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  1. Needs more Smitty
  2. My ritual obviously has more merit than all these other flukes.When I watch the games we either Win or Lose. We've won 11 of the games I have watched so far... Causing me to believe that I have a secret power that can change the outcome of the games (We win or there is a small chance we lose if I watch)hence 11 wins 5 losses. Anyways you guys better hope I'm watching the game on Saturday.
  3. I vote the passionate and insightful D-led as Poty.
  4. Win Atl a Superbowl and ill say hes clutch or one of the best. The way hes playing now i can assure you he will not go down as one of the best.
  5. Watch when he torched us for like 25 before the playoffs... Sometimes he looks like a pure scorer. I don't like what we had to give up for him but he has potential
  6. Thj is a inconsistent shooter, underachieving defender, and lackluster rebounder.... But when he takes over a game he looks like a different player
  7. Yeah mark has always been a great recruiter but I just don't think he can lead the dawgs to the promised land... I hope he proves me wrong I will still cheer for them regardless
  8. I don't know I just feel like all the athletes he's had in the past and the stacked teams he did have he should have did a lot better... I am a closet uga football and its just my opinion
  9. Uga needs to get rid of mark