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  1. Maclin is out for the season with a bad hamstring.
  2. Nah hes part of the rookie class that had Neal, Campbell, Jones and Poole - they all came in together.
  3. When the Falcons brought him back, they gave him a two year contract so he will be here next year which is good since its possible that Neal wont be ready until closer to week one next season.
  4. Hes not on the active roster so he cant be listed on the injury report.
  5. To me its quite simple. If the Falcons take care of the football they win. The only reason the Browns have been in any football games this season is because they are plus 11 in turnovers. The Falcons has the least amount of giveaways this season.
  6. Wut? Last week was the only game Takk has ever missed. Played all 18 last season.
  7. I dont expect that Freeman or Shelby will back until the Steelers game. Sounds like Takk will be a go this week.
  8. Hes on the active roster. Activated for the Panthers game.
  9. Yeah I enjoy football a lot more the less time I log into TAFT - win or lose.
  10. This game reminded me a lot of early 2016.
  11. Bro, Julio hasn't lost a step - still fast as hel
  12. Yeah I agree. If DQ take Duke off the field in nickel than that's different - but Foye starting at WLB in base is no different than last week.
  13. I thought Foye started in base last week at WLB. I didn't hear the actual press conference. Did he specify that he was starting at Mike?