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  1. People I have interest in, In some particular order: Shanahan coaching tree Gary Kubiak Mike Shanahan Mike McDaniel - OC Offensive Minds Brian Daboll Josh McDaniels Greg Roman Other Options David Shaw Urban Meyer Lincoln Riley Dave Toub Marvin Lewis Dave Fipp I'm not a fan of Bienemy because I think Andy Reid is the master mind and secret sauce behind that offense (from a coaching standpoint). I prefer an offensive mind HC because most of our $$ is invested in offense and I don't want to keep r
  2. Food for thought.... We have drafted Terron Ward's replacement 2 years in a row. So far he looks like the best option. He's still available to sign as a free agent.
  3. Is the forced INT the H3LL or the High water? JJ was the Most Targeted receiver in the league last year by 10 passes. BTW, interceptions were up for MR2 last year. At what point does it go from getting the ball to your playmaker to spreading the ball to "other" NFL caliber receivers?
  4. BPA / Perennial all star Cody Whitehair. For our first rounder I'm looking for a front 7 player ( off. or def. ) that we can count on for years to come. Helps us control the LOS on 3rd and short so we convert and sustain drives is a win win in my book. Helps our offense and defense.
  5. Oakland Coliseum Ralph Wilson Paul Brown Arrowhead GA Dome Lambeau Soldier
  6. If they stay healthy and ball out we resign them (At a much more expensive contract, Either we believe in the player or not. Buy Low, Sell High. The health is a craps shoot Unless your talking about S Baker. Then it is a little more predictable lol.) Build through the draft, why does everyone want to go crazy in FA. (Is there a middle ground between "going crazy" and having to rebuild your team every year?) We now have 16 Free Agents next off season. You can't fill them thru the draft. Even if you exceed expectations and have 5 contributing players in draft, you still we need to fi
  7. Is anyone else concerned that 7 of the 11 Free Agents signed were signed to 1 yr contracts? It makes me wonder what the long term strategy is. While I understand the benefit of a 1 yr prove it contract, next off-season we will have re-sign or replace these 7 guys we signed this yr plus the other FAs that were already coming up next yr. This might be a fine strategy but there is only so much talent available in a given off-season. Are we so confident we will be able to draft/develop next years roster this year that we only need a 1 yr stop gap player? Just bc we have money and roster spots
  8. I would love to see Singletary come in as his DC. Obviously Rex would call shots on Def. but Singletary played for Buddy in Chicago and I think he would help to toughen this defense up.
  9. My concern w Shanahan is would he want to convert us to a zone blocking scheme? We finally got some traction in man blocking.
  10. Then why do the eagles lead the league in plays per game for 2014? http://www.sportingcharts.com/nfl/stats/team-plays-per-game/2014/
  11. I'm more worried M Ryan would be the one that would get Killed. The more plays we run, the more chances for the defense to bullseye on our qb (See Nick Foles), especially with all the read options.
  12. That has no bearing for me on whether or not he should be our next coach. Reporters want somebody that makes a good story. Someone that says off the wall stuff. I couldn't care less whether reporters like him or not. I want a coach that makes us a better team.
  13. I'll be interested to see what we do at Safety. Moore and Lowery play well when they're in the game. They just both miss a lot of time.
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