amount of times he can do it. He could also alter his throwing mechanics to a 3/4 arm slot but that could put more strain on his shoulder/elbow and cause further injury down the road.
  10. I heard from a reliable source that JT is soft. They said he was complaining about that injury last week on the sidelines and the coaches just rolled their eyes. We have the way better team but this hurts if it’s true. Stetson is either really good or really bad. There’s no middle ground with him and he’s not really good often.
  11. I hear he was ineligible to play there in Texas so he's going to IMG Academy in Florida?
  12. Shemar Stewart, Julian Humphrey and Mykel Williams will be in Athens this weekend for Arky game…. That’s big folks!
  13. Couple of things, number one, I didn’t know Arkansas was this good. There are the real deal. Number two, this is ridiculously stupid that we’re going to have two top teams in the SEC play at 12 o’clock Eastern standard time next weekend! SMHCouple of things, number one, I didn’t know Arkansas was this good. There are the real deal. Number two, this is ridiculously stupid that we’re going to have two top teams in the SEC play at 12 o’clock Eastern standard time next weekend! SMH
  14. Three years if you’re including this year. He might be the best in the country at his position right now. I’m serious.
  15. Let's play UGA Athletic Director for a moment. Let's make a few assumptions for sake of the question (please read this statement first before responding). We win the Natty or even if we come just short in the CFP National Championship Game. There is almost certain to be interest in many of our assistant coaches. When [not IF] Dan Lanning is offered another coaching position (more than likely as head coach) next season, do we match it? Or do we let him walk with a decent offer? Secondly, based on how the offense looks the rest of the way, assuming it looks great, what do we do with Monken if he is in the same situation? Do we pay him significantly or simply search for another offensive guru? Is coaching consistency important as it seems to be with Clemson (at least before the first 3 games of this season)? Or do we take the "Bama Route" and simply replace coordinators on a yearly basis? 🤔
  16. Georgia cornerback Jalen Kimber is going to be out the remainder of the season following season ending shoulder surgery.
  17. Breaking - Georgia has picked up a commitment from the No. 5 offensive tackle in the nation, Johnathan 'Bo' Hughley. The 6-foot-7, 290 pound masher is a huge pick up for the 2023 Class.
  18. What ticks me off is the fact that we had IMO the best RB in the country right now in Tank Bigsby just begging to play here. Smh
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