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  1. It's really not as obscure as you make it seem. Like I said in another post though, I'm not clamoring for it to happen. Lindstrom was highly regarded and praised for being a versatile OL. Not outside the realm of possibility that he couldn't just transition to the other side. Mcgary would be the only concern in something like this, and many already believed a move inside would have benefited him. If you simply want to just leave everything else as is and throw Thomas at LG, then fine.
  2. Again, I'm not advocating for it, but if it's something the front office thought would make sense, I could see the logic with Matthews and Lindstrom being the athletes they are and Thomas touted as highly as he is. If you want to make things simple, then sure, just throw Thomas at LG. I can agree making him a LT off the bat would be tough and critical for Matt's blindside and continuity of the line staying in place makes sense.
  3. I mean I think Kaleb makes since at RG. I think it makes more sense anyway than trying to slide Matthews or Thomas inside. Matthews at RT probably puts him in the running as the best RT in the game, and the hope would be Thomas is right up there with the LT's. Not saying we should make this move, but it's something I have considered for fun. That OL would be oozing with talent.
  4. Truth is, the same coach who "blew" a 28-3 lead, was also the same coach who built an impressive lead to begin with. Him, the players, and his staff both coached & played the best and most entertaining 3 quarters worth of football this franchise has ever seen on the biggest stage of football in the world. So if you're downing him only for "blowing" a lead, and not willing to place blame anywhere else, then I think credit is needed with him coaching such a lead in the first place. Not too many coaches can say they were the HC in a super bowl, let alone had their team in position to win it all. Smitty was blown out twice in the playoffs, including a 24-2 showing against the Giants and a 48 point debacle against the Packers. At least Quinn teams put up enough of a fight to make it interesting. Even the 2017 season against the Eagles was more interesting than the games that followed. Played them to the absolute end with a chance to win. Everyone else got their arses handed to them pretty much. The only real blunder I have is the hiring of Dirk, but i'm not even sure he's to blame on that, and year 2 has always seen an uptick in the Quinn era. If Arthur is willing to let a guy figure things out on the job,I'm comfortable with that guy being Quinn. Why let a guy with promise gain all these lessons and then walk to another team and win it all with them, while we look for the next FOTM? You all griped about Kyle doing what he did this year. I'm sure you're going to want Blank to sell them team even more if Quinn did the same.
  5. I figured Delpit was a sub 4.4 guy. 4.42 with a laser at the least and he plays with that kind of speed. Dantzler I thought was more 4.5, but I think 4.4 isn't a stretch considering it doesn't take much to drop your time unless you're just slow or it is, what it is anyway.
  6. I like the trade a lot. That's about where I see Delpit falling now, and adding draft capital while still getting him would be great. I might go DT & corner in the 2nd though.
  7. I want 3 safety sets. Just give me Delpit. We still have Neal.
  8. I actually wouldn't mind if we went more silver/Grey like OSU. Wonder if we could borrow that concept.
  9. That's what good drafting allows you to do. Depend on the 2nd and 3rd year guys developing, so you can avoid paying big money to guys you don't need too. It's how we have been able to afford keeping the team we have without completely having to rebuild for an entire decade like Cleveland, or NYJ, or Buffalo, or Jax.
  10. With Chinn, I think he's more box safety, but he has versatility traits to do more.
  11. I like Davis in round 2-3. Something I want to see is a 3 safety, (Big Nickel) look where Neal is more in the box. If we do, having a guy like Davis to groom could be intriguing. He's competitive, and not afraid to tackle for sure. Speed, size, and athleticism makes him even more intriguing. Chinn may be more ideal for something like this though, and Delpit is just my guy in general.
  12. Which I came to the conclusion that LB early may be more of a depth/later round move at this point. Sounds like they are confident that Foye can fill the in the hole where Campbell left. Not mad at it, but I do wish we could grab a Murray or Queen. That said, I think corner is also in that category of priority in the draft, where they sound like they are confident in letting Oliver progress more, and allowing Sheff to develop as well. Blidi will the "vet" of the group, and I would assume that confidence is even higher with having Rico as the veteran leader in the secondary overall. At best, they may look for a vet free agent. So where do we go in the draft?? Well maybe this opens up more of a look into DT or S in the first. Of course if a guy we want at LB or CB is there, we will likely take that guy, but in terms of if their is multiple positions of value to choose from, I could see them think more DT or S. Some may ask about Chaisson. To me he was more straight up edge than chess piece to begin with. So if they just want a DE to replace Takk/have depth at DE, then they very well may just take him. Thinking the same as CB, where they go with an experienced vet just for depth. DE in the first doesn't seem like something they would target considering we have Fowler, Takk, Bailey, Mariner, Means, Cominsky & Larkin. We're shallow at DT in terms of true DT and Senat is kinda up in the air for me. I like him, but does the staff like him enough is the question. Kinlaw or Brown may be their target here. Rico may fall victim to being a cap casualty, and Neal is still a question mark. Could drafting a replacement/fall back plan be in the works? The value in general for S this year seems be more in the late first/early second. I'm a huge Delpit fan, and with where his value is among mockers, maybe a trade down happens. Mckinney has grown on me.