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  1. Vic has been solid in both games.
  2. Julio, Calvin, Dline, Trufant, Quinn
  3. Its evident that the Steelers receivers cant separate as well without AB drawing coverage. Ben keep holding the ball waiting for someone to get open.
  4. Dam
  5. Im still skeptical Brown will last the entire season in NE. Not too sure about Gordon either.
  6. This interview is when I felt AB was slipping.
  7. Yeah DQ said folks would be surprised by how much Matt chews out players in practice when they screw up. There were reports on how he was ripping Gabes *** during the SB practices.
  8. Yeah thats the thing. In sports - especially the NFL, AB type of behavior is tolerated as long as the team is winning, but the minute the drama outweighs the production your gone. Some players - great ones like AB have much longer leashes than others.
  9. Part of it is money he was already getting in his previous contract:
  10. Hard for me to believe that after the Steelers and Raiders any team will be willing to make AB the 2nd highest paid receiver - especially fully guranteed. Hes a loose cannon.Thats more than Thomas, Nuk, Evans, OBJ, Cooper etc. No doubt that some team is going to sign him though (for a certain price) - but its going to come with some conditions and not a lot of guarantees.