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  1. 2016. We looked the part of a Super Bowl champion. If I had to pick 1 team in Falcons history to enter a NFL 32 team playoff for GOAT, it would be the 2016 team. 2012 would have given Roddy, Turner, and Gonzo a ring, but 2016 just seemed special considering they had that game won. Matt would've truly cemented his status as a HoF QB. The coaching staff would be more secure, and less of a worry(outside of coordinators leaving for HC jobs). The weight of 28-3 wouldn't exist. The city would still be buzzing. The Falcons would be leading the ATL sports world in which we have quite a few young, and rising teams on the professional level. So many good things could've came from winning in 2016.
  2. And that very well could be true, but I do agree Clemson D line wasn't what it was a few years ago. They may have 5 star recruits, but they don't look the part up front. Clemson relied more on having a **** good secondary this year. Does that still help Terrell? Yes it does, but he's a key part of that secondary, and only Simmons could truly match him in play. They all needed each other regardless, but that's where looking at the individual play comes in, and Terrell only looked bad against Chase in the Natty, and he still made some good plays on the nations best WR/future top 10 pick.
  3. The current ACC teams just aren't what they use to be. FSU and Miami need to get back on their horse and at least give the conference more threats. Louisville gets a decent team every now and then. Notre Dame should just make the jump and go ACC in football at least. They can still play USC & Navy every year, while Michigan and State just rotate a game.
  4. The guy making the comments was arguing the wrong thing. He never wanted to acknowledge the specific scenario where Terrell was against better WR's getting the ball from better QB's. You can even look at the way he avoids the comparison for Okudah and trying to jump back on the whole "ACC sucks in general" train. Yes, the ACC sucks overall, but most of their offenses have decent players on them. Murph even acknowledges that the ACC sucks in general. So if the common ground is laid, then lets focus on the individuals and how they fare.
  5. Meh, he's got a point. I never really paid it any attention, but the combo of lesser WR's and OSU all around defense really helped make Okudah look a lot better than he may end up. He may still end up being the best DB in the draft, but i'm not sure it as much of a runaway that most think it will be. I for one preferred Hendo over Okudah, but really honing in on Terrell, maybe he truly was deserving of being in the mix for top CB selected. Going to be interesting now to see what happens between the trio of Hendo, Okudah, and Terrell. Okudah as been mentioned as being stiff, and some of the clips display that. Terrell and Hendo didn't have that issue much. As physical and athletic as Okudah is suppose to be, he did get Moss'd against Michigan vs a big WR. I may just go back and watch some more film on him.
  6. Koo actually has the leg to go beyond 55 really. If Hof is kicking FGs, its because the won outright, and it's Koo's to lose if we're being realistic. Hof seems more in line to win the starting punter job than anything with that hangtime.
  7. I like that he runs Air Coryell. I just wish he ran it more modern like Arians does. More 12 & 13 sets. More pre-snap motion. More short to intermediate routes.
  8. Depends on how well Treadwell does in camp and whether or not you would consider WR3 to be simply the best 3rd option or strictly 3rd WR. For now, WR3 on the depth chart for sure is Gage, but I think Treadwell could make it a timeshare. Two different receivers, and we could use another 50/50 guy besides Julio. Could see Treadwell get the call in the RZ over Gage. Hurst imo is the 3rd best receiving option though.
  9. On a serious note, I still like what Reddick can be. Lived in AZ at the time the Cards drafted him, and it just seemed like they have wasted his talents. Now they have Simmons, and whatever they plan on doing with him, I don't feel as though he will be properly used or at least maxed out in usage. Reddick would be a nice sneaky acquisition though. Could play him in different roles and solidify the LB's, while getting some pressure off the edge.
  10. Was hoping to see Bradley Chubb, but I guess he's really not a bust. Wishful thinking
  11. I've always liked your opinion. One of the few that have brought me out of the shadows as a lurker. I see your insight as positive criticism. I agree strongly on Rico. Former FS, that believes Safety play rules the world and I just don't see much in Rico other than being a valued vet in the secondary. Not so high on Kazee carrying the secondary either. I wanted Delpit badly. Hate Kutty also, but I try to find some positives in him. I think Hurst will be a big difference in what we had with Hoop. Big believer in Neal. Could certainly agree him and Chancellor are 2 different players. I think Neal is better. Ryan is my only qualm, but i'm sure that doesn't matter either way. Regardless of what others say, I think you're a great poster and wished you posted more.
  12. True. Wasted some time, and also had a slow lag time in between moving to the next question. I got a 31 though
  13. Before looking into AJ, I would say Murray. Locked up the LB group, and traded up for Delpit. I had AJ as a late 1st, early 2nd. Because of that I didn't look much into him, but after doing so, I realized why other teams had a high grade on him. In hindsight, I would have just taken Terrell.
  14. Apparently actual NFL coaches had their eyes on AJ, including division rival Saints. Imagine them getting Terrell and being a nightmare in the secondary against us. This board would flip it's lid over how TD let him fall to them after all the talk about trading up for Hendo, and not doing so and the state of our current corners. Considering we didn't have any picks in the 5th or 6th round, we just got the guys we wanted in round 4. our 2nd 4th was more like a 5th anyway. I would have bet Hawkins doesn't make it past the 6th round, and likely would have went in round 5. At least you acknowledged Walker as a 4th round value, but again, seems like the plan was to take Hawkins anyway, so might as well get Walker then so you can take Hawkins. 7th round is like the priority UDFA round anyway, so instead of letting him have a chance to be signed by anyone else, we just secured his rights. Kids got a leg and heck of a hangtime and even has experience as a kicker. Could be the comp for the younghoe, and may even just eliminate the need for an expensive punter moving forward.
  15. You can find full game tape of him also. It's not like he's really making many or any mistakes at all. He's shutdown his side of the field in most. Rewatching the NC game, Chase really only had 2 catches that were huge and this video broke down what AJ did wrong. Even shows where he shutdown Chase on short to intermediate routes. This is the same guy who could take a 6 yard slant to the house if he wanted to.
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