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  1. Yesterday was pure coaching. Offensive coaching that is. Defense did what they could and held for as long we should expect from that unit. Yesterday was a game our offense should have won on it's own. DK and his long developing routes and route combos are killing all the talent we have on offense. He had me intrigued in first half when he was using Powell i believe in the backfield, but he went away from that after like 3 feature plays.
  2. Eh, O line held for as long as they could. These route combos Dirk is running is what's killing us. I mean I look at how Hill was finding his guys with no problem because they hardly ever had 2 guys in one area. Like when you run some of these plays back for us, I can see how Ryan is taking so long to make a decision. He is either waiting for defenders to bite on one of the guys in the area, or waiting forever for everything to develop. Ball has got to be out in 3 seconds or less. Anything beyond that and you better have a mobile QB, who can improvise. We barely saw many bootlegs today ei
  3. Not sure why we wouldn't just fix the scheme and bring Gurley back(within reason). I bet if we stuck more to outside zone, we'd see more effectiveness in run game. Kutty runs a more man/power run game, and I see a lot of times, late holes open up AFTER Gurley has made his decision to bonce outside. We then blame Gurley for not making the proper read, when in fact, the hole wasn't designed to open up backside, let alone so late. More zone solves that issue because our OL is built to run zone in the first place. Carp is about the only guy suited to really run man. Bringing a different back
  4. Andre Cisco. Probably the best ball hawk coming out of college football. He actually attacks balls and will come down hill for tackles. Nas from FSU(Go Noles!) is definitely a wood bringer.
  5. I follow the Dolphins as a secondary team since my first rec team I played for was the Dolphins, and I can honestly say, they didn't need to ship off everyone the way they did. Minkah was disgruntled, and made sense to trade, but they certainly could've paid Tunsil and been just fine. They did get a boatload of picks though for Tunsil, which I don't think anyone would've turned down. Coaching was the problem in Miami. Flores is turning that ship around and hopefully Tua is the answer at QB for a while.
  6. Drafting the biggest, strongest OL doesn't equate to to automatic success. One poster already mentioned Dallas, and their blunders. Tennessee just turned that corner, and I really don't believe they are as good as their record says. On top of that, you will need a complete change in philosophy, and to be honest, the college ranks aren't pumping those guys out everyday. If so, I'm sure just about every team would be jumping all over just having a straight up mauler o line. There's a reason only a few teams have a power run game.
  7. Nothing wrong with wanting mobility. Matt's time is coming to an end, but there has been times where could just run, but he chooses not too. With that said, Det had a huge front 7, and Ragland is a straight up run stopper. Was tough sledding until Gurley started coming on in the 2nd half. Hill nor Ito would have given us anything different. We need to actually run Zone and stop trying to be a power run team with no real power run OL.
  8. Power run game with guys built for outside zone. Carpenter was the only guy probably built to run power. It's not a secret how KS took guys like Person and Garland in San Fran last year, and was still running effectively. He stuck with zone.
  9. It's a been a rough season man. Just looking at those 3 losses and wondering what could be this year if you don't fumble away a 99% chance to win twice...... We're a 1-6 team, that has played more like a 4-3 team. It's maddening.
  10. If anything, I would believe that the goal was to get as close as possible to the 1 for a FG shot, and like Matt said, as a player in that moment, it was tough. Looked like Gurley tried to find his balance and stop on a dime, and just took to many steps forward after the guy had wrapped around and let go. I'm sure ball security was even on his mind.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Play for the TD still. Would've been better to bleed the clock at the 1, but I had a lil confidence in our D still.
  12. I like the defense for the most part. Looked more like the 2nd half of last season. Just needed to make one last stop, but the defense at least looks better. Hopefully Takk gets a good week of practice and comes back with the edge he had earlier in the first few games.
  13. Seemed like a really good defensive game for the most part.
  14. I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind this post. Like we haven't even hit the 13 game mark, and just fired our HC. This team has actually played better than the record implies. That team under Petrino was complete garbage.
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