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  1. When he drafted a CB in the 2nd round? We had absolutely no need for another CB. Alford was fine and will only continue to improve. Now we have created an unneccesary log-jam at CB. There were better options to be had (Fisher\Gregory) yet we took a project with a bum foot. TD and Quinn really outsmarted themselves with this pick smh. This is what happens when you over-think things.
  2. We have a major problem here. He does not fit Quinn's system. And we know what happens when a coach wants "their guy". No matter how good they are they eventually get shipped off. It happens every year in the NFL. With Revis and Foles being to recent notable examples. The question is, are Trufant's days numbered? If history is any indication the answer is a resounding yes....
  3. Those of you claiming that it is the "best" ever need to check into a rehab center ASAP. It takes a few years to evaluate a draft class. LAST years draft class was better than this. Matthews,Hageman,Southward, and Freeman all potential studs that showed major potential.There is no way a rational football fan could argue that this years draft class is better.
  4. Draft Jake Fisher with our second. He is pretty much Shannahan's dream offensive lineman, perfect for the ZBS. That will give us our bookend to Matthews. Next, throw a 6th rounder La'El Collin's way tomorrow. He is a monster, first round talent who has fallen because of police matters that are yet to be unresolved. He is NOT a suspect, they just want to question him. Now worse case scenario things go south and he won't play for us.Big deal. Wouldn't be the first time a 6th rounder never saw the field.But if he is cleared(as he is expected to) we will have committed highway robbery and have our stud LG of the future. This Oline would be set in stone and dominant for years to come......
  5. He has elite top 5 talent and the Falcons are in dire need of a pass rusher. It is a no-brainer. Earlier this year Falcons fans were salivating over the prospect of him falling to us. Well guess what, it happened. You think TD/Quinn will pass him up if he falls right into our laps? Think again.
  6. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/10302/shane-ray Think this guy is blowing smoke. Of the two weed heads, Gregory is the better option.
  7. I think we have all accepted that this will most likely be a rebuilding year which means yet another year of Matty Ice's prime wasted. Another year of eating turf after every play. I seriously believe that these past three years shortened Matt's career and possible life. Looks like it will be yet another tough year. How much longer will he last before getting seriously injured? Just remember if it finally happens, we were asking for it. I know Ryan is a tough man but this is ridiculous....
  8. That would be a dominating Oline. Especially with Matthews and Scherff anchoring that left side this would be brick wall. Scherff is an absolute road grader.He would complete this line. What ever no name RB Shanahan places back there would be destined to succeed.Not saying I would take him over Fowler,Ray,or Beasley but if he were the pick there would be no complaints from me.
  9. He is nothing but a work-out warrior, shades of Vernon Gholston. Before the combine he was a late 1st rounder and all of a sudden he is a top 5 pick? Please. Nothing changes the fact that he is a severely flawed prospect. And a significantly lesser prospect than Ray, Gregory, Fowler. Whoever takes him is going to be very, very disappointed. Hopefully it's not the Falcons.
  10. http://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/2y8ony/sources_say_atlanta_falcons_will_sign_suh_and/ And it begins....
  11. Instant pass rush and top 10 D. Imagine Suh and Hageman crushing the pocket. Hardy and Fowler bringing the heat. This is really happening folks.....
  12. The similarities are uncanny. How ridiculously lucky are the Falcons this year? The best edge-rusher draft in years and Fowler, Beasley, or Ray will be staring us right in the face. The Falcons could not have hoped for a better draft. Looks like this is the year we FINALLY get our edge rusher boys.
  13. Falcons win TWO SB in the next three years. You can just feel it coming. Say hello to the next NFL Dynasty. Quinn willl turn this thing around and have even more unprecedented success than Smitty.Thoughts?
  14. This will all seem like a bad dream. Quinn will set us up as a dynasty for the next decade. Remember this when we are hoisting that Lombardi next year.
  15. Falcons are going long for Quinn. This could turn out very very good or terribly wrong. We shall see.
  16. Today is time to put up or shut up for the Falcons. If Austin is not signed today he is pretty much guaranteed to go to Denver or Chicago. Today will let us know if it truly is Dan Quinn or bust......
  17. With Austin or Quinn being a lock to be our HC that means we can throw Tyson Jackson away. There would be no place for him in the 4-3 scheme. Nolan would mostlikely be thrown on the trash heap too. The whole 3-4 hybrid nonsense was a complete and utter failure.
  18. We will end up with our 3rd choice( Teryl Austin) with Bowles most likely getting swooped up by the Jets.Personally I think Austin is still a good choice but it is not about the final result. It is about the principal and I think it is fair to say that the Falcons have been left with egg all over their face after this whole fiasco. Our FO seems dysfunctional and Blank seems to be lost. It took years for Mike Smith and Matt Ryan to earn respect in this league as a "winning, stable franchise". Now it's the same old, loser Falcons. It will be a long climb back to the top before we are respected as one of the better teams again.We are back to square one.
  19. He was reported as being a boom or bust prospect with the potential to develop into a beast over time. True to the scouting report, he has slowly been coming along this season and today was another HUGE step in his development. Props to Hags. He showed up big today and hopefully he continues to develop into the monster we know he can be.
  20. But nothing else. This team is devoid of talent. You know it, I know it, and everybody in the NFL knows it. A top 10 pick would be immensely helpful to this talentless wasteland. Just saying....
  21. How does that make you feel?Falcons will be worst division winners of all time....
  22. AZ is just flat out better. That smothering,physical defense will absolutely man-handle this Offense. Expect a lot of that A-Gap Blitz which Arizona runs so well and absolutely destroys this line every time. I expect a very long day tomorrow for Ryan getting sacked easily 4+ Times. Remember back in the good ole days when the Falcons knew they lost the game before it was even played? Well guess what, those days are back. No way in **** we win this game,book it.
  23. We are absolutely terrible lol. Yet here we sit in first place..... The Falcons will win the division at 6-10 and be the worst SB winners of all time. This is shaping up as a season for the ages indeed.
  24. 6-10 wins the division. The Falcons will be the worst Division champs of all time. Thoughts?
  25. (And it is looking highly likely they will) Are we all good? I think so....
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