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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to FalconFan13 in What is with the love for Ulbrich and Raheem but all the hate for DQ?   
    What you mean they didn't do better?

    1st 5 games with Quinn calling the defense

    Falcons defense  -  446 YPG given up -  Would have been dead last in nfl by 25+ yards
    Falcons PPG - 32.2 PPG give up - 31st in league with last only .2 points worse.

    Last 10 games besides the final game where no one was trying to win anything could see no one cared

    Falcons defense - 365 YPG given up - 19th in league  not great but much much better by 80 ypg
    Falcons PPG - 20.9 PPG given up - 5th best in the league which is A HUGE IMPROVEMENT

    Thats an entire drive of plays and 2 scores of improvement once Quinn left thats not just a little but a fricken night and day improvement and even more impressive it's over a more sustained time of 10 games.
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from Rings in A trade which will make TATF and AtL go crazy.   
    Do it in a heartbeat. Likely to see all QB prospects still available outside of Lawrence, and the Aints have to essentially select the right one. I think that's a worthy gamble to take while crippling them at a time where they really need to be adding as much young talent outside of QB.
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from celtiksage in Arthur Smith / Terry Fontenot Press Conference LIVE   
    Really like TF's energy, and approach to getting the team in a better situation overall for success. What stood out most for me was in the interview process of him not trying to buy the job with his words, but simply let AB know that "Hey, here are my credentials". Smith pretty much did the same, and something from him was his humility and humbleness. He mentioned his dad being who he was didn't gift wrap him anything. He had to go out there and earn it. 
    I didn't expect us to really be in on TF, but i'm glad we got him. Had no horse in the HC race, but Smith feels like a warm welcome. Here's to hoping this combo sticks around for the long haul.
    Really wished we could've got more insight on what too expect from the DC selection, but I guess patience is needed here for now.
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to falconsd56 in Arthur Smith / Terry Fontenot Press Conference LIVE   
    Yup.....I mean he was a  **** of a receiver in college but we have Julio for another year.
    We have Ridley
    We have Gage
    At TE we have Hurst 
    Assuming Smith does indeed run the ball more then picking another wr would be a waste of a pick unless they plan on dealing Julio later.
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to Ergo Proxy in Arthur Smith / Terry Fontenot Press Conference LIVE   
    Corner was also a need.
    I mean y’all gotta not take this BPA and need thing as black and white.
    The defense is full of holes and BPA could easily work at many many positions on the Falcons...because “BPA” isn’t entirely position driven anyway! It’s subjective...even a RB could be hyped as “BPA” by anyone.
    The only thing that matters is do they help you win or not and is it at the LEVEL of their investment cost?
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to JDaveG in Arthur Smith / Terry Fontenot Press Conference LIVE   
    I love, love, love the fact that he is not afraid to stack a position.  Talent wins.  You can figure out how to use the talent once you get it.  Trying to make less talent work because you "need" that position is silly.
    Free agency is for filling holes.  The draft is for stockpiling talent.  This ought to be obvious, but it's the opposite of Thomas Dimitroff's philosophy.
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to A Dog Named Brian in Arthur Smith / Terry Fontenot Press Conference LIVE   
    He WORKED for NOLA the past 18 years, tf you think he’s gonna reference his summer job back in college??? Some of y’all need to get a friggin’ grip 
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from Herr Doktor in Panthers WR Coach Frisman Jackson Interviews for OC   
    Came to mention this. I'm expecting Ragone to get the job, but Jackson was a WR coach I believe in 2017, while Smith was TE coach. So i'm sure they had a close relationship, making it an easy way to satisfy the rule, while getting Jackson some notoriety for even being considered for the OC job.
    From what I have read up on(deep digging), Ragone is apparently thought to be an intelligent mind offensively, and being a former QB at Louisville with also QB coach experience has led a few to believe he is potentially HC material.
    Not sure how much of that is smoke for the media, but while looking through some articles, I read Ragone was asked to provide more ideas in the offensive game planning since the bye this year. The Bears since the bye had a much improved offense. Went for a more short passing game, and focus on power in the run game.
    I'm not saying Ragone is perfect for the job, but I think Smith might be looking for help in the passing game, and like's Ragone's mind enough to bring him in.
