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  1. Or they could have traded the 55th pick for what would have been the best TE in this draft............. which they did.
  2. If you take away Hoop and Stocker and add Hurst and Pickney, as a group, I can say the TE room is much more athletic than it was last season.
  3. Ironically it was the Bucs that year also.
  4. The excuses will definitely start coming out. Their gonna say Brady has no weapons lol
  5. So folks like Walker now? Everybody freaked out when he was selected on draft day lol.
  6. This. Everyone wants to psycho-analyze this move but this is all it is. If it works great, if it dont, all they gave up was one of their two 7 rounders next year.
  7. I am too. I dont see the problem. For a 7th round pick the is very low risk.
  8. For a 7th rounder... why not. We will have a 7th round compensatory pick anyway. I dont think this is a bad move at all.
  9. Why has Takk not taken it upon himself to learn more than a bull rush? Hes a grown man and a professional.
  10. Takk plays hard every snap. That has never been a question.
  11. I think there may be some type of story behind his combine 40 because he looks athletic to me. He moves well.
  12. Active roster increased to 55. Practice squad increased to 12 in 2020 and then 14 in 2021..
  13. He dont look all that slow to me. His game speed looks fine.
  14. That's a lot of coin for a gadget player.
  15. Thats the question I always ask. Value is different for different teams. As great as players like Kan Chancellor or Richard Sherman were - their value to Seattle was much greater than another team.
  16. Kinlaw to the 49ers for me but the Davidson pick made up for it. I didn't like Winfield to the Bucs either.
  17. Yeah youre right. That comment would be more valid if the Falcons would have traded into the top 10 for Henderson or Okudah.
  18. I dont think its a bad move for the Saints or for Winston. Winston is still young and has a chance to sit back and learn from Brees and Payton for a year. The Saints have a chance to flip Winton for a good comp pick next season.
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