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  1. So what's the latest on Zach Evans? I'm hearing he's visiting Texas A&M this weekend...
  2. We need more havoc plays, pressure on the QB to be a threat to win it all. Hopefully we can improve a lot in the next few games but Auburn’s the only one that I’m legitimately concerned about.
  3. Any info on why Jamyest Williams left USC? I thought back in 2017 he was going to flip to UGA
  4. RB Tank Bigsby is in Athens...another Auburn flip?
  5. I believe it was one of the 247 broadcast with BA? Honestly, I wasn’t paying full attention to it but it definitely didn’t sound good for us.
  6. I hope you are right....
  7. Texas A&M with LSU making a push last I heard....
  8. Does anyone have a list yet of what recruits went to UGA this past weekend?
  9. The look on Aubrey Solomon’s face when tenn loss was incredible it straight was “I should have transferred to UGA”
  10. Was that Zach Evans taking a pic with Herschel?
  11. 100% in agreement. No offense taken at all.
  12. Whew! Thanks man....
  13. Oh I have no clue. Got the email this morning, thought I'd share it with my go to Dawg info crew....