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  1. ATL needs to win tonight
  2. From 0-10 to 28-10 in one quarter
  3. Chiefs offense is crazy
  4. Refs giving to the saints. I kinda feel bad, but at the same time. NOT
  5. NFC up for grabs. How is Atlanta going to act
  6. It's a new rule change every year affecting the defense. The leagues soft.
  7. I've seen fumbles and incompletions from those big hits
  8. No he came back the next play. He was on the goal line play
  9. What's the point of not having a dome of your not going play in the different weather's
  10. That's was a 1st
  11. Cam who had Sherman and Browner at cb making QBs scared to throw at the boundary's
  12. At least he still lost when he kicked against us
  13. Stupid
  14. Brees dont got the arm nomore...... i hope