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  1. I dont think we are pursuing a trade for him either. Sounds more like folks are trying to connect dots
  2. The thing is, there wasnt much in that clip from Rappaort that suggest we are actively trying to trade for Kendricks. It sounds like hes basing is assumption off of speculation from last off season, seamingly before Riley was drafted. I remember the speculation about Kendricks last FA period - but the Eagles were shopping him to a lot of teams.
  3. According to this: http://nfltraderumors.co/falcons-re-sign-rfa-g-ben-garland/ Garland was re signed without using the second round tender. The new terms of his deal are not disclosed.
  4. I hope so. Right now we should get 3 decent comp picks next season from Poe, Clay and Gabe.
  5. Personally, I like the way they are building the team. I prefer to spend and keep your core drafted players - as long as you are drafting well. But at the same time, Its not all black and white though - if a good opportunity presents itself in FA, they should go for it. All depends on the situation.
  6. Yeah it was common knowledge. Dimitroff has been literally saying for the past two years that they were not going to go crazy in FA but spend money on drafted players. He said they rather spend big money on the players they draft, developed and already know. He said two weeks ago that Poe, Gabe, Clayborn, Ishmael etc was most likely not coming back - shoudnt be a surprise to anyone.
  7. Reid is very physical - to me he's more SS than FS. I think you take away some of his strengths by playing him as a high safety. I wouldn't want him playing as an eraser. I would play him closer to the LOS. JMO though.
  8. I think Reid could be a much better version of what Ishmael was - a hybrid LB/SS. I just don't think that is what he is looking for. And I definitely don't think the FO would pay what he wants for that type of role. I think he's a very good player though. I actually wanted the Falcons to draft him.
  9. If anyone had dreams of Ed Dickson becoming a Falcon, it looks like he's about to come off the board.