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  1. I'm not the biggest fan of switching to a 3-4, but if we are to do it, I feel comfortable with Pees leading the charge and maybe grooming someone under him. Him or Wade seemed ideal for something like this. Micah Parson makes a ton of sense here as a 3-4 OLB.
  2. Do it in a heartbeat. Likely to see all QB prospects still available outside of Lawrence, and the Aints have to essentially select the right one. I think that's a worthy gamble to take while crippling them at a time where they really need to be adding as much young talent outside of QB.
  3. Really like TF's energy, and approach to getting the team in a better situation overall for success. What stood out most for me was in the interview process of him not trying to buy the job with his words, but simply let AB know that "Hey, here are my credentials". Smith pretty much did the same, and something from him was his humility and humbleness. He mentioned his dad being who he was didn't gift wrap him anything. He had to go out there and earn it. I didn't expect us to really be in on TF, but i'm glad we got him. Had no horse in the HC race, but Smith feels like a warm welcome. He
  4. Exactly. De'marr Chase could easily be the BPA at 4, but does that mean you just draft Chase at 4, or do you scoop down to the next BPA, who also could provide an impact at a different position? Obviously you're not going to pick Chase since you have Julio and Ridley, and Smith's offense doesn't require having 3 #1 WR's on it.
  5. Could be true. Not ruling Jackson completely out of the picture, but Ragone at least having the position of being a passing game coordinator and QB coach would lead me to think he would certainly be the front runner. I saw you mention Carolina having 3 productive WR's. Is that more credit to Brady and Rhule play calling or Jackson himself? Brady called plays for the record breaking LSU offense, and Rhule's philosophy has evolved into a heavy spread RPO. Jackson is certainly bright as a coach, but I think Carolina was going to have the production they had regardless if Jackson was there or
  6. Happy for Ulbrich and Knapp. Knapp is well respected around the league after so many years. Ulbrich likely has a bright future ahead of him if he goes to NY and helps create a strong defense or at least continue pumping out quality LB play.
  7. Came to mention this. I'm expecting Ragone to get the job, but Jackson was a WR coach I believe in 2017, while Smith was TE coach. So i'm sure they had a close relationship, making it an easy way to satisfy the rule, while getting Jackson some notoriety for even being considered for the OC job. From what I have read up on(deep digging), Ragone is apparently thought to be an intelligent mind offensively, and being a former QB at Louisville with also QB coach experience has led a few to believe he is potentially HC material. Not sure how much of that is smoke for the media, but while l
  8. I'd say this is probably the next most important hire at this juncture. Smith is calling the plays it sounds like, so really establishing the DC and getting an idea of what pieces will need to go and which ones are to be kept is vital right now. Forget who Smith has connections and past history with. We need the best mind available. With Smith being a young coach, I wouldn't mind going with a vet DC like a Wade Phillips or Peas. Romeo Crennel wouldn't be bad hire either. Likely will require a switch to a 3-4 with one of the mentioned so far. TF has connections with Aaron Glenn,
  9. I feel the same way. I acknowledge the fact that we likely upgraded the overall scheme and philosophy, and it very well may end up being all we need anyway, so long as we get a decent back to carry most of the running load. My concern comes from not knowing if Henry was the key to success, or if Smith scheming a run game regardless of RB is all that matters. I'm going to assume we'll have success in the run game, but again, how much success. I've heard from some local folks that Vrabel was really conservative and Smith would likely be more aggressive in his play calls on his merit,
  10. I'm rooting for him. I would be happy knowing injuries ultimately killed us when he first started here, and knowing he at least had the pieces he wanted, but never materialized due to that mainly. At minimum just show he's at least competent as a DC.
  11. You would think he single-handedly built the Seahawks and Colts from scratch.
  12. News flash, Our secondary has a lot of weak spots when it comes to talent. Particularly at FS, where the talent needs to be at. I will credit Whitt with placing Oliver in the right spot to contribute. Also bringing AJ along was very impactful. You can't just say he thrived off of natural talent in the NFL. CB is one of the hardest position to learn in the NFL. Even the most talented guys get roasted in their first year.
  13. To be fair, he's probably the best shot at getting a "college" coach to succeed in the NFL. Everywhere he has been has been a winner. I don't think any of his teams have won less than 8 games, and that includes 8 and 9 win seasons at Bowling Green and back to back 10+ wins at Utah. As soon as he steps foot on a campus, they're a winner. You can bring up his off the field stuff, but the man can coach. Having Trevor Lawrence and a trove of picks, is almost like having your pick at the best recruits in HS. Might not come out the gates swinging, but he could find success a lot sooner than most may
  14. I agree. Had we got rid of Quinn when Sark was still here, or simply just kept Sark longer, I think we see a different record. I always thought Sark was going to turn a corner with the offense, but ended up a little shock when he was fired in the great coaching fire of '18.
  15. Dobbs has been avoiding the spotlight. Not sure what changed to want to go to Carolina, but yeah, he decided to at least interview. Not sure if he really wants to go anywhere to be the guy. I prefer Brown, as he was more involved with the draft, and bringing in a lot of the guys Indy has drafted lately.
  16. https://www.nbcboston.com/news/sports/patriots/patriots-draft-rewind-the-5-worst-draft-classes-of-the-belichick-era/2111315/ You could really just read the first half of that, but the rest gives more examples of just how bad a draft even the best GM's can have. There's more, but the debate is really this simple to where you shouldn't need much else. The only difference is, BB hit on Brady, and was able to keep good coaches and assistants around.
  17. No preference on which side of the ball. The same problem will come up for both sides of the ball. You can't simply lose your DC and expect your defense to still play the same. I've heard some say at least an offensive minded HC will keep consistency for your QB, but the same can be said for your defense also. Jamal Adams in one defense will end up looking different for another one depending on how you will use him. If it truly made a difference as far as which side of the ball needs to be a HC, then Harbaugh shouldn't be having the success he has had. He came to the Ravens as a ST coach.
  18. I think it's hard to say. So many of the backs have varying skillsets. Etienne is explosive, with surprising power. Harris and Williams are very similar and the edge might go to Harris for being a bigger, but I think Williams has the better hands. I wished Gainwell didn't opt out. I think he truly has everything you're looking for in an NFL back now days. Trey Sermon made a late rise though, and may end up being the guy you want. I mean we're probably overlooking Chuba in the discussion due to a not so great year he had.
  19. Visited my cousin in Nashville a month or so ago, and we watched a Titan game at a bar. Sat with some local HS coaches, and their opinions kinda lined up with what the OP linked. They were more detailed of course. Just paraphrasing what was said, They enjoy having an efficient offense, and love having the ability to run the ball at any given moment, but also recognize that it's a double edge sword. If a team can keep Henry in check just a tad bit and establish a lead of some sort, then Tennessee is going to struggle. Titans really rely too much on the run game, and explosive offenses will caus
  20. Sadly, I think this is the only reason some of you want Arthur Smith here. Not saying he's a bad OC, but his strong running game is fueled by a massive behemoth of a RB that can outrun DB's. What happens if he can't replicate that exotic smash mouth style? Everything he does relies heavily on that running game.
  21. Hill is meh to me. He's more of a "just hit the hole" kind of guy. That's good when it's there, but if it's not, I want to see some creativity to make something actually happen. At least have vision to cut and find a hole backside. Not the best receiver out of the backfield either. I'm hoping we get a more talented back and use Ito as the #2. Our RB3 should only see action if one of the top 2 guys are out. RBBC only works when you have a mix of different talents to take advantage of.
  22. The best move in my eye, as of right now today, would be to trade down. Loading up on 2022 picks is probably a better plan for the future. The QB class is deeper. Stingley would be perfect on the other side of the field with AJ. Kayvon Thibodeaux will probably be the top EDGE guy, but the class in general will be a deep one with others like Karlaftis from Purdue, Zach Harrison, and Nolan Smith.
  23. A lot of hate on Rico. He was a stop gap, that later went unnoticed when it came to replacing him later down the road due to having needs elsewhere. If he didn't have physical limitations, he would have had a bigger impact. Those limitations are more obvious now since we have had better play in the secondary from others, which in return have exposed him as the now weakest link in the secondary. Still, he was a lot better than people are giving him credit for. He's for sure not the future, nor the present FS of this team, but don't trash the guy because it's showing a lot more now.
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