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  1. My ritual obviously has more merit than all these other flukes.When I watch the games we either Win or Lose. We've won 11 of the games I have watched so far... Causing me to believe that I have a secret power that can change the outcome of the games (We win or there is a small chance we lose if I watch)hence 11 wins 5 losses. Anyways you guys better hope I'm watching the game on Saturday.
  2. Screw matt ryan and matt bryant.... Nick Rose is our future and sanu should be starting qb
  3. Haha I wouldnt waste my time here with another account. Here since 2013 buddy
  4. His opinion doesnt match with mine....Therefore he's a bad fan and makes us all look bad. lol
  5. Yes OP my pitchfork is ready. If the falcons make any mistakes tonight we all storm flowery branch tomorrow.
  6. Type in something like nfl live streamies on google and pick a website pretty much. If all else fails...
  7. Wow he got burnt in training camp big deal.... Patrick Peterson has no room to talk
  8. Switch it to yahoo its so much better
  9. Win Atl a Superbowl and ill say hes clutch or one of the best. The way hes playing now i can assure you he will not go down as one of the best.
  10. Yeah national tv sucks... I wish he would start a podcast
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