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  1. Man, sidenote, this guy is becoming one of my favorite players dad of all time! I'm not sure if I've ever seen a recruit's family from outside of Georgia seem so #HBTFDawgs with it! They bleed black and red!
  2. Dude.
  3. I love that show!
  4. Looks disgusting...sounds great though. #IdTryIt
  5. Burch has signed and turned in the LOI
  6. A friend of mine argued with me about all the talent Kirby is stockpiling. And stated how Kirby better start winning titles in the next few years. I agreed with him. But I gave him some other things to think about. I said, in many ways, Kirby is a prisoner of his own success. Remember Nick Saban didn't play for his first National Championship until being a head coach for nearly 8 years!! Dabo Swinney took 8 years to play for his first National Championship (which he lost by the way). Kirby Smart got there in his second year after going 8-5 his first! Let that sink in for a second. You've got well-oiled, well-established programs that have a longer tradition of stable and productive championship pedigree, i.e., Bama, Clemson, OSU, OU, etc. And while UGA has been successful, I'd place the overall program's success slightly below the aforementioned programs in terms of sustained eliteness. And while I get the impatience of the fan base (count me in that number), I have to be pragmatic too. Sustained greatness often takes time. Five years is really just the beginning mark. And as we saw with both Nick and Dabo that's still 3 years ahead of the curve! I see what Kirby has learned and is not implementing. He sees having great recruiters but not necessarily having great developers is no short cut or recipe for sustained success. He sees there are flaws with the "Old Bama Way." And he's becoming his "own person" in the coaching ranks! I love the speech he gave. It was a reckoning of sorts! I truly believe he sees the light coming on. Now let's see how it turns out. I'm willing to wait at least two more years and possibly 3 to see our next National Championship because that's probably going to be how long it takes (barring catching lightning in a bottle like LSU did this year) before we see one! So let the trolls and haters do what they do! We got the best thing going top to bottom (in my humble opinion) in the entire SEC!! Go Dawgs!!
  7. When I look back the past (3) years here is what I saw in brief: 17': blown coverage cost you the NC 18' Hurt player and one who couldn't contain the edge in SECCG 19' Offensively Inept I think in each of these years it boiled down to either lack of player development and or coaching/placement. Or lack of depth. I think in the next two years (save for key players getting hurt or leaving via the transfer portal) we don't have any of those excuses) We have a fully loaded offensive-minded brain trust (not just recruiters we hope can coach and develop players). And we've always been solid on the defensive side of the ball. I think now Kirby can focus more on situational play-calling and schemes more than micromanaging every little part of the team.
  8. Just now noticed that Oregon flipped DT Jayson Jones from Bama. That’s two 4 ⭐️’s they lost today.
  9. They only ended up with Shorter...I am crying lol'n!!!!
  10. I love my wife.I love my wife.I love my wife.I love my wife.I love my wife.
  11. There’s a chance that they could have some attrition though...
  12. Give me Ladd and I'm good.
  13. If u go look at his highlights.....this is Sony Michel 2.0.....Very fast....quick and shifty.....and looks good catching the ball out of the backfield....win win for the Dawgs.
  14. I trust Kirby and this staff, so I'm cool with it.