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  1. Only one world beater in this division, and thats Julio
  2. If this means Ollison gets to run people over outside of the endzone Im all for it
  3. ****nnnn that was my guy, hopefully on to someone better tho
  4. I just know he was on the Patriots defense for forever. Same defense that was always top 5. Defense that took Julio out the Superbowl.
  5. Everyones interpretation are different, even with stats. Seen guys on youtube arguing about Julio not going to the HOF because TO didnt go.
  6. Teach me how you did that math
  7. So looking through this video, I was really intrigued looking at some the grades and stats he gave these rookies, especially to the ones I remember alot of you guys wanted us to get. I really only wanted to post this video to ask everyone who they wanted us to draft and how they think that player turned out, but this was before he spoke on to AJ Terrell in the video. Now I feel bias because Im a Falcons fan and the stats he used felt out of context. For 1, he said Terrell gave up 900 something yards on 77 attempts. And that CJ Henderson graded better because he gave up just 400+. But wh
  8. The fate of the 2021 draft is literally in the hands of the Atlanta Falcons. Who would have thought this last season, or even Week 17. I have no idea what we will do. I feel like the NFL has no idea what we will do. This is going to be crazy.
  9. At this point idgaf who they draft. Its the 4th pick no matter who they pick they'll be the best at their position coming out. Wanna trade back? F*ck it Idc!! Draft even MORE players
  10. When i say unexplainable i meant how things can change/happen with the snap of a finger.
  11. Crazy, every year some unexplainable sh*t like this happens, and it will never stop smh
  12. Because you can put him back at TE and beat linebackers anytime
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