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  1. I agree you never overlook anyone. But as pissed as Quinn and the Falcons are after Seattle. I have a lot of confidence that they will be more fired up for a while. I would even guess they have a team mission. Not only to make the playoffs, but to face Seattle again and make things right.
  2. Maybe we trade the person who began this thread?
  3. I think the number 1 worse move would be this report. Your months away from really knowing what moves were good or bad. It's only opinion. For fans it is ok, but to get paid for stupid opinions without proof is a crime. It's going to make the writer look more stupid when some of these so called bad moves turn out to be great for the teams. They should wait until January 2017 to do this report.
  4. For me, improvement in areas that were costly last season, Less turn overs and more positive results in red zone, more pressure/sacks on opposing quarterbacks. Better coverage on Tight ends and Running backs. I wouldn't be disappointed if we do not make the playoffs because my expectations are not that high. To finish with a record that puts the team in a positive attitude and hungry to be better. I would think winning the division if not the first goal it should be close.. You only have to have a better record than 3 other teams and you make the playoffs. I want the Falcons opponents to be at their best when we play them. I want to get a true picture of how far off are we still from being a consistent team with the potential to win it all.
  5. I give all pre season report cards an F because it is only an opinion or speculation. No one knows how teams actually did until the season is half way over or done with. It also depends on the actual goals of each team. Obviously the ultimate goal is to win it all. Yet 32 teams are always in a building or rebuilding mode after a Super Bowl, even the winner. They never know until the season has began for a few weeks how they did in the off season. So in mid season you have an idea. After the season is over to know exactly how they did and where their problems are. How did the perception of the Falcons change between mid season and the end of the 2015 season?
  6. I also think sports writers get over paid. The money received for the article should be donated to a college journalism class. If the Falcons are willing to pay whatever salary to Mohamed Sanu that is their right. My suggestion is for Mr.Chambers to have a face to face interview with any player he thinks is being over paid and question it. Then that player in turn can have an interview with Mr. Chambers boss and ask them if they are over paying for this article. Everyone can make the argument about every occupations being over/under paid. Considering the longevity of players in many sports and their handling of their money I would say they better get all they can.
  7. I think if you want to play this "wish we had gotten this guy instead of who we got" game Let's go back to 2011. How much better would our defense had been if the Falcons had moved up just ahead of Houston and grabbed JJ Watts and gotten a lesser rated Wide Receiver in the second round? With JJ Watts and Abraham how much better would the Defense had been in 2011. Would the offense still had been capable to control the ball and score without Julio? In 2012 instead of Konz why didn't the Falcons draft Dwayne Allen? We had Gonzalez who could have been a great mentor. You probably could go back thru every draft and redo it.
  8. I don't care if he as any sacks as long as the Falcons win the game.
  9. The question is not "Does anyone here think Jaylon Smith is worth the risk?" It should be "Does TD and Quinn feel their jobs are worth the risk?" Even though it could happen because anything is possible in a draft, do the Falcons stick to safe picks or roll the dice? I don't know how much more patience Blank has with TD. The Falcons have to show improvement in 2016 far greater than 8 and 8. In my opinion whether the Falcons stay at 17 or trade down every pick will be safe ones. Yet as I said earlier, anything can happen in a draft in spite of opinions here. Keeps the excitement building
  10. Anything is possible in the draft. Until pick 17 comes up it is all speculation. With certain peoples jobs on the line it is hard for me to see the Falcons gambling with only 5 picks. Honestly just 4 , I don't really count the 7th round pick. I think teams that have gambled with drafting injured players have either had many draft picks or were pretty much contenders and could afford it. The Falcons have to show improvement in 2016. Carolina already has a strong defense and can afford that pick if they desire.They were in the Super Bowl. Atlanta with only 5 picks,still building and perhaps another draft away from being consistent winners (depending on how they look in 2016) can't really afford it. Personally I don't care who Carolina drafts. I figure if you can't beat teams at their best then your not a contender anyway. Quinn and company will be judged on what they do in 2016. It has to be better than 8 and 8. As I said first, anything is possible. Have to wait and see. Just a few more weeks.
  11. I understand the spit balling of ideas and opinions concerning the draft. With only 5 picks the Falcons are limited unless they find someone willing to trade down with. One thing for sure, with the emphasis on defense, Carolina, New Orleans and Tampa Bay in most mock drafts will be following the trend. I would like to think whatever the Falcons do they are thinking about the defenses in the division they will be facing twice each besides trying to make their Defense better. If anything I would add depth with either a pick, UDFA or cuts from other teams to the O'line. You don't screw with the integrity of a line that isn't that far off from being a really good O'line.
  12. I'm all in if he can play edge rusher on defense also
  13. Nothing, I would just wait until the Draft, UDFA, and those who will be cut from other teams before the season begins to look at. I'll be happy when the draft gets here. Until they get to pick 17 no one really knows who will be available at that point. Teams always do screwy things. The only thing we know is "if" the Falcons stay at 17, there are 16 players they won't have to look at their pick
  14. I haven't seen the media being right too often when it comes to Atlanta's drafts. Especially when it comes to mock drafts. I figure it depends on what they do in free agency. Also who the 16 teams before them draft. The sure bet is whoever they draft in the first will be either defense front seven or Offensive line. Even if they make a move up or down from 17 in my opinion those are the positions they look at to pick their player. So most of the players mentioned in this report probably won't be there at 17. I guess we will eventually see. I think it will be an exciting draft.
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