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  1. Um... you were saying?
  2. If you need to save money on offense I certainly would not look at Hooper - thats just stupid. I would start with Freeman, Sanu, Sambraillo, Schuab, Carpenter, Stocker...
  3. Exactly, if Smitty and DQ has to go then TD's time should be up also. The issue of no pass rush/and or legit pass rushers have been there under both head coaches. Whether thats totally TD's fault or not, hes the common denominator.
  4. If Quinn goes, I have a hard time seeing TD sticking as the GM - he barely survived the Smitty firing and got his right to control the 53 taken.
  5. I agree that Arthur may want an offensive minded HC but I dont know why he would think McCarthy is the answer.
  6. Remember this gem? lol https://www.change.org/p/arthur-blank-fire-kyle-shanahan
  7. If they lose against the Texans then its curtains. With Mack banged up and Jamon Brown in the protocol on top of it being a road AFC game its gonna be tough.
  8. Looking at the rest of the schedule I cant confidently pencil in any wins with how they look on the field - not even the Cardinals. Will they get some wins? - sure they will. I just cant get past how they didnt give any resistance to Mariotta and Brissett. And we havnt even got to Watson, Brees twice, Wilson, Goff, and Garapolo. Winston has always played well against the Falcons also. If they dont turn it around this week, then they are not going to.
  9. They are all lead by example guys. No real alpha dog personalities on defense thats going to galvanize the other players.
  10. Its gonna be very difficult for them because they cant play a clean game for 60 minutes. Even the game they won wasnt clean, they coulnt put it away and lucked out when Ahgolor missed that pass.
  11. Every game its something different. If one issue improve in a game another one creeps up. Its like wack a mole.
  12. There is no room for error and it's a real tough road ahead.
  13. Thats the thing. Were not that team bro - at least we havent shown that we are that team over the first four weeks. All three phases of the team have been bad.
  14. And the Falcons loss to check down Brisett and then a very bad Mariota at home lol. Im just not seeing it bro. I can only imagine the game Watson and Wilson is gonna have.
  15. How is the next QTR easier? Texans on the road and the Seahawks and Rams at home within the next 4 games. They coulnt even stop Brisett and Mariotta.
  16. How? Eagles got a 6, Falcons got a 7
  17. Two players from the 17 draft traded...
  18. I hear you about the offense but what about the defense? His defense look as bad and at times worse than the offense. His defense with his hand-picked players. They are getting lit up by mediocre QBs.
  19. I think hes fresh out of ideas bro. They just need to do their jobs plain and simple - players and coaches.
  20. By firing all of the coordinators and taking over the defense hes done that already. It hasnt worked. The defense look just as bad as it always has with DQ in charge and Im shocked by that. At least MM kept teams out of the endzone in 17.
  21. The Titans are a bad team and the Vikings and Colts at best are middle of the pack teams. Dam they were a dropped pass from Agholor away from losing against the Eagles who were down their top two receivers and TE and playing some bad football themselves. The margin for error from here on out has gotten razor thin.
  22. Next three games is Texans and Cardinals on the road and then the Rams at home. With the way the team is playing, I could easily see losing the next three.... even against the winless Cardinals. And then the schedule gets even more difficult for this team after the next three.
  23. I was thinking the same thing. The 18-19 Falcons feel alot like the 13-14 Falcons. The same "we gotta get tougher" montra and all.