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  1. Basically looks the same as our schedule...
  2. Whitehead is good. Their starting Mike is in the concussion protocol - dont know who his back up is. Worrilow is Worrilow.
  3. Rogers gets the excuse of losing his tackles but no mention of Ryan losing his starting RT huh?
  4. They did. Ty was a little shaky when he first came in but they both were fine.
  5. Gabe could actually have two touchdowns by now. Matt has missed him twice for would be scores - the play you referenced and a play in the Chicago game.
  6. Mcadoo/s seat is warming up
  7. Anybody seen Brandon Marshall?
  8. When he had Suh and Fairley inside his dline was nice.
  9. He seem to get several interviews every off season but he never gets hired. I thought he had a shot to be the Falcons coach but its pretty obvious now that Blank really wanted DQ.
  10. not a fumble