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  1. Like clockwork. Either a 3d down sack or a pick seems like lol. I knew it was coming.
  2. Patterson has been the best player on the team through two weeks.
  3. It's bad enough the Falcons are losing but why do the announcers have to be so annoying lol
  4. Panthers dline is whoopin the Saints oline. I thought the saints had one of the best olines.
  5. I was wondering was anybody going to mention that the Eagles D is shutting down Kyle's offense so far.
  6. He will be out at least the first six weeks. He's on the PUP list.
  7. Daniel Jones has some nice wheels on him
  8. The Giants are gonna have to stay out of third and longs.
  9. The protection may be have been called wrong but I don't see any issue with the play design of the top play. Gage was wide open and slipped. That should have been an easy 7.
  10. Wait what? According to PFF Future Hall of Famer Jason Kelce was just as bad pass blocking as Mayfield?
  11. Jake was the only o-lineman not to give up a pressure.
  12. Nothing about yesterday changes anything about Koetter.
  13. Anybody see Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay offense today? They looked just as bad as the Falcons.
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