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  1. I hope you are right....
  2. Texas A&M with LSU making a push last I heard....
  3. Does anyone have a list yet of what recruits went to UGA this past weekend?
  4. The look on Aubrey Solomon’s face when tenn loss was incredible it straight was “I should have transferred to UGA”
  5. Was that Zach Evans taking a pic with Herschel?
  6. 100% in agreement. No offense taken at all.
  7. Whew! Thanks man....
  8. Oh I have no clue. Got the email this morning, thought I'd share it with my go to Dawg info crew....
  9. Lol, you cut me deep G-Dawg. I've been lurking on here looooong before most of you guys been on here.(since YKW number 7) Totally understand where you are coming from though. But I'm a long time Dawg fan. Probably need to start posting more. Lol
  10. Not sure. But this guy is very very very reliable. He was the one who told me about Cox to Fla.
  11. I’m hearing from a reliable source that the NCAA is poking around in Athens!
  12. Done
  13. Anyone hear anything about why D'andre Swift wasn't participating in camp the other day? It's probably nothing, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
  14. Is Van Pran still committing at All-Star game or has he decided to publicly commit sooner?