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  1. Sources: Atlanta Falcons compile diverse list of GM candidates Adam Schefter ESPN Senior Writer The NFL is putting a premium on promoting diverse candidates, which is exactly what the Atlanta Falcons are targeting in their next general manager, league sources told ESPN. While the Falcons have been preparing for Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints, they also have been working to compile a diverse list of general manager candidates, according to sources. The Falcons' list includes former Texans GM Rick Smith, Bears assistant director of personnel Champ Kelly, Ra
  2. I was ragging on the oline during the game but this loss was more on Koetter than anything else. Its embarrasing how he never adjusted during the game. The defense got worn down after 4 straight three and outs.
  3. Offense keep going three and out, defense starting to get tired.
  4. They dont need to be possed on the sideline. They need to be pissed on the field.
  5. He would have failed a physical if traded nullifying any deal. A few of us mentioned that when folks were saying McKay was "letting him go for nothing"
  6. If he passes through waivers tomorrow, than I have to question if there was any serious trade interest. We will see.
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