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  1. All of these players were on the team this year - on the practice squad. Tapou was on the 53 for a week or two but was put back on the PS when Rubin was signed. He plays both DT and FB. Of the rest, I think Reggie Davis and JT Jones may have a shot to make the 53 next season.
  2. For anyone who wanted Kubiak, they should like this hire - if it happens.
  3. Charlie Weis Jr also leaving to take an offensive coordinator job - Florida Atlantic.
  4. Now your spinning lol. Come on man, it was the same stuff.
  5. Sark was running the same stuff as Kyle. He didnt run it the same way and he put in a few of his own wrinkles but it was the same stuff.
  6. They are looking for help because Bush Hamdan took a job with U of Washington - theres an opening.
  7. I agree with this and with hindsight being 20/20 IMO this should have been the type of move made last year. Not that Bush Hamdan is a bad guy but like Sark, he didn’t have any NFL experience. Hamdam also did not have the pedigree to coach Matt Ryan hard – Knapp would. I don’t have any real issues with Sark as the OC going forward but there are nuances of the pro game that he has to work out and having some experienced guys like Knapp or Fisch who’s versed in the offensive system could help bridge that.
  8. Yeah Laconfora is definitely suspect but Alex Marvez from SI reported it also.
  9. Hes coached Hall of Fame QBs....
  10. Knapp has worked with a lot of different kinds of QBs as a QB coach and OC - Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Mike Vick, Matt Hasselbeck, Carson Palmer, Matt Shuab, Peyton Manning. Having him in the room with Sark can be a good thing.