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  1. Even with the injurys we were still in a position to win and should have.
  2. Exactly. The lack of turnovers this year is not on the FS. 4 picks have been negated by penalties and quite a few have been dropped. The team has been forcing fumbles that have been bouncing back to the other team. The opportunities for TOs has been there - they have been in position for a lot of them - the team just have not been capitalizing on the opportunities.
  3. Not looking good for Kam either
  4. Yeah that's dam near every running back. No one gets 4.5 yards EVERY time the carry the ball lol
  5. Dam I hope so. This game should have a playoff feel to it. Huge for both teams.
  6. Earl is great but they have won games without him - even made the playoffs without him. This will be the first time they have played a game without Sherm - it will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  7. Yeah time will tell and I need to see a few more games but every since the Jets game it seems like Matt is rounding back into form. He's been throwing some very nice balls and moving in the pocket very well.
  8. Doesn't Rick Dennison run a similar system to us also?
  9. The last three games, Ryan seems to have his mojo back. The deep ball is still an issue but he's been putting balls on the money and hes moving in the pocket as well as he ever has.
  10. Zeke was always going to serve all six games. It was just a matter of when.
  11. This team is better than what the record shows - they just cant seem to get out of there own way.
  12. I like Ward but no, IMO two different styles of running.
  13. Regardless of what the ESPN rankings say, I don't think Sark is as bad as folks make him out to be. Hes had a few headscratchers for sure but outside of the New England game hes had the offense in position to win every game. The offense has had a lot of self inflicted wounds and some bad luck that wasn't all on Sark.
  14. Not to mention the ones that Trufant, Alford, Poole has had their hands on and didn't bring in. I think Trufant has had his hands on three that could have ben picked.