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  1. Aging core? The only older core players were/are Ryan, Julio and Mack and Julio and Mack are gone. No other core player is even 30. This is plain dumb. 36 is not aging for a QB like Ryan these days either.
  2. I dont mind the confidence at all. As a matter of fact, Id be worried if he wasn't.
  3. That's why I said feel like more of a 49er to me. To me it feels like he's more associated with the teams he won SBs with. Maybe others feel differently.
  4. Julio, Ryan, Tuggle, Roddy. Deion feels more like a Cowboy or 49er to me.
  5. What does "listening to trade offers even mean?" I would imagine that outside of Mahomes and maybe a couple of others, every team will listen to trade offers on just about anybody.
  6. Looks like was is the odd man out. Yeah heath is an issue also.
  7. Yeah its a miracle lol. Still cant understand why they Will McFadden go and kept her around.
  8. Atlanta is number 4 on the waiver wire. It wont be hard to fill remaining depth holes when cuts start.
  9. Panthers are drafting well... Saints, not so much
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