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  1. I would have traded Beasley and a one for him, but not gave him the monster contract. Business wise, Im concerned about paying Jarrett , Jones and Neal. Plus the promise to Julio.
  2. it would be nice to hear what the coaches like in him. I thought he was the worse lineman on the field, but I know I am a fan and not a coach. Id like to know the evaluation process.
  3. Was kind of hoping to catch the Eagles 'limping'. They are very good, but if we get up on them early and make Foles have to pass to beat us, we should be good.
  4. OK. Quinn didn't seem too concerned. So I'm ok. I think our preseason record the past 3 years is something like 1-11. But we have been one of the regular season tough teams. So, I will wait to judge.
  5. They aren't listening. I will sell the seat at a discount to get out. I was so mad that day that I could have rooted for the Saints. It became worse when no one is understanding that I don't want to do more work to fix this. I did my part. I paid my money. Now what I paid for has changed BIG time. Anyone want a first row seat, I will work with you better than Market Place.
  6. I wish the Ticket Office understood. I paid off my PSL...bought a first row aisle seat, and now I have this? The Ticket Office basically tells me if I don't like it, I can sell my seat on MarketPlace, or I can get on a relocation list. That will not be a fair compensation. I did my part. I paid the PSL off. Paid for the season. I have the seat I wanted, then before the anther game, its not the same seat. Now I have to do more work? Not fair.
  7. Hmmm, sorry. It shows for me. Let me see if I can do something else.
  8. Just so that you know what I'm talking about....I have had this seat all season. Before the Carolina game, this is what I saw. That seat number 1 is my seat. I had to now walk around to the other end to get to my seat. I went to the relocation center for an aisle seat on the first row...and that's what I bought and HAD. Now, I don't have an aisle seat any longer. This seat is not what I paid for. Not a bad location, but not what I asked for. Just wanted you to know what was being offered.
  9. The strange thing about my seat 313 row 1...and the other seats on this side ( section 314, 315 etc..) I was expecting to have the home side and home refere view. I am sitting behind the Falcons bench, but the midfield bird is upside down for me, and the ref is facing the visiting side,,,which is odd. Not a deal breaker, but odd.
  10. Keep trying...they are there. I hope something gets done with my seating problem. I was mad enough to root for the Saints. I walked out of the Stadium and finished watching the game at home ( after throwing my mini tantrum) . Try calling around 10 am. That's when ive gotten them.
  11. I'm having a problem with them and I get to talk to them. A fellow fan and myself bought aisle seats on the first row. Before the Carolina game the Falcons welded a barrier to my right now causes us to walk across everyone to get out.. I no longer have an aisle seat. Its not the seat that I bought any longer. I need a solution. I was told that basically, if I didn't like it, I could sell my seat........great service! Love my Birdz, but I'm getting no help from the ticket office for the last 4 weeks. So, youre not getting in touch with them....but I am and I'm not getting any help.
  12. Honestly, I think it makes us look more like a blue color town. That's more of a football town. The national perception, as if we care, is more of a laid back town...but we do love football here, and I like the ode to the old train stations in Atlanta. I personally like the horn.
  13. Im hoping that our defense can score in this game. I look for us to still work through some things on offense. Freeman, Jones and Gabriel have not really been on the field getting in rhythm and getting used to a different play caller. I never under estimate a pro football team , especially at home. I still say we win by 7 or more.
  14. We win the Super Bowl, and we all know that not one of us would even care what anyone thinks.
  15. Natural to be a little concerned, but I think he is just fine. Just being cautious during pre season
  16. Thanks for the pics. I gave my invite away.
  17. Those contracts that may be gone....I cant think of who I want gone, may hurt the team. Reed and Levitre will be gone, but that will help with Free's contract and to resign Matthews and possible Gabriel, Hageman and possibly Poe. As I said. I hope you're right and we keep this team together as long as possible. That would be the best move. It will be tough though.
  18. That's true. I think the 10 yard split is more important, but you're right.
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