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  1. You're assuming he made the hire only because his job is on the line possibly. It wasn't much of a concern until the superbowl and even that's a little overstated. With that said, he isn't without his faults in that department just like a majority of coaches in the league which is why you see someone occupying that role now
  2. This is too harsh. Considering he will be the actual DC, he now may feel he simply needs someone else to delegate those duties too so he can focus on the defense more since that's what hes solely focusing more on. As mentioned, delegating those duties just became a recent trend.
  3. With how quickly things moved, I believe that if we were waiting on someone from a playoff team, it was only if we struck out on all of our top choices before said someone was eliminated and eligible to be spoken to. Koetter had to be #2 on the list, with Kubiak as the pipe dream #1 and Gase unlikely due to HC rumors. Bevell to me would have been the next call, but possibly willing to wait on the playoff names considering we could have hired Bevell earlier but didn't and Bevell has been available for so long and still is. Bevell might have even been a smokescreen to see if others would bite and leave our other guys available.
  4. Give me Dirk. I would take Gase if he wasn't looking at being a HC again. Kubiak wont make it.
  5. My argument against Bevell is that Wilson was a mobile QB that could use his legs to make plays. On a play that was well covered or pressure was being applied, RW could simply break off a 15-20 yard run. On top of that, you got Lynch doing beast mode things. Opposing defenses had to account for 2 RBs, and one was throwing the ball. The OL for Seattle didn't matter because of those 2 together. As it's been mentioned, once Lynch fell from being an elite back, the offense took a hit. Don't want to get too deep into it, but if you though Sark was predictable(I didn't)Bevell is no better. It's either bootleg, read option, or hand off to Lynch. No creativity at all, which was part of his struggle in Minny and ending in Seattle. If he doesn't have the perfect balance, hes basically dead in the water. I liked Sark, and Bevell doesn't strike me as an OC that can be better than him. Give me Koetter if Kubiak isn't the hire. Would even take lesser known guys over Bevell. I'm just not sold on him without an elite RB and mobile QB.
  6. Given the OL we had back then, I think Koetter deserves another shot. Even in TB, his offense was putting up huge numbers and that was with Fitzmagic. Add in Ridley and sanu and he might challenge the 2016 offense as the best we ever had.
  7. MM could have at least been demoted back to DB coach. Happy to see Armstrong gone. Sark is a little disappointing, and if its Bevell coming in, I will be even more disappointed. We shall see how this shakes out though.
  8. I wouldn't mind replacing MM and demote him to DB coach. Move Morris back to the defensive side of the ball and hire WR coach(Roddy?). New OL/DL coach as well. Sark is fine. We need to tweak the OL and fine tune some things on playcalling, but the Offense produced this year even if we did have some games with less than 20 points.
  9. And many bust in the top 5-10
  10. BB will trade you even if you do everything he asks you to do. I think players play for who they respect no matter what. People need to let 2016 go. If DQ got us to a superbowl in his 2nd year, I'm sure he can get us back. It could've happened in 2017. Fans expect perfection, and never consider adversity and the parity of the NFL. It doesn't work that way.
  11. I guess we ignore the fact that those teams had strong offenses too. I mean it's not like the 2000 Ravens. We should have beat the Pats in 2016. Instead we beat ourselves. It takes balance to win, unless you have something of the all time great variety. The Panthers have had top defenses. No rings. Jacksonville had the perfect recipe last year, but lost in the AFCCG. Texans had the best defense in 2016. Dallas is following the model most people on here want and they honestly don't look as strong of a team. Just got shutout by the colts.
  12. Is Ben Garland supposed to be a starter?
  13. And there's nothing wrong with believing we have bigger issues, but a lot of fans simply believe injuries don't mean a thing, when in reality they do. There's some inconsistencies with coaching and faults in philosophy, but when healthy, it hasn't been the sole reason for this season. You don't simply lose 3 of your best defensive players and 2 starting guards and still win games. It's not always next man up. Backups are backups for a reason.
  14. If you notice, the teams with the higher salary tied up in injuries are the ones struggling the most. We have the fewest, but still top 10-15 in salary tied up in the IR.
  15. Most of the guys on IR for the Colts are either PS players or 3rd string guys. No impact players. We've lost 3 of our top defensive players this year. Doesn't even compare.