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  1. Yeah I agree. If DQ take Duke off the field in nickel than that's different - but Foye starting at WLB in base is no different than last week.
  2. I thought Foye started in base last week at WLB. I didn't hear the actual press conference. Did he specify that he was starting at Mike?
  3. I think if we were going to add a DE it would have been yesterday. When in season Falcons usually make personnel moves on Tuesdays.
  4. Scharaeder was abysmal in the Eagles game. Glad to see him bounce back against the Panthers.
  5. No were not. Every team in the NFL is dealing with injury's. It sucks but its part of the game. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/injuries.htm
  6. Quinn referenced a player getting a second opinion in yesterdays presser - I guess he was talking about Levitre. Probably has played his last down as a Falcon.
  7. Yeah I would have assumed that pleading guilty to a federal crime somewhere violates the personal conduct policy. Players have been suspended for far less.
  8. Well on the last play of the game, Coleman was open on the rub route on the right side and could have walked into the endzone for the win. Ryan chose to throw the fade to Julio instead. Yall can blame Sark all you want but the film says guys were open alot and Ryan wasnt going their way.
  9. I was surprised at how average Tyron Smith looked - maybe he's still hurt. He used to be the most dominate LT in the league.
  10. Offensively, the Panthers didn't look all that great against the Cowboys last week - their defense was stout though. The Panthers are hurting too. They wont have Olson, Daryl Williams, and Trai Turner is in the concussion protocol.
  11. Bull$hit. Ryan had plenty of time to throw the ball to Freeman, it was a bad throw; and if Ryan had time throw the ball to Julio with two men on him then he had time throw the ball to Sanu. Ryan has been making those throws his whole career.
  12. If folks look at the film and get out their emotions then they will see that Ryan wasn't good at all in this game. His decision making and ball placement stunk the entire game sans the first drive, I think Ryan will get it together though.
  13. I didn't get that part either. He blamed Sark in the red zone and seemingly in the same breath showed Freeman and Sanu schemed open in the red zone.
  14. LS Jeff Overbaugh or either LS Josh Harris will go on IR - that would be my guess
  15. Clear catch... WTF are you talking about?
  16. Ryan is a 30M dollar a year, MVP, 11 year QB. These are mistakes he should not be making regardless of who the coach is.
  17. I think I lost my mind after this play. Sanu sitting there wide *** open for the 1st down.
  18. All that, and we were still in position to win.
  19. For some reason, both the Eagles and Vikings defense always give Matt trouble. Good thing is we wont see either one again until the playoffs.
  20. One of his worst games in a while for sure. The game was tough but winnable. Good thing is, this is probably the toughest defense on the schedule. For some reason the Eagles and Vikings gives Matt Ryan fits.