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  1. That was before that 5 2 4 bs he tried to do the next season.
  2. TOP was 40:31 to 23:27. I remember watching it live and at halftime they showed it and it was like 18:00 to 8:00, it was weird but hey we were up 21-3 so I said f**k it
  3. NE defense was hot and ready to get on the field, our offense did not get hot enough. Both the scoring drives we had in the 2nd quarter offensively, they were 5 plays each, 71 yards in 1:53 & 62 yards in 1:49 TOP. Mine you that 2nd score to Hooper was 10 minutes into the quarter. Our offense didnt get the ball back until there was 2 seconds left. We got a Pick 6 but that didnt help the defense any because they went right back on the field lls.
  4. The thing is the first score was after Debos force fumble which puts us at about NE 40. I believe Free ran for about 20 + yards in two plays and Julio caught a maybe 15 yard toe touch on that drive. It lasted like 1:45 min. The next score to Hooper took about 3 or 4 plays and lasted about that same time. Everything after that were 3 and outs except the drive where Coleman scored.
  5. I think it was 2 on the same drive and another one later on.
  6. I cant remember, if he did it was for like a play or two. But I do remember him giving up a sack
  7. Forgot to mention Alford and Poole were two big reasons why the defense got gassed. They gave up like two back to back 3rd down stops with holding calls on the same drive. And more holding calls through out the game.
  8. I was going to make this post last week but it slipped my mind. The Nfl's Youtube page posted it and I watched it for the first time since that dreadful day. And I watched it all the way through and rewinded quite a bit. From what I took from it was that our offense was way too explosive. The times we did score or get to mid field, we did in about 4 or 5 plays at an average of 2 minutes. We had one drive if i can remember correctly which was longer than 4 minutes the entire game. We had a total of 4 minutes of offense in the entire 2nd Quarter. Where as NE had like two drives that were 6 minutes long and one that was longer than 4 almost 5 minutes long. Our defense was getting gassed and to make matters worse after only having 4 minutes in the 2nd quarter offensively, we get the ball the beginning of the 3rd and go 3 and out. Putting the defense back out there. I went on profootball reference and looked at the snap counts. This is off the stop of my head but Deion Jones and Keanu Neal played a total of 99 snaps. Donte Hightower and Devin McCourtey played about 35 snaps. NE defense was fresh ASF all game long and it showed later in the game where they were blitzing like crazy hitting Matt Ryan. Then Coleman and Schraeder got hurt, there goes the blocking. We should have ran the ball wayyyyyy more and took control of the clock.
  9. I'd love to watch the Skins beat the panthers tho. Everything else I'll pass
  10. Saints! Tom Brady once said if Aaron Rodgers were in NE in his system, he would throw for 100 TDs a season. So until I see Brady put in work outside of NE, he is a system QB to me.
  11. Bring that "DarkSide" Defense back and we can take this division.
  12. Was OT a thing back then or were they that stupid?