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  1. It’s only June and Kirby is a “closer” aka Best Recruiter in the land.
  2. Sounds like Bear Alexander has decommitted. Not surprised honestly. Hard to pass up those booster opportunities in Texas with the new legislation
  3. Yuge. They’re saying Gilbert is on campus right now and he’s actually 220 pounds and is going to be a wide receiver. They’re also expecting us to announce Kendrick today as well!
  4. Just curious guys, which position group for 2022 do you deem most critical to hit on?
  5. Jeeeeeez Louise, I totally forgot we have freakin Kelee Ringo! #UnfinishedBusiness
  6. Ok I’m not tryna start anything but Elias Ricks was excited when JT “announced his return” which I immediately thought was interesting...
  7. From NUHusker06 on rivals. Usually solid info. “Mystery corner” is Elias Ricks out of LSU: Today at 7:06 PM New Add bookmark #1 A little late to the party. Not Bob but wanted to share some thoughts. The transfer Portal will be a game changer this off-season. Kids who start for some big schools will transfer closer to home and some will come as a shock. (Rambo today at OU is only the beginning) Georgia will lose some, but I think the additions will outweigh the subtractions. Gonna get some big news on guys returning to school IMO this week. I do think Zeus a
  8. Welp.... looks like Dell might be headed to the barn.
  9. Man, remember when some in here was calling for us to replace Coach Scott? He has done remarkably well with the talent he's worked with.
  10. This kids just like the spotlight. I haven't heard anything specific though.
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