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  1. Yeah Matt's probably not getting extended. If he does, it's not gonna be another big pay day like top 5 AAV. I think we let him walk just so we can start looking for his replacement, and that's if we haven't found him by then.
  2. That's the trio I am looking forward too now in this offense. We should thrive out of 2 TE sets this year since we have 2 that are very capable of being threats. Pitts is ultimately taking Julio's target mostly, but Hurst now gets to continue being the 3rd option. Maybe even 2nd depending on how Pitts looks coming out the gates.
  3. I mean effectively, Ragone is the QB coach since Smith is the OC. This might be a move for later down the road if we decide to go with a more mobile QB. Having a RB essentially coach RB skills for a mobile QB may prove to be effective since you already have your QB coach in place as mentioned before. This still allows for your RB's to have their own coach and London was also an assistant offensive coach, which he may just simply have a good football mind that you want to include in your game plans. If anything, maybe he gets poached for that later and we get to a couple 3rds.
  4. McCarron is a pure backup at this point. Franks, although he has his flaws, I thought the kid should've been drafted at least. He's got some things to work on for sure, but he was a 4 star recruit, and the arm strength is there to build on. Some work on his mechanics, and pre snap reads could help mold him into a starter at some point. If he takes his time serious, and makes some waves while studying under Matt, he could possibly be our guy once Matt is gone. Helps even more that he's athletic.
  5. The trade was fine, but I wasn't as high on Grant. I felt good about Dalman though. First draft, and Smith/Fonty start out building depth on the O line. That's a plus. Hoping Grant can make me feel a bit better about him. I don't think he's a bad player, but I thought there were better players still on the board.
  6. Walker was one of the guys I assumed would be used a lot in sub packages and occasionally as a 3-4 OLB on obvious rush downs. Slide inside with Debo and let Foye get some rush in also vic versa with Debo on the edge. Side note: I see Bullard getting more burn over Cominsky really.
  7. Frank's has upside. He's more project, but still, he's not a bad QB prospect. I'm sure his Florida tape killed his draft value, but he wasn't bad at Arkansas last year.
  8. Trade down. 3rd round is looking good for additional picks. Would love Javonte Williams if we don't trade down or Barmore. Say we trade down though. I would look at Andre Cisco, Asante Samuels, Dillon Radunz, Tyson Campbell, Creed Humphrey, Landon Dickerson, Alim Mcniel, Carlos Basham in the 2nd. 3rd round, it's Samuel Cosmi, Ifeatu Melifonwu, Wyatt Davis, Kyle Trask(if he falls), Joseph Ossai, Hamsah Nasrildeen, Quin Meinerz.
  9. Definitely re-calibration. When guys like Barmore are falling, and guys like Leatherwood are being overdrafted, I'm sure that's throwing monkey wrenches in a lot of operations. Teams being able to reset and adjust to the board allows time for them to maybe call around about trades(up or down). At minimum, reshape your draft board. As it stands, a few first round talents dropped to the 2nd round, and 2 RB's went in the first. Javonte Williams just became a hotter commodity. I wouldn't mind calling the Vikings, Dolphins, or Raiders and picking up some picks. More guys are going to be pushed
  10. That's still a helluva reach though. Turner literally had one of the latest surges, and became a 1st round pick. Rousseau would've been a much better choice. Tryon was a better player for the type of player they both are, and went 32. Oweh had more upside. Basham was still available. Turner really is a 3rd round talent. You could've took him in round 2, and got a better talent in the 1st. I mean it's the Saints, so who cares, but I think the fans have a right to be a lil upset on that one. Then again, Leatherwood and Toney went in the first too, so, yeah. lol
  11. Barmore making it to the 2nd round. Only need to survive 2 teams in front of us, but if we're not just handing the card to Goodell as soon as the Jets pick, then I will be highly upset. I'm not too thrilled about JOK. He's a LB/Safety hybrid, but doesn't really offer upside as a safety. Better slot receivers will rip him apart, and he won't be able to just use his athleticism to make plays always.
  12. To be fair, I don't think Blank is going to meddle his way into forcing a QB at 4. Before TF and AS were hired, it was known that whoever is the new coach/GM, would be handling Julio and Ryan's future with the team. So if drafting a QB wasn't a part of the plan at 4 already, then we can probably kiss that goodbye in regards to Blank forcing a QB to be picked. The only thing that could make that happen, is if TF/AS have taken a liken to one of the QB's recently, and believe it's a must have player at this juncture.
  13. Well the narrative then changes to, "Well why blow draft capitol to move up, when you can get the QB you need now?".
  14. Effective running game is all you're gonna see. I think someone already mentioned it, but 55/45 passing split is around what I would expect moving forward. If AS is the genius OC is talked to be, then he will adjust when needed, and you might see that split shift at certain times, but i'm looking forward to a more Shanahan type offense, and not 3 yards and a cloud of dust. We have the means to actually do more in the air, and i've already heard that AS wanted to throw the ball more in Tennessee, but Vrabel wanted to run it down people's throat whenever he could. Obviously you would consid
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