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  1. The Falcons hardly ever rush anybody back from injury - at least its been that way since Quinn has been the HC. If he's back week three of the pre season then that is well within his projected recovery time. He's been rehabbing 24-7 since his surgery.
  2. If Beasley's sack total go down and every one else's go up, I could care less. He basically carried the load in regards to sacks by himself last season.
  3. Not surprised that Jacksonville under Gus Bradley was number 3 either.
  4. The thread title is incomplete. He's endorsing more than just Gritz Blitz socks. He's also endorsing a line of LSU socks. Good for him though - I think its great. I hope these young men make as much money as they can while they can. NFL careers can be short.
  5. It don't work that way man. The defense expends way more energy than the offense.
  6. Consistently blaming others? Come on man. That was literally the first time Matt has even remotely said anything critical of ANYBODY.
  7. The Falcons had some young players step up in their secondary last season in Brian Poole, who led all rookie corners in yards per cover snap allowed (0.80), and Keanu Neal who finished as the top graded rookie safety with a 79.5 overall grade. Jalen Collins graded well in his second season during increased playing time, but the Falcons will also return potential top-ten corner Desmond Trufant, who missed the second half of the 2016 season with a pectoral injury. Safety Ricardo Allen was absurdly efficient, giving up just 0.18 receptions per snap, which was the third lowest rate of all safeties while spending more snaps (710) in coverage than any defensive back in the league. https://profootballfocus.com/news/pro-ranking-all-32-nfl-teams-secondaries-heading-into-the-2017-season/
  8. I didnt get that move at all. That's a lot of money for a bust like Kalil.
  9. I didn't see anything that said the Falcons were looking at Mangold.