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  1. This can't be serious. You're crediting Marvin Lewis for being someone cares about winning, but hasn't won the first playoff game, yet Quinn has taken us to a Superbowl in his 3 year tenure?! I'm lost.... in Mexico..
  2. Guess the defending super bowl champs are done as well. Destined for 8-8 also.
  3. Brady for example took a L to titans 34-10
  4. They're better than their record. Could easily be 5-3 right now. Saints barely escaped and could have beat the Steelers.
  5. People really don't understand this. You would think we lost our 7th game of the year.
  6. Point being, I see people talking about we're the worst team ever and how were not a super bowl contender. The pats are and are losing to a team I honestly think are worse than the Browns if we throw the records out the window.
  7. I mean the Pats are losing 24-10 against the Titans.
  8. I don't think he's a monster, and certainly hasn't proven to be an elite pass rusher, but he's no Kroy Berman. His pressure is at least forcing some chip blocks and movement in the pocket. Kroy was never that kind of player.
  9. Kroy lacked the physical tools to convert. Vic has the tools. He just needs to secure the bag. He could easily be sitting at 5 or 6 sacks right now if just brought the guy down. Literally let one go against the skins.
  10. Maybe having Cox around kept a fire under him and Freeney helped him learn more. Who's really around doing ant of that? Especially the vet mentor.
  11. So we're going to overlook our best RB in Matt Ryan. Guy just kills it on 3rd downs. 4th and short is cake for him. Plus he has 2 rushing TDs.
  12. Eagles of the NFC south?! What does that even mean? Who cares about how we shape up historically with accolades and accomplishments. As long as we win a SB, that's all that matters. What's going to be the narrative once we do?! "Oh, well we don't have 2" "We need to have 2 championships to become an elite team. My goodness! Imagine if we had to root for the Browns the past 10 years?!
  13. Considering a healthy defense could legit be a top 5-10 defense, I consider Quinn safe in keeping his job. He's steady bringing in the talent and at one point, our defense was carrying the team while our offense figuring things out. Now devastated by injuries on defense, he should be on the hot seat because he can't replace injured stars within a 2 game span?
  14. I've been watching since the 90's so excuse me on not knowing anything before then, but I can't recall having guys like Neal, Jones, Tru, Rocky, Rico, Grady, and whoever else all on defense at one time throughout the Reeves, Mora, Smith era. Even if so, it's certainly miles ahead of what we've seen over the past 10 years.