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to Goober Pyle in Panthers WR Coach Frisman Jackson Interviews for OC   
    It's likely that he had staffing ideas already sketched out, but the NFL has applied the Rooney Rule to coordinator positions as well. 
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to DonOfThemBirds in Panthers WR Coach Frisman Jackson Interviews for OC   
    Never heard that one before
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to marvinthemartian in Arthur Blank does one thing as well or better than anybody else...   
    First of all, as a Falcons fan since 1966 and having suffered through the Rankin Smith ownership tenure, I am forever grateful to Arthur Blank for what he has done for this city and this franchise. He makes mistakes like we all do but he is still one of the very best owners, not just in the NFL, but in all of pro sports. 
    Mr Blank does one thing exceptionally well. When he decides he wants someone in his organization, he does whatever has to be done and gets the person he wants. He is not cheap. You never hear him complain publicly about money or having to pay big contracts even if those contracts were ill-advised. It may not always turn out to be the best decision, but give the man credit where credit is due... he goes after who and what he wants and gets it. I truly appreciate him as an owner. We are fortunate to have him. 
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from pa_falcon_fan in DC Rumors?   
    I'd say this is probably the next most important hire at this juncture. Smith is calling the plays it sounds like, so really establishing the DC and getting an idea of what pieces will need to go and which ones are to be kept is vital right now.
    Forget who Smith has connections and past history with. We need the best mind available.
    With Smith being a young coach, I wouldn't mind going with a vet DC like a Wade Phillips or Peas. Romeo Crennel wouldn't be bad hire either. Likely will require a switch to a 3-4 with one of the mentioned so far.
    TF has connections with Aaron Glenn, who's well regarded around the league, and of course has been on staff for the Saints over the last few years. Teryl Austin was once being considered for a HC job, and that Steelers secondary has been a true strength since he arrived. Getting a DC job and showcasing himself to be a HC candidate may help us a lot. Plenty of experience here as well.
    Brandon Staley is a hot, young name that also may want to get a DC job to showcase himself. I won't rule out Rah and Ulbrich being established as a co-DC pairing. They can truly build things how they would want, and with how much more different the defense looked in general with them, wouldn't be a bad idea.
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from Romfal in Arthur Smith Complaint Thread   
    I feel the same way. I acknowledge the fact that we likely upgraded the overall scheme and philosophy, and it very well may end up being all we need anyway, so long as we get a decent back to carry most of the running load.
    My concern comes from not knowing if Henry was the key to success, or if Smith scheming a run game regardless of RB is all that matters.  I'm going to assume we'll have success in the run game, but again, how much success.
    I've heard from some local folks that Vrabel was really conservative and Smith would likely be more aggressive in his play calls on his merit, but not a lot of praise in thinking he will actually make things work with being more aggressive.
    Play calling gets a lot easier when you have a RB who can literally force a defense to account for every move said RB makes. In the end, I guess we will be the guinea pig experiment to see how good Smith is as a playcaller.
    P.S: Don't take this as a full blown complaint of being unsatisfied. I'm just not jumping for joy as if we know for certain Smith is the savior. 
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to Romfal in Arthur Smith Complaint Thread   
    not to be a bear but when the run game was stuffed in Tennessee this dude didn't have an answer, most recent example just last week, we've seen this show plenty of times as Falcons fans. I'll give him a chance but I don't have high expectations. 
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to Rings in Arthur Smith vs Dirk Koetter   
    This is not intended to be a final bash Dirk post, although there will be some I'm sure.  This is more to show different tendencies over their two years on their respective teams.  My goal with this is to try to predict what kind of performance we can expect from our offense next year.  I'm also not going to compare basic stats because that is easy info to find and has likely already been done.  
    First, Let's Compare Personnel.  I will use PFF Grades to keep this simple as the base of "who is better or worse", I know it isn't the end all be all but very few here I'm sure have watched a ton of snaps of Tennessee's Left Guard, so I'm just taking out any fan bias as well.  From there try to dig into how the starters changed those years vs previous and play calling tendencies.
    2020 PFF Grades

    Ryan: 83.1
    Tannehill: 90.6
    Smith: 59.0
    Henry: 91.8
    Jones: 86.3
    Ridley: 84.9
    Brown: 90.4
    Davis: 85.3

    Smith: 74.0
    Hurst: 58.9
    Matthews: 75.5
    Lewan: 61.8

    Carpenter: 56.1
    Saffold: 72.8
    Mack: 65.7
    Jones: 78.6

    Lindstrom: 77.2
    Davis: 71.1

    McGary: 64.1
    Kelly: 65.9
    Couple comments.  I don't think Tannehill is better than Ryan, I don't think TEN's WR core is better than ATL's, but I do believe Smith had them playing better than Dirk did in ATL.
    QB - Ryan had his two lowest graded seasons of the last 8 years under Dirk, while Tannehill had by far his best two seasons under Smith.  Here are their grades the last 8 years (when Tannehill entered the league)
    Year - Ryan | Tannehill
    2020 - 83.1 | 90.6
    2019 - 76.0 | 90.2
    2018 - 84.3 | 45.3
    2017 - 88.3 | 74.2
    2016 - 92.2 | 68.0
    2015 - 80.9 | 75.6
    2014 - 84.8 | 75.6
    2013 - 76.6 | 80.4
    2012 - 88.2 | 68.4
    Smith took a very average to below average QB and had him playing at an elite level.  This alone is extremely encouraging.  I still don't think Tannehill got the recognition he deserved on how well he was playing just because 1) he was always mediocre and 2) Henry got all the love.  So what are some key things that changed for both QBs?
    Play Action
    In 2020 Tannehill ran the highest % of pass plays out of play action, however had the worst completion % difference in the league vs plays with no play actions.  Ryan was 22nd in play action rate, but was 3rd in completion % vs plays with no play action.  AKA Tannehill was 7.9% worse on play action passes vs non, Ryan was 6.3% high completion rate vs non.
    Year - Ryan | Tannehill
    2020 - 25.8% | 36.4%
    2019 - 20.6% | 29.9%
    2018 - 26.9% | 25.5%
    2017 - 22.8% | N/A
    2016 - 27.6% | 21.8%

    Ryan's 27.6% in 2016 was number one in the league, 27.6% would put you at 18th in the league in 2020.  Times are changing and further proof Dirk wasn't keeping up.
    Pre-Snap Motion (Last Two Years)
    ATL - 40% (17th)
    TEN - 56% (3rd)...62% in quarters 1-3 which was 2nd in the league
    QB Rushing TDs
    Tannehill before Smith: 6 TDs in 6 seasons, 1 per year
    Tannehill with Smith: 12 TDs in 2 seasons, 6 per year
    Ryan's career 12 TDs in 13 seasons, ~1 per year
    % of Throws < 2.5 Seconds
    Ryan - 44.1% (30th)
    Tannehill - 52.7% (14th)

    % of Dropbacks Under Pressure
    Ryan - 34.1%
    Tannehill - 31.1%
    Personnel Groupings - Multiple Tight End Set Usage (2020)
    Pass Plays
    ATL - 17% (18th)
    TEN - 42% (3rd only to CLE & MIN)
    Run Plays
    ATL - 33% (23rd)
    TEN - 54% (3rd only to CLE & NYG)
    Top 5 Personnel Sets In Order of Use vs Success Rate (2020)
    1-1 - 61% | 47%
    1-2 - 15% | 54%
    2-1 - 12% | 45%
    2-2 - 6% | 46%
    1-3 - 3% | 38%
    1-1 - 40% | 53%
    1-2 - 33% | 53%
    2-1 - 11% | 56%
    1-3 - 9% | 50%
    2-2 - 5% | 54%
    Total Success Rate
    ATL - 47% (25th)
    TEN - 53% (4th behind KC, BUF & GB)
    Red Zone Efficiency (2020)
    ATL - 53% (26th)
    TEN - 74% (2nd)

    Red Zone Efficiency (2019)
    ATL - 52% (25th)
    TEN - 77% (1st)
    Field Goal Attempts per Game (This is a Bad Thing)
    ATL - 2.5 (2nd)
    TEN - 1.4 (31st)

    Average Yards to Go on 2nd Down 
    ATL - 7.5 (11th)
    TEN - 7 (1st)
    Under Center Snaps (Run vs Pass)
    ATL - 55% to 45%
    TEN - 70% to 30%
    Dirk actually outbalanced Smith here.  Shotgun however......
    Shotgun Snaps (Run vs Pass)
    ATL - 22% to 78% (4th highest)
    TEN - 33% to 67% (9th highest)
    Passing Breakdown by Position (2020)
    RB | TE | WR

    Target Rate
    ATL - 17% | 17% | 66%
    TEN - 12% | 29% | 58%

    Success Rate
    ATL - 43% | 50% | 56%
    TEN - 38% | 57% | 59%

    Yards per Attempt
    ATL - 4.7 | 6.4 | 8.7
    TEN - 4.1 | 7.1 | 9.5
    No Huddle Rate
    ATL - 7.98% (15th)
    TEN - 16.51% (3rd)
    There are a lot of other random stats I am sure I could find, but I am already getting tired and don't feel like digging more.  I for one am very excited about the hire the more I dove into these numbers...and maybe even more excited that Dirk won't be back.
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to JDaveG in Now we got Smith, Falcons O-Line becomes priority in the draft.   
    Not every problem is a personnel problem. 
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from SavedByGrace1221 in Sources: Urban Meyer assembling staff in case he takes Jacksonville Jaguars head-coaching job   
    To be fair, he's probably the best shot at getting a "college" coach to succeed in the NFL. Everywhere he has been has been a winner. I don't think any of his teams have won less than 8 games, and that includes 8 and 9 win seasons at Bowling Green and back to back 10+ wins at Utah. As soon as he steps foot on a campus, they're a winner. You can bring up his off the field stuff, but the man can coach. Having Trevor Lawrence and a trove of picks, is almost like having your pick at the best recruits in HS. Might not come out the gates swinging, but he could find success a lot sooner than most may believe. 
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from Jesus in The Falcons should interview Ed Dodds.   
    You would think he single-handedly built the Seahawks and Colts from scratch.
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to Jesus in The Falcons should interview Ed Dodds.   
    I'm so tired if hearing about the mythical Ed Dodds. 
    If he was so great he'd be a GM already.
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to KRUNKuno in LaFleur, Rodgers endorse Hackett for Falcons’ position   
    Hackett has called plays before with both Buffalo and Jacksonville.  It wouldn’t be his first rodeo, guys.  He has a system and is the son of Paul Hackett, a WCO guru. 
    Also the HC calling plays is slightly overrated.  I need my head coach to know how to get the best out of his players, staff, and organization.
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to kiwifalcon in CAP Management Expertise: Our GM Better Have It   
    See and in the same breath with good coaching they came within a hairs breath of winning it all.While rebuilding the roster.Team building TD and co have shown there capable finishing on the field has been the bain of this teams existence.
    Coaching is the main reason why this team has fallen over the last few years.You’ve seen bad hires poor use of resources on and off the field.
    For me this roster right now with a few tweaks is good enough to win.The issue is people just can’t get past is the record and are pretending what your seeing now is what we are.For me if the coaching was on point you’d see a lot more consistency and the good and the bad are closer together.All we’ve seen from this bunch of coaches this year is rocks or diamonds.
    Just look at the defense once they went away from DQ to Raheem Morris and Ulbrich last year you went from a 1-7 start to a 6-2 finish.Issue is here we have to bring the mentioned closer together and that’s down to preparation and coaching.
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    Geaux_Falcons reacted to Tmodel66 in Where are the TD supporters?   
    We are in cap **** to the point where it is difficult for us to hire a great coach and GM.
    Paying for past performance (Ryan, Julio, Freeman), honoring “the Brotherhood” (Rico, Trufant), poor free agent signings (Fowler, Brown, Gurley) and justifying draft mistakes (a long list including Senat, McKinley, Beasley etc.) have put us in this place with a 4-12 team.
    It is criminal the mess left behind after the Dimitroff regime.
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from falconsd56 in Tennessee Titans fans thoughts about Arthur Smith   
    Visited my cousin in Nashville a month or so ago, and we watched a Titan game at a bar. Sat with some local HS coaches, and their opinions kinda lined up with what the OP linked. They were more detailed of course. Just paraphrasing what was said, They enjoy having an efficient offense, and love having the ability to run the ball at any given moment, but also recognize that it's a double edge sword. If a team can keep Henry in check just a tad bit and establish a lead of some sort, then Tennessee is going to struggle. Titans really rely too much on the run game, and explosive offenses will cause them problems. A suspect defense doesn't help that situation either. 
    Also mentioned that Tannehill has been solid for them, but it's more so due to teams looking to stop Henry(obviously), than Smith's play calling. Mentioned they have seen teams literally stack the box on an obvious throwing down to prevent Henry breaking out and forcing Tannehill to make plays himself. Vrabel came up in the convo as well. They mentioned Vrabel just likes playing a physical brand of football, and enjoys the "3 yards and a cloud of dust" mentality. This also led to comments about maybe if Smith had a better QB overall, then he would pass more in certain situations.
    When it comes to Smith, he's thought to be a good offensive mind, but many question if he himself can replicate the same offense with a different back or is Henry really just that good of a back. They weren't sure, but can't wait for his departure to see(expecting him to land a HC gig).
    From that convo, I gathered that Smith could be a good OC, but he's probably going to need a bruising, road grader in the backfield to be effective. If not, you might see him literally run his team into the ground trying to prove a point that he will run the ball no matter what. I'm in the air myself on him, but i'm leaning Henry is just that good, with a slight mix of Smith making the right calls.
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from Herr Doktor in Ricardo Allen is pure trash!   
    A lot of hate on Rico. He was a stop gap, that later went unnoticed when it came to replacing him later down the road due to having needs elsewhere. If he didn't have physical limitations, he would have had a bigger impact. Those limitations are more obvious now since we have had better play in the secondary from others, which in return have exposed him as the now weakest link in the secondary. 
    Still, he was a lot better than people are giving him credit for. He's for sure not the future, nor the present FS of this team, but don't trash the guy because it's showing a lot more now.
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    Geaux_Falcons got a reaction from JohnnyFranchise in Projecting “trade down” partners - using draft values   
    The best move in my eye, as of right now today, would be to trade down. Loading up on 2022 picks is probably a better plan for the future. The QB class is deeper. Stingley would be perfect on the other side of the field with AJ. Kayvon Thibodeaux will probably be the top EDGE guy, but the class in general will be a deep one with others like Karlaftis from Purdue, Zach Harrison, and Nolan Smith.
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