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  1. this whole thing is ignorant as ****. black people either gotta stop crying about this **** or accept blame when they are just as ignorant as they claim white people are. if you wanna cry about slavery then how about you worry about the slavery that is actively taking place all over the world. the ******* president of the most powerful country in the world is black. racism is dead. get over it. sure there are smaller individual cases, but for the most part everyone lives a **** good life in america. deion said something that, with the roles reversed, would require a white person to lose thier
  2. So he is he counted when people say the Saints have $2.2 M left?
  3. Nobody is questioning why the reason the channel was created. We are questioning why it is called BET. And the music they play isnt called "black music" it is called, Rap, hip hop, r & b, etc... "To say that those kind of companies were to started to segregate demographics is just wrong." ^They were clearly started to do something along those lines. MTV didnt call itself W.E.T. Naming it BET somewhat encourages segregation... just saying... And as far as the term ghetto goes, obviously it doesnt represent a particular race, but imagine if Kurt Warner said that Cam Newton had "Ghetto tende
  4. YES! Thank you!and I dont know why he would do this. Seems pretty counter productive to me...
  5. So according to your concept no race should be allowed to infringe on another races right to communicate with each other in the manner they chose to. And it is arrogant to assert that just because you are ineligible to participate or it doesnt make sense to you, it is a dumb concept.So is it safe to assume that if white people wanted to call each other n*****, it would be okay with you because of the aforementioned reasons?
  6. Yeah, that is true. It will be interesting to see how the RB position is valued in the next few years. Very good RB's are set to be available into the 3rd-4th rounds this year. These guys wouldve been 1st-2nd round picks in past drafts. Andre Williams, Lache Seastrunk, Bishop Sankey, Tre Mason. All those guys wouldve went in the top 2 rounds in the past. Now the only back that has a chance to go in the 1st is Carlos Hyde, and some people think he could slide to the late 2nd-early 3rd. Very interesting position in the draft
  7. there you go, blame white people....that'll fix the problem....
  8. who cares? we had Turner who we scouted and signed. whats the difference? still had the production on the field
  9. If Kurt Warner said Cam Newton had "Ghetto Tendencies" black people would be offended. Dont lie. It is the truth. Now, how come Deion can say it about Manziel? And since you brought it up, no, thats not an example of White Privilege. It is an example of a certain group of people showing ignorance about their own history. There is a reason no other race does it to each other. It is ridiculous. I dont hear Mexicans or Asians calling each racial slurs. The use of certain slurs as a "Privilege" that "brings a group together" is a dumb concept. Period. Im not sure what you were trying to say here.
  10. Im not sure about that one. Particular black folks will say ghetto has no negative connitation. Other black folks will say it most definitely does have a negative connotation. And regardless, the point I was trying to make was that it is strange to me that a black guy can say that about a white kid and its ok, but it would be a crime if a white guy said that a black kid plays with "Ghetto tendencies" Imagine if Kurt warner said that cam newton plays with "ghetto tendencies". that would get Kurt fired. I get what youre saying but that wasnt really the point I was making. Its the double standar
  11. 4 RB's in the top 10? No way that would happen in a re-draft.
  12. lets imagine deion is white and manziel is black. that would make what deion said a huge issue, wouldnt it?how come black people have freedom of speech but white people dont?
  13. you can choose to pretend that isnt the equivalent to what he meant, but it is. and if a white guy said the same thing it would be a huge issue.the point i was trying to make is it just frustrates me that black athletes complain about being profiled (Richard Sherman "thug" issue, DeSean Jackson, Black QB issues, etc.) but then Deion says that about a white guy and its ok. He profiled manziel and used sterotypes. all kinds of things that black athletes have been complaining about, and its ok for deion to say it because its a black guy talking about a white guy. if the roles are reversed it is e
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