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  1. I feel like this is nitpicking without context, including the Tampa Bay WR corps. I'm not saying we should also draft Chase, but I can see the logic from both the fans and FO perspective if they did. TB was able to get Brown on a vet min deal, and Godwin of course was drafted in the 3rd round. There's already speculation that TB wants to bring both back and although it's likely to see Brown leave due to age, Godwin's only 24 and TB has the space to extend him. Either way, TB had an elite WR corps. Brady certainly had toys to play with and that's without including the TE's making a combine
  2. Would love this move honestly. First round talent for a 3rd round pick is great value.
  3. Alim Mcniel or Tyler Shelvin. Mcniel has the higher upside, but Shelvin would be fine as well.
  4. Or we could convince the Jags that they can draft Sewell at 4 and we can take 25 and 33, while getting a first next year maybe. They have another 2nd, and essentially they can say they have solved their QB and LT problem with 2 top 5 talents. That's a heck of a jump start for a new regime.
  5. Well I think for Sewell, he offers the option to put him in at G and later down the road, move him to LT once you are able to move on from Matthews or Mcgary(IF they choose to do so). If he's the talent he's expected to be, you might just throw him at either tackle out the gate and deal with moving Mcgary elsewhere either to G or trade him. If BPA is the route TF is going, then he's not passing up Sewell. Matthews is still young, and having 2 great tackles never hurts. Especially if they are talents that can both be around their entire career.
  6. He's a pro personnel guy. BPA only made sense for him in the draft. He can fill holes via FA. At this point, we're just waiting for draft day to determine who they see as BPA as slotted picks we have.
  7. He's been the trade down target in all of my mocks lately since Pees was hired.
  8. Takk over Watt maybe, but Vic at least gave us some glimmer of hope. I think the OL bonanza was more of the correct logic for the premise of the article. Went OL heavy after signing two guards beforehand to decent money. Lindstrom was worthy of his selection, but Mcgary might have been the avoided if we at least used the money on the guards to get our RT. That alone probably allows us to go with 2 other players by never trading up or bare minimum, take a different player after trading up. Still don't think it was that big of a deal, but I see why they felt it was.
  9. Unfortunately i too assumed he would be. Spoon, Hageman, and Southward all had me head over heels. Marcus Green a few years ago gave me hope we had a Tarik Cohen type weapon. Outside of the Falcons org for the giggles, I thought Aaron Donald would be a lesser player.
  10. The down year is what I think will cause him to slip. Hubbard has been on my radar for the last few years also. If he is valued in the 2nd round, i'm okay with that as well. Just think he might slip to the 3rd at our pick. Either way, I like Hubbard no matter what.
  11. The overall player impact is in a different league. You remember how Calvin Johnson used to get triple teamed regularly or even noticed how Julio is treated this way at times? Well Donald has that level of impact. If 1 guy can pull 3 players to him, he's a game changer. Grady can command doubles from time to time, but he isn't beating those doubles the way Donald can. Like you said, Grady is a very good/great DT. Aaron Donald is amazing/world class.
  12. Beyond the top rated guys, I think Hubbard would be a fine choice in the 3rd or 4th.
  13. I'd say Neal should be brought back on a fair deal. Not saying someone won't try to lure him away, but if if he wants to stay and take something a little less, then do it. Mack would have to be a sweetheart deal. You drafted Hennessy, so let him take over. Henn will probably look a lot better with a better scheme in place. Another year in the league will only come with growth and development anyway. Blidi deserves to be kept. Dude always makes a big interception when he plays. The rest, I say either upgrade with talent or go cheaper. All of them really didn't cost much, so findi
  14. I know we shouldn't be looking for excuses, but I just can't get over how injuries cost us a lot. I mean when healthy, Debo and Neal were key pieces on D. Takk always seemed to have the talent we needed on the edge, but he couldn't stay healthy either. Tru just never got back to top 5 CB status after his injury. Me personally, I assumed while Allen was a good stop gap, the plan would be to have gotten his replacement already in place before now. They tried it with Kazee, but he was never the solution. Beasley was probably the worst of all though. Usually a sack leader will stay amongst t
  15. I agree with this logic. Carolina and TB fans usually are decent individuals at the games i've been to. Seems more like a friendly rivalry with those teams. The Aints though is a different story.
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