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  1. Give up a mid round third, take on his 10.M salary and he turns 31 before the season when they could just re sign Irvin and draft a guy with that 3d? Hel no lol.
  2. Yeah based on some of the comments Quinn made after the season I had a feeling they were going to let Poole go. And yeah- you got to keep Kazee on the field.
  3. My assumption is that he stays on a long term deal also. They could have traded him at the last trade deadline if they wanted to give up on him. Rappaport said there was significant interest from other teams.
  4. Makes sense. Reed is from Tuscan and played college ball in Arizona. He went home.
  5. Reed and Alford were not hard cuts, they were no brainers that everybody predicted. Bryant really wasn't hard either. As great as he is, having a 4M a year kicker who is injury prone and about to turn 44 is a luxury that the team could not afford anymore especially with GT already on the roster. And Vic wont be cut, if they decide to move on they will rescind his 5th year option and he will be a UFA and wont be able to sign with another team until free agency.
  6. Alford actually came out on the positive end of this. Falcons only gave him 12M guaranteed on a 4 year deal. The Cardinals gave him 13.5M guaranteed on a 3 year deal.
  7. Vic wouldn't be a cut though. If not retained at a lower number by the new league year, his option would be rescinded and he will be an UFA - putting him in the comp formula for next season, same as Matt Bryant.
  8. CBA rules. I don't think players and coaches can have conversations about football until OTAs.
  9. It can go towards the draft class though. 6.4M that was going toward rookies can now go toward a FA. They did the same with Toilolo last season.
  10. You probably wont hear from any assistant coaches until OTAs or maybe even training camp. I don't think Quinn will even be available until the combine and then the draft; maybe a presser if they sign a big FA or re sign Grady.
  11. I get the impression that they don't want to give up on Vic but I also get the feeling that they don't want to bring him back at 13M - which they shouldnt IMO. Vic seems to be at his best when he playing about half the defensive snaps as a situational PR which wouldn't justify his cap hit for next season.
  12. Heard a Bucs beat writer the other day say that Koetter wanted to run a lot more outside zone in Tampa but was limited by his personnel